Freedom from disease and the importance of oxygen

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Safe Body Detoxification(NaturalHealth365) We’re all pretty confident of the fact that if we didn’t breathe, we’d expire. Despite new records being set for holding one’s breath, there remains that one final exhalation for all of us. In case you’re curious, the magician David Blaine held his breath on Oprah Winfrey’s show for 17.4 minutes, and a German named Tom Sietas has officially held his breath for 22.22 minutes.

Deep breathing lowers stress and expands consciousness

According to many spiritual teachings, it is the breath that connects the mind with the body; thus, breath awareness becomes very important. Health wise, especially because of how we use oxygen in our bodies, understanding it is valuable for preventing cancer, heart disease plus much more.

While the air we breathe contains an assortment of chemicals, oxygen seems the most invaluable for sustaining life. Online, I found this very simple explanation of the oxygen cycle.

The following excerpt is from –

The Oxygen Cycle

“Almost all living things need oxygen. They use this oxygen during the process of creating energy in living cells.”

“Just as water moves from the sky to the earth and back in the hydrologic cycle, oxygen is also cycled through the environment. Plants mark the beginning of the oxygen cycle. Plants are able to use the energy of sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates and oxygen in a process called photosynthesis.”

“This means that plants “breathe” in carbon dioxide and “breathe” out oxygen. Animals form the other half of the oxygen cycle. We breathe in oxygen which we use to break carbohydrates down into energy in a process called respiration. Carbon dioxide produced during respiration is breathed out by animals into the air.”

“So oxygen is created in plants and used up by animals. But the oxygen cycle is not actually quite that simple. Plants must break carbohydrates down into energy just as animals do. During the day, plants hold onto a bit of the oxygen which they produced in photosynthesis and use that oxygen to break down carbohydrates. But in order to maintain their metabolism and continue respiration at night, the plants must absorb oxygen from the air and give off carbon dioxide just as animals do. Even though plants produce approximately ten times as much oxygen during the day as they consume at night, the night-time consumption of oxygen by plants can create low oxygen conditions in some water habitats.”

A lack of oxygen promotes cancer cell growth

With just this basic understanding, we can appreciate the oxygen donation living plants share with us. Additionally, when we eat or juice live, raw greens, we charge our bodies with oxygen. But why is oxygen so important? Many of the diseases we experience are due to a lack of oxygen in the cells. As an example, anaerobic bacteria thrive in an oxygen-deprived climate, as do cancer tumors.

Even the simple act of getting out of bed or climbing a flight of stairs requires oxygen. 90 percent of our energy needs are provided by oxygen. I found this quote in Madison Cavanaugh’s fabulous little book, “The One-Minute Cure”:

“One of the most important discoveries supporting oxygen therapy occurred in 1931, when Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for proving that viruses cannot proliferate or exist in an environment with high levels of oxygen. That’s because viruses are anaerobic, which means they occur and thrive in the absence of oxygen.”

Dr. Warburg has been quoted as saying, ‘Deprive a cell 35 percent of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous.’ He further stated that the prime cause of cancer is insufficient oxygen at the cellular level, and that cancer cells cannot survive in a high oxygen environment.

Perhaps, this is why all the basic approaches to great health revolve around clean air, water, living foods, exercise, and sunshine. There’s a lot of talk about how ozone can help increase oxygen.

Is ozone healthy for humans?

Of course, on the other hand, there’s much concern about the environmental damage caused by a hole in the ozone layer. Just what is ozone? Here’s a definition: Ozone has three oxygen atoms, while the air we breathe has only two. Sunlight breaks the oxygen molecule into two separate atoms, which are picked up by a third to form ozone. So, high above the earth, oxygen is converted into O3 from O2. Home ozone machines are believed to add oxygen to both our water and our air, which many folks claim has given them amazing benefits by providing extra oxygen.

Another popular therapy that’s taken the natural health movement by storm is the use of food-grade hydrogen peroxide. It has been popular since the 1940’s in the United States and much earlier in Europe and India, since it was discovered that hydrogen peroxide could maximize oxygen flow from the blood to the cells. H2O2 is just like ozone in that it brings an extra atom of oxygen to the blood, disrupting the anaerobic environment that disease-causing microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria live in.

Seeing the importance of oxygen, how can we take advantage of its benefits? If you decide on using H2O2, you must realize this isn’t what’s commonly sold in a drugstore. It’s a very pure, powerful, special type of 35 percent “food-grade” hydrogen peroxide that is diluted to 3 percent in distilled water. You can easily find it online at: or you can check other sources on Amazon.

Additionally, you can add more raw foods and green juices to your diet. Breathe fresh, clean air, making certain to fill your lungs from the bottom up. Be conscious of maintaining proper posture and not slumping. Also, consider losing weight. All of these will assist you greatly in having the oxygen you need and health you desire.

About the author: Pre-baby boomer Peter Ragnar has written over twenty-eights books and published courses on every aspect of personal development. He feeds the thirst for those special individuals who are on the quest for human excellence around the world. His fascinating and unique line of products, including “Magnetic Qi Gong,” can be found at:

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  • Stacy

    It would have been nice if he explained what the therapy is using Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

    Rebounding is a great way to get more oxygen in the body.

  • catherine

    Nice to have found you 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Valerie

    I agree with Stacey,-in wanting to get more info on the Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, but specifically the 3%, as the higher concentrations(diluting them), are too strong to deal with, safely. At least the Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide can be ordered, while other Oxygen therapies (in this Country), are difficult to obtain.

  • Norman Frodsham

    I have used Oxylife for 19 years and this product produces 12000 ppm of oxygen, which is absorbed through the digestive tract.
    While your comments about hydrogen peroxide are true, the main drawback is that this product creates “free radicals” and as a result is not healthy.
    Oxylife is a stable liquid oxygen product and is taken twice daily in pure water.

  • Dave

    Good Info.

  • DB

    This is not so straightforward and although we need oxygen to survive, it doesn’t necessarily make sense that more is better – to the contrary.
    For example, why would anyone want to do anything extra in their life that increases free radicals?!
    Or on any regular basis push the body into a state of pseudo immune system activation (inflammation) where there’s greater amounts of free radicals and lipid peroxidation products which can destroy tissues?! This is what happens when the body is exposed to pollutants, toxic metals, excess iron, high levels of excitotoxins, or oxidized fats. The will be more of the latter with higher levels of oxygen in the blood, e.g., oxidized cholesterol (its most dangerous form). Lipid peroxidation is a major process in all human diseases. Free radicals + lipid peroxidation products = gradual atherosclerosis and strongly stimulate the growth of cancer.
    So, are you sure you want to hyperoxygenate yourself? How will you know (before the long term cumulative effects) when you’re getting too much, i.e., when you’re increasing the negative side effects?

  • Bob Holtz

    Question: How does one construct a well devise physical and nutritional health plan in knowing what the body needs? There is some much to choose from and a ton of information to analyze and sort through it gets so confusing? Is it possible for me to devise a very precise health program meeting all my Body, Mind, Physical, nutritional, spiritual, needs? When it comes to ones own health are we left alone to decide what best for us? I would love to have a printed daily health and nutritional chart to follow design just with me in mind and follow it in achieving optimumn health. How does one begin?

  • Sol_Schr

    For further info look up Ed McCabe (Mr. Oxygen)
    I truly believe in food grade H2O2 and Ozone.
    It sure keeps me from getting sick. Cheers!

  • Todd

    I have learned much hard-to-find info on oxygen from the website of one of my doctors:

  • nurturechef

    The One-Minute Cure by Madison Cavanaugh
    This book, very well written, will give you all the information needed to understand the “food grade peroxide” theraphy. And about the free radicals…most if not all protocols of detox and healing cause free radicals…proper diet and flavonols will reduce the dangers…the food grade peroxide treatment is amazing and it can be used as a maintenance or therapeutic measure for pennies a day..kills all cancer cells…it’s a must read

  • Doctare

    To Bob Holtz: It’s very simple, Bob. You have NOT been “left alone.” Here’s the original plan to have eternal life. Just open a Bible to the very first book, Genesis, in the very first chapter, Chap.1, verses 12 and 29. It’s the ORIGINAL plan for long life and health – they go together, Bob.