Ginger and chili pepper combination block cancer cell growth

Ginger and chili pepper combination block cancer cell growth
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(NaturalHealth365) Both ginger and chili are delicious spices with well-known healing properties.

Ginger has been used for centuries to bring relief to digestive issues and nausea, while the chili pepper is known to boost mood, metabolism and immune system health. Both spices can bring positive effects to circulation and blood flow in the body.

However, scientific findings are also showing that certain compounds found in ginger and the chili pepper could also help with warding off cancer – when taken in combination with one another. A recent study of mice found that the chances of becoming afflicted with lung cancer were significantly reduced when the test subjects were given these compounds together.

Ginger and chili pepper compounds combine to fight tumor growth

A study published in the online Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that the 6-gingerol in ginger and a chili pepper compound called capsaicin seem to work together cooperatively to help fight off cancer. This is because 6-gingergol binds to capsaicin to create a new, extremely strong compound that effectively works to inhibit tumor-growing cell receptors in the body.

In the study, mice prone to lung cancer were fed either 6-gingerol or capsaicin alone, or in combination over the course of several weeks. All of the mice ingesting just the capsaicin developed tumors in their lungs, while just half of the 6-gingerol-only mice did. By comparison, just 20 percent of the mice receiving the combination of both capsaicin and 6-gingerol developed cancer.

When it comes to fighting cancer, the combination of these two spices is clearly greater than the sum of its parts. The resultant effect allows for the creation of a potent compound that binds to cell receptors that would otherwise trigger tumor growth.

Possibly one of the most delicious ways to fight cancer

It’s exciting news that the combination of natural, tasty spices like chili and ginger can be so effective in preventing cancer. Any number of main dishes and side dishes could be enhanced by the addition of fresh or dried versions of ginger and chili peppers.

However, each spice also brings a range of other health benefits. In addition to helping digestion and easing nausea, ginger contains magnesium, chromium and zinc, which help to regulate blood flow. Ginger can also help bronchodilating medications to be more effective in those requiring them by relaxing the muscles of the airways.

The capsaicin in chili peppers brings a pain-reducing and inflammation-easing effect within the brain, which can help people who suffer from headaches to experience relief. Chili pepper is also loaded with vitamin C, containing over 100 percent of the basic recommended daily allowance per tablespoon. This likely contributes to its immune system-boosting effects.

The message – today?  We now have another important reason to love ginger and chili pepper – especially in combination.


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