Fresh green milk improves blood quality

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Green Juice Improves Blood Quality(NaturalHealth365) Did you know that when we drink fresh leafy green juices, we consume a superior quality of bioavailable, nutrient-rich liquid into our blood? Metaphorically speaking, it’s like drinking liquid, energized sunshine in a glass.

Nothing can compare, nor can it be duplicated – as photosynthesis can only be created by the rays of our sun, as they penetrate the plant, turning its leaves green.

This is why people who make a habit of drinking dark leafy green juices have pure, beautiful white blood cells without any fungus, toxins or distorted looking cells. You see, if our blood is clean, this means that our organs and glands are healthy.

A simple logic never taught (enough) in medical school

It’s quite similar to likening our blood and body to a car and the quality of the oil we put in it. If the oil is old and full of debris, our cars will not run optimally. We have the power to decide how to fuel our bodies, and when we juice greens, it’s like putting the highest and most expensive octane fuel into a race car.

Unfortunately, not all of us like the taste of green juices, but fear not. There are ways we can mask the flavor and actually enhance its performance. For example, if you can make fresh almond milk or any kind of fresh nut/seed milk, did you ever think of adding fresh organic leafy green juices to them?

Great news – if you suffer from blood sugar issues

One of the best reasons to make fresh green juices – with nut milk – is that some of us are pre-diabetic, diabetic or just prone to hypoglycemia, when we drink fresh concentrated juices. However, if you add fresh almond milk or any nut milk to these juices, whether it be green juices or fruit juices – the oils in the nuts and seeds slow down the influx of sugars that can rush into our system, throwing our blood sugar off.

In addition, the beneficial essential fatty acids – present in nuts and seeds – are yours for the asking as they are 100% absorbable in liquid form. No need to worry about digestion, as they are all pre-digested when juiced.

A special breakfast tonic for everyone

Shelley Young, a nutritional consultant, and I made this tonic together last summer, and according to Shelley, this combination delivers high quality protein, alkalinity and super-nutrients to our bloodstream – delivering heart healthy nutrients.

If you’re looking to stabilize your blood sugar; improve your energy and feel satisfied until lunchtime – try the recipe below:

1 cup spinach
1 cup (soaked) almonds (soak overnight, then rinse)
4 ribs celery
1 large cucumber
1 green apple

Fresh, dark leafy green juices will enhance the quality and quantity of the hemoglobin. In other words, this healthy ‘green milk’ recipe is an excellent blood builder. Combined with the almond milk, the natural fats from the almonds make this a delicious heart-healthy drink.

How do I make ‘nut milk’ out of organic nuts? If you don’t have a juicer that makes nut milks – juice all your greens, then set aside. Blend your almonds, then strain through a nut bag. Combine the green juice with the almond milk and blend slowly. Too high of a speed can kill delicate nutrients from the dark leafy greens, so be careful and enjoy!

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About the author: Linda Kordich has been married for 33 years to Jay Kordich, world renown health educator and the “Father of Juicing”. She is the co-author of their new book, Live Foods Live Bodies and teaches throughout the world on the ‘Powers of the Gentle Art of Foods and Juices’. For more information about Jay and Linda Kordich – visit:

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