Mad scientists determined to create deadly Frankenvirus

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Flu Virus Alert(NaturalHealth365) On Aug 8, Ron A.M. Fouchier from Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands announced to the world that he and a team of over twenty researchers have begun the process of engineering a super strain of the H7N9 flu virus that has been responsible for killing 43 people in China this year.

According to Fouchier’s article published in the journal Nature,

To better assess the pandemic threat posed by A(H7N9) viruses, investigators from the NIAID Centers of Excellence in Influenza Research and Surveillance and other expert laboratories in China and elsewhere have characterized the wild-type avian A(H7N9) viruses in terms of host range, virulence and transmission, and are evaluating the effectiveness of antiviral drugs and vaccine candidates. However, to fully assess the potential risk associated with these novel viruses, there is a need for further research, including experiments that may be classified as ‘gain of function’ (GOF).

The question begging to be asked is, “Why?” In what way will humanity be served by spending valuable research tools for the propagation of a super virus that has the potential ability to wipe out thousands, if not millions, of people?

These are ‘questionable’ motives

Steven Salzberg from Forbes states, “Fouchier’s group wants to do this research because it’s all they know how to do and, I suspect, because they enjoy the publicity.”

There’s much truth to this statement. Two years ago, Fouchier engineered a deadly strain from the H5N1 Bird Flu virus to dope it with the ability to spread between people, which it cannot do naturally.

Not only does H5N1 rarely affect humans – just 600 cases have been reported in the last decade – people only get affected when being in direct, close contact with poultry.

What a waste of government grant monies!

Through the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH) is currently funding a portion of the study. However, as reported by Forbes, immunologist and Director of the NIAID insists, “If the risk is felt to be too high by this outside review, they will recommend it won’t be done and we won’t fund it.”

More peer-reviewed research used to scare the public to accept mad science

Forbes contributor Robert Glatter, MD states,

The H7N9 virus is different than the earlier described bird flu, H5N1, in that it can become integrated into both human as well as bird DNA. In this way, the H7N9 bird flu may have a higher chance of jumping from birds to humans. H7N9, compared to H5N1, has a greater predilection for human receptors on cells, leading to the possibility that it may be more of a threat to humans overall.

Glatter is basing this outrageous claim from an article recently published by the British Medical Journal this past August 6, which insists that it is “probable” that human-to-human transmission of the H7N9 virus is inevitable. Entirely based on speculation, epidemiological data is being used to conclude that, “The findings provide the strongest evidence yet of H7N9 transmission between humans, but the authors stress that its ability to transmit itself is ‘limited and non-sustainable.’”

As the last line states, potential human transmission is “limited and non-sustainable,” so why would the science community support genetically engineering a deadly Frankenvirus?

This is just more fodder for depopulation agenda theorists to feed on. And you can’t blame them. All we know is what is being publicized and that’s censored at best.

God only knows what they’re doing behind closed doors.

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