GM crops using up the world’s water supply

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Water Supply Alert(NaturalHealth365) We are running out of water and according to Christian Holmes, global water coordinator for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the magnitude of this problem is extraordinary.

This problem, up to now, was blamed on rising water demands and ‘climate change’. But, in truth, we are now discovering how genetically-modified (GM) crops play a significant role in our water crisis.

According to reports released by the nonprofit Food & Water Watch, the GM/biotech industry has spent $547 million on lobbying efforts and campaign contributions, in Washington, in an attempt to prevent the truth from coming out about the environmental impact of GM crops. Simply put, corporately-controlled politicians take this ‘dirty’ money, pass laws in favor of GMO technology and disregard the risks to humanity for the sake of corporate profits.

How do GM crops drain the water supply?

Studies of GM crops in developing countries and throughout the world have demonstrated that GM seeds need more water, fertilizer and pesticides than conventional crops. In countries with cycles of drought – GM seeds are creating a crisis of epic proportions. I pray that farmers will lose the fear of speaking out, band together and let the world know about the realities of GMOs.

GM crops are almost universally found in monocultures that deplete soil and water resources and leave local populations dependent on the success of a single harvest. And, let’s not forget the cost, GM seeds cost much more than traditional seeds and can only be used for one year. It’s a great system for greedy, biotech companies that want to control the food supply but horrible for everyone else.

GM crops are literally killing farmers in India

Bt cotton, created by Monsanto, is a genetically modified variety of cotton that produces a toxic pesticide. The ‘promise’ of Bt cotton, to farmers, is less use of chemicals and bigger profits. In truth, as Monsanto aggressively is taking over the world’s food supply, these GM seeds are a complete disaster. Here’s the video proof- below:

If you’re looking for more information about the dangers of GM crops on our environment – get a copy of “Seeds of Suicide” by Vandana Shiva

GM corn pushes the world water supply to the brink

Another lie from the biotech industry – GM corn doesn’t need less water than other corn plus GM corn is not drought resistant. The agricultural giant, Monsanto, would like us to believe that their corn saves water. Corn is an extremely thirsty crop that requires much more water than wheat. In fact, it requires over 20 inches of irrigation water in many places where is grows.

One of the reasons corn is depleting our underground water supply is because it replaces other water conserving plants. These are non-native species being planted in areas where they are draining the underground water reservoirs. And, unfortunately, many health experts suggest this could lead to anther ‘dust bowl’ era in the United States.

Nearly 70 percent of the groundwater is stored in parts of the United States’ High Plains aquifer – a vast underground reservoir that stretches through eight states, from South Dakota to Texas. It supplies 30 percent of the nation’s irrigated groundwater and could be used up within 50 years unless current water use is reduced.

This is an urgent wake up call for humanity

It’s time to seriously question our farming practices. We have the knowledge and technology to produce safe, healthy food for our families. And, at the same time, healthy farming – without the need for GM crops – can remineralize the earth and provide a decent living for our farmers. NaturalHealth365 will be reporting on this (much more), in the near future, because our lives depend on strong farming practices.

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