LIVE New York event with 19 freedom activists

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Meet Jonathan Landsman(NaturalHealth365) Meet Jonathan Landsman for the event of the season. The 1st Annual Save Long Island Forum features 19 speakers including Charlotte Iserbyt, G. Edward Griffin, Sheriff Mack and, of course, ‘yours truly’.

Event topics include – the latest news about GMOs, education, Agenda 21, the Second Amendment, Big Pharma + much more. This once-in-a-lifetime event will be January 17 – 19 on Long Island, New York.

Click here to purchase tickets. Use promo code: NH365 and save 25% off any ticket option.

Join us for all the fun and excitement

This event promises to be eye-opening, mind-blowing and inspirational – as each speaker plans to ‘blow the whistle’ on deceptive corporate and political forces. Through educational events – like this one – we have the ability to set humanity free.

After attending this one event – you will clearly see why most people are being systematically dumbed-down; discover the true agenda of the most evil corporations in the world and, most importantly, learn how we can prevent the manifestation of their twisted ‘dream’ of an enslaved population.

World class speakers reveal the ‘ultimate truth’ about our world

For example, Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, a former Senior Policy Adviser in the U.S. Department of Education – during the first term of United States President Ronald Reagan – plans to reveal, in chilling details, the horrible reality of what has been planned by the ‘global elite’ for our children and their future. Her mission (and passion) is to warn people – throughout the world – of what’s coming, who’s behind it and what we can do about it – to save our future.

Jonathan Landsman, host of NaturalHealth365, the NaturalNews Talk Hour and the NaturalNews Inner Circle will reveal the hidden (and not so hidden) dangers of GMOs – genetically modified organisms. This will be a riveting, highly-interactive and challenging presentation for the beginner to the most advanced natural health enthusiast. We are currently living in a ‘Consciousness Crisis’ and GMOs represent one of the greatest threats to humanity – ever. Find out how we can stop this insanity.

G. Edward Griffin, a legendary defender of freedom and liberty – will forever change the way you look at the world. G. Edward will expose the purpose of ‘Agenda 21’ and the hidden (evil) forces within the United Nations and the global banking system. If you live in the United States and care about your freedom – you will NOT want to miss this presentation.

Time to get fired up – 2014 is here

This event will ignite your spirit and challenge you in ways you could never imagine – covering all the topics that matter most in our lives. If you’re in the New York area – don’t miss this incredible event. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you.

Click here to purchase tickets. Use promo code: NH365 and save 25% off any ticket option.

Please note: I have only agreed to be a speaker – at this event – I am not one of the organizers. If you have any questions – please contact them directly. Thanks.

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