Grape seed extract has a powerful anti-cancer effect

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(NaturalHealth365) Many scientific studies have explored the health benefits of red wine. But does anyone really think alcohol is the key ingredient to good health? In truth, the healthiest part of wine is the whole grape seed and skin – rich in antioxidants.

Reduce inflammation and prevent disease – naturally

Grape seed extract has been shown to dramatically reduce the risk of prostate cancer, fight infection, improve sugar levels, increase cognitive ability by slowing down the aging of the brain, boost “good” cholesterol (HDL) and strengthen blood vessels.

Grape seeds are known for their proanthocyanidins, which prove to be 20 times stronger than vitamin E and 50 times stronger than vitamin C – which make it one of the best free radical fighters on the planet. Current research suggests that grape seeds are a way of preventing and treating the following conditions:

High Blood Pressure

In a study of subjects with metabolic syndrome, researchers found that four weeks of treatment with grape seed extract lowered both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Metabolic syndrome is marked by a cluster of health problems (including excess belly fat, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insulin resistance and inflammation) which are known to raise your risk for heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Grape seed extract may help delay the development of Alzheimer’s disease, according to an animal study published in 2009. In tests on mice, scientists discovered that grape seed extract eased inflammation and prevented the accumulation of substances known to form the brain plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Cancer Prevention

There are studies that show regular consumption of grape seed extract may be responsible for both preventing cancer and triggering cancer cells to self destruct. A further study concluded it may help prevent liver damage and other side effects caused by chemotherapy.

A Science Daily research report by Professor Agarwal showed that grape seed extract inhibited the growth of colorectal tumors both in vitro and in mice. The study originally in Clinical Cancer Research – showed that it worked by freezing cell division and was able to attack existing cancer cells.

Every man should know about this report on Prostate Cancer

The Vitamin And Lifestyle study (VITAL Cohort study) which followed over 30,000 men for 10 years found that a high (average) dosage of grape seed extract supplementation lowered the risk of prostate cancer by 62 percent! Even average users of grape seed extract – experience a 41 percent lower incident of prostate cancer.

In 2009 research, from the City of Hope, in California had concluded that grape seed extract reduced a protein (VEGE) that produces new blood vessels essential to growing cancers.

A study carried out by the department of Dermatology, University of California in June of 2011 involving 830 people comparing various vitamins found that the group taking grape seed extract experience a 74 percent reduction in squamous cell carcinoma – a type of skin cancer.

How can we consume grape seed extract?

Grape seed extract is sold commercially in the form of nutritional supplements. Grape seed oil and grape seed extract contain many of the same substances, such as vitamin E and linoleic acid.

Grape seed extract is richer in procyanidins which has a powerful antioxidant effect – but can act as a blood thinner – so consult your doctor if you are taking blood thinners. Keep in mind, grape seed oil contains a much smaller amount of procyanidins and does not carry the same (potential) drug interaction as grape seed extract.

Can I cook with grape seed oil?

Cooking with a high quality grape seed oil is a safe and healthy way to add grape seed to the diet. Grape seed oil has a very high “smoke point”, and is great for high temperature cooking. Grape seed oil has the lowest levels of saturated fats of any oil and is high in Linoleic acid – a super-healthy omega fatty acid. Also, with its clean light taste it works well in salad dressings and as base for garlic, rosemary or other herbs and spices.

Adding grape seed oil to your daily menu is one of the easiest ways to improve your health. Tell us your experience – in the comment box below.

About the author: Blanche Levine has been a student of natural healing modalities for the last 25 years. She had the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds in Natural Healing including Naturopaths, Scientist, and Energy Healers. Having seen people miraculously heal from all kinds of dis-ease through non-invasive methods, her passion now is to help people become aware of what it takes to be healthy.


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  • Sandy

    We seem to be learning that all seeds are powerful healers.

    Seems to me that’s the reason for all the new “seedless” varieties of fruits, which I never buy, but the varieties with seeds are dwindling.

  • william norman

    Greetings from the land of Israel:
    I have just read your useful report regarding GRAPE SEED EXTRACT on Sunday 07-14-2012.

    I was wondering if all kinds of grape seeds are created equal for grape seed extract or does grape seed extract come from a
    special kind of a GRAPE??

  • TODD

    Genesis 1;29 And God said, See I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food.

  • Sundaram

    Thanks for this article. I had bought some grapeseed extract some time ago, but I found it constipated me, so I stopped taking it. It is still sitting on my shelf. Is this a common complaint about it, or have you any suggestions?

  • bill

    why no suggestions on dosage?

  • Trish

    I wonder what the health benefits of watermelon seeds are. It seems they are now growing seedless grapes, seedless watermelons and I seem to remember other “seedless” varieties of something or another. I’m sure they only grow seedless so people cannot save the seeds and grow their own or use the seeds for the health benefits

  • Barbara

    Is Grape seed oil the same as taking the Grape Seed Extract supplement?
    If so, what do we look forin the oil, ie: Cold pressed??
    Also, is Resveratrol a “fancy” name for grape seed extract.
    You know so we can be charged more money. : )

    I used to take it years ago before the “big reveal”, and the new name.

  • Natalie

    Please give dosage when giving information about supplements

  • Blanche

    Grape seed oil isn’t as powerful as grape seed extract, but it has many of the same benefits.

    California grapes are the best for both grape seed extract and grape seed oil. Grape seed extract and oil usually comes from red and purple grapes,

    As far as using grape seed extract on your own starting with 50mg is best and if you are working with a natural health care provider they can direct you.

  • Lauren

    “As a rule of thumb, if the predominant classification of an oil or fat is polyunsaturated, then we should never cook with it – regardless of its smoke point. Grape seed oil is predominantly classified as a polyunsaturated fatty acid, and is thus highly reactive. Lipid (per)oxidation and free-radical production quickly takes place when these types of fatty acids are exposed to any degree of heat – even very low heat. This is a big red flag for producing inflammation and irritation within our bodies.”

    It’s opposite information and now I’m left puzzled. Can you clear up the discrepancy? I really would love to find healthy oils that don’t break down at high heat. I’m already on the coconut bandwagon, but some dishes need a less intrusive flavor. Thank you.

  • Sid Aust

    the best is muscadine grapes…hands down…I take the skin power capsules

  • Dr Naveen kumar C K

    is it safe?

  • gloria

    I recently purchased grape seed extract and take anxiety medication gnc also recommended policosanol does this mix cause more anxiety. I also take fish oil.