Is genetic testing part of a greater eugenics program

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Gene Testing(NaturalHealth365) Have you considered the darker side of genetic testing?

Angelina Jolie’s decision to have a prophylatic mastectomy is more than a push for early detection and treatment of breast cancer. It is a push for eugenics, removing people with mutations from the gene pool.

The cancer industry claims it does not know the cause of over 70 percent of breast cancer cases, which they say makes prevention impossible. Of course, the cancer industry is all about detection and treatment, with no interest in researching true preventative strategies, such as not wearing constrictive bras for long periods of time daily, which accounts for that unknown 70% of cases.

Early detection and treatment of cancer is a result of failed prevention.

Instead, doctors look for early signs of cancer and hope to intervene as soon as possible. In reality, this is not really early detection, but early sales of treatment services and drugs.

Doctors do know, however, that a small percentage of women have a genetic mutation in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes that reduce the body’s ability to fight cancer, increasing the overall cancer risk for women, and men, with this mutation.

Simply put, having the mutation does not mean you will get cancer. According to current research, about 40% of women with this mutation will not develop breast cancer. Nevertheless, having this mutation is considered a high risk indicator, and women who have it are considered high risk for breast, ovarian, and other cancers.

Even the NCI admits that the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene are NOT the only cause for breast cancer.

Yet, conventionally speaking, since this mutation can be passed to children, those with this genetic issue are encouraged to consider not having children.

In fact, doctors are quick to point out that the removal of the ovaries by the age of 40 reduces breast cancer incidence in carriers of this gene by 50%. Of course, encouraging removal of the ovaries takes care of the issue of passing the gene on to one’s children.

Removing breasts and ovaries to prevent cancer is the ultimate of early detection. Using genes like a soothsayer uses a crystal ball – scientists offer a view into one’s health future, allowing you to intervene at the earliest moment, even before you get the disease.

This genetic determinism is not supported by the science. There is more to getting a disease than genetics. Environmental and cultural factors influence gene expression, and can mitigate or exacerbate genetic issues. Having a gene that makes a person more susceptible to cancer does not guarantee cancer will develop.

We do have some control over our fate. It’s not all written in our genes.

The more we rely on genetic testing, the less we take responsibility for maintaining our health. For many, it is a fatalistic determination that disease is imminent. It frightens people into treatment.

And, for the disease detection and treatment industry, that’s just what the doctor ordered.

of course, when the carriers of the mutated BRCA genes are advised not to reproduce, or are told to have their ovaries removed, we are talking about eugenics. Eliminate bad genes from the gene pool.

Genetic testing is the ultimate tool for eugenicists. In the past, people with certain genetic anomalies, such as mental retardation, were sterilized to prevent their reproduction. The time may come when passing on cancer-causing genes may also be considered justification for sterilization. Of course, the recommendation that BRCA positive women remove their ovaries accomplishes this.

Could it be considered a crime for carriers to have children? Should all women be tested for this mutation before they are allowed to reproduce?

Genetics, like eugenics, is inherently racist, which is why it has gone underground since its heyday during the early to mid-1900’s. But, the desire to shape society has not gone away. Scientists still want to limit carriers of mutations that allegedly corrupt our gene pool.

Genetic testing will give people a label that they must wear their entire lives, and will label people for life as potential carriers of deadly diseases. Results from these tests will become part of one’s medical record.

All people are clearly not created equal, as genetic testing will show. Should they be treated as equals? Should the public have to pay for the healthcare of genetic mutants?

Should they be prevented from reproducing? Should they have to disclose their genetic flaws to potential mates, employers, and insurance companies?

Meanwhile, the true prevention of disease is abandoned. With all the money to be made by genetic testing and subsequent lifetime “preventative treatment”, there is no financial incentive to discover the preventable causes of these diseases.

The more we see our health as a product of genes, and not our lifestyle and culture, the less control we have over our lives, and the more we depend on scientists and their genetic testing. This dehumanizes people, considers people to be the sum of our genes, and ignoring all the lifestyle choices we make that influence the expression of those genes. Once dehumanized, it is a small step to eugenic control over reproduction.

What better way to symbolize this dehumanization than with a mastectomy. Substitute silicone for human flesh. Turn organs of love and nourishment into objects of fashion. Our dehumanization is nearly complete.

About the author: Sydney Ross Singer is a world-renown medical anthropologist, author, and director of the Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease, located in Hawaii. A pioneer in the field of applied medical anthropology, Sydney, along with his wife and co-author, Soma Grismaijer have written numerous groundbreaking books that provide new theories, research, and revelations on disease causation and prevention, including the internationally acclaimed book, Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras. For more information – visit: and

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  • Gertrude

    I just read that the Uk wants to make it available for everyone. In some other article i read we are more determined by the genes of all the bacteria in our gut, because there are more of them then we have human genes.

  • Viyahta

    This article is right on target!!! I’ve been thinking this all along since hearing about preventive mastectomies. There had to be a deeper issue.It was intuitive and now Singer gives the details. Thank you Sydney Singer for you beautiful truth.

  • RobWin

    I don’t trust doctors and I only see one when I absolutely have too. They’ve become salesmen for various drug companies and aren’t particularly interested in the patient’s health. If you stop and consider what science is monkeying around with these days, it becomes impossible not to believe that the medical establishment doesn’t know how to cure Cancer and HIV. Why don’t they alter a virus to invade and consume cancer cells as part of its life cycle? I guess they couldn’t bankrupt us with their toxic treatments from thE 1950’s & 60’s.