How to reduce heavy metal toxicity for optimal health

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mercury(NaturalHealth365) When it comes to environmental pollutants, most people would recognize the dangers associated with pesticides, exhaust fumes, and contaminated water. But, even to this day, the general population is not aware of the toxic metals in our food supply – mainly because there are no labeling requirements. 

In reality, one of the greatest threats to our health is the overabundance of toxic metals found in our food such as, lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium – which can damage the central nervous system and many organ systems.

Although heavy metals seem ubiquitous, there are many things we can do to protect ourselves from harm. Naturally, to avoid heavy metal toxicity and improve your health, eating a diet mainly comprised of unprocessed foods is a good place to start. Simply put, commercially-produced, processed foods put you at a greater health risk – especially when you consider the lack of nutrients found in heavily processed foods. Obviously, another intelligent strategy is to consume high-quality herbs and nutritional supplements for their health protective properties.

Best ways to protect yourself from heavy metal toxicity

Take a careful look at your diet to make sure that it supplies all of the essential nutrients you need. An adequate diet not only keeps you from developing deficiencies, but also reduces your risk of being affected by heavy metals. Purify your drinking water and immediate air space, avoid the use of toxic personal care products and, above all, ask questions before you buy any product or food item.

Don’t be embarrassed to call the manufacturer, of your favorite foods, and ask “have you tested your food for heavy metals?” This may feel like a hassle but, if you’re dealing with a chemical sensitivity or serious health issue – the effort is well worth the reward.  Just be warned, most companies are NOT testing – which should only motivate you to buy local (organically-grown) foods, as much as possible or purchase your food from a reputable source that satisfies your concerns.

Your body absorbs heavy metals through the same transport mechanisms it uses for certain nutrients, such as calcium. For example, when you’re deficient in iron, or zinc, your body is better able to take up heavy metals such as cadmium. A balanced diet ought to include lots of organic fruits and vegetables, beans, whole grains, small amounts of pasture-raised (grass-fed) dairy or meat (if you like), nuts and seeds. Naturally, to reduce your absorption of unwanted contaminants – a diet rich in fiber, dark leafy green vegetables like, kale and collard greens plus the regular consumption of superfoods like, chlorella and Hawaiian spirulina are a wise choice.

And another thing, often overlooked, is your cookware – which may be leaching toxic metals into your meals.  For best results, you may want to invest in a ceramic cookware set. Often said, but worth repeating, a child’s greatest exposure to metals come in the form of vaccines and mercury-based fillings. To avoid exposure, find a healthcare provider you can trust.

And last, but not least, exercise (or use a far-infared sauna) on a regular basis – because sweating is one of the best ways to rid yourself of toxic debris.

Nutritional supplements designed to protect our health

Unfortunately, your diet may not be sufficient to promote optimal health, and you may not be able to avoid all exposure to heavy metals. However, a variety of nutritional supplements can help.

  • Fish oil supplements can provide the essential fatty acids you body needs – but be sure to ask your provider about heavy metal testing. A reputable company should be able to provide results.
  • Selenium supplementation can help lower the effects of toxic heavy metals such as cadmium, thallium and mercury.
  • Silicon dissolved in mineral water can help your body excrete metals like, cadmium, mercury and lead.
  • Vitamin C and E are powerful antioxidants that protect against oxidative damage from heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium and lead.
  • Probiotics are health-promoting bacteria that can trap and metabolize heavy metals, such as cadmium and lead, to prevent them from having as great of an effect on your health. Best food sources include raw sauerkraut, kombucha and other fermented products like, tempeh and miso.

Every year, we see environmental toxins becoming a greater health concern – especially since we know these substances bioaccumulate and cause serious health problems such as nausea and vomiting, anemia, cancer, heart disease plus many brain disorders like, dementia. Making better food choices and engaging in healthier lifestyle habits will dramatically reduce the risk to our health.


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  • Vincent Forman

    German researchers found vaccinated children were five times more likely to suffer from various diseases than un-vaccinated children. Many German research studies showed the same results.

    A study coming out from New Zealand found a ten-fold increase in tonsillitis in children who were vaccinated. Vaccines do have aluminum and many still have mercury in them along with other toxins.

    • deenie1219

      I would not recommend for anyone, especially kids, to take any vaccines whatsoever. Big Pharma has a world-wide lethal scam going. Vaccines are weapons of mass destruction abetted by mass deception.

  • James Tucci

    Over 11,000 tons of mercury are released into the atmosphere every year. Much of it is from industrial processes. The airborne mercury finds its way into the earth’s water and winds up in the soil we grow our food in.

    Mercury exposure is the second most common toxic metal poisoning in North America. Diet plays a role in this-livestock are fed contaminated fish meal, plants and grains imported from China have been known to have unsafe levels of this metal, protein powder and fish oils can contain mercury.

  • Lee

    Re: the article’s indication that “silicon dissolved in mineral water can help your body excrete metals like cadmium, mercury, and lead,” I’d like to add that food grade diatomaceous earth is silicon-laden. I recently spent several hours reading pages of eye-popping testimonials regarding the toxin-removing effects of taking DE (on a site which sells food grade DE). I then went on to find similar information elsewhere. I’ve since ordered food grade DE and intend to start taking it daily, for all the reasons listed in this article.

    In addition to our exposures to chem-trails mercury (which James Tucci mentioned), and to vaccination metals (which Vincent Forman discussed), those of us with amalgam fillings have a continually emitting toxic source built right into us. At the moment, I’m unable to fund the cost of a biological dentist to have that source removed, and so I especially welcome the discovery of diatomaceous earth as a new way to help reduce my toxic load.

    This article has many excellent common sense suggestions and health recommendations. Anyone who hasn’t started on the journey of avoiding toxins, while cleansing one’s self of what might be called unavoidable toxic exposures, would do well to take up even just one of these ideas, for starters. This could then be followed by a second (and later a third, etc.), so as to begin cleaner living, but while progressing at a pace that seems right to them.

    • G Clay

      Approximately how much DE do you take or is recommended daily? I also am waiting to get some mercury amalgams removed.

      • deenie1219

        I think the usual recommendation is 2 tbs a day. Mix it in water or juice or put into a smoothie. Be careful not to inhale the dust. DE also does a number on intestinal parasites.

      • Piva

        I am also planning on removing my amalgams removed. Have you found a safe dentist yet?

        • Lee

          Hi Piva, for me, it’s not a matter of finding a qualified dentist, as it is accumulating sufficient funding to have the amalgams removed.

          For your own amalgam removal work, you may already know that searches for “biological dentist” or “holistic dentist” will pull up many options. You may want to check out the Dr. Mercola site, which has a good article on essential criteria for evaluating a dentist who offers to remove amalgams. In addition, the Hal Huggins site is very responsive in sending along the names of dentists in your area who have been trained in the whole health, exceptionally thorough approach of the Huggins method.

      • Lee

        To G. Clay, I apologize for the delay in responding. I participate on a
        number of health-related sites, and am accustomed to receiving emailed notifications when there is a response to a comment I’ve made. On this site, only if I’m lucky will I stumble across a response as I’m browsing (unless, of course, there is something I am missing about how to set up such notifications!).

        Because food grade DE is quite dehydrating, I accepted the recommendation of the site from which I ordered, which is to begin with one Tablespoon per day, mixed with purified water. I made sure I drank 12 oz of water with each Tablespoon. Even so, after about four days of daily use, I became so dehydrated that I had bad brain fog. (But I am unusually sensitive to dehydration.)

        I’ve since switched to a heaping T. every other day. On the “off” days, I load up on water and other healthful fluids. That seems to work better for me.

        What has been missing from every site I consulted–but which I had learned from an audio interview–is that DE will take with it everything (e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g) in the digestive tract. Uninformed intake of DE could thus lead to individual nutritional deficiencies and/or over-all malnutrition. Consequently, I regard claims that DE results in tremendous weight loss, with a skeptical eye, and am similarly concerned for those who claim to take DE several
        times a day.

        My habit to ensure I’m taking DE on an empty stomach is to set my alarm for 6 hours after I retire. (Sleep cycles tend to be 90 minutes long, and it’s better to wake up between cycles than to interrupt a cycle.) I have everything set up by my bedside, and when the alarm sounds, all I have to do is mix the DE with the water, drink it, and go back to sleep.

        This article concerns how to detoxify from heavy metals, and DE is good for metals which can be removed via the intestinal tract. As deenie1219 noted, food grade DE will also eventually “sweep out” intestinal parasites. In that regard, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the use of DE (combined with the avoidance of sugar) will also help to ameliorate candida overgrowth.

        • Angel

          Hello, like your info. Always looking for ways to detox too. Can you please tell me what DE , stands for, or is?
          I’d appreciate it.

          • Lee

            Hi Angel,

            DE is my made-up abbreviation for diatomaceous earth. (I talk about this a little in an earlier post I made to this same thread.) DE is sold for use in gardening to kill insects. However, the kind which is safe for humans and animals to ingest is labeled “food grade” diatomaceous earth. DE looks like dirt, but actually is very finely ground up fossils. These fossils formed milleniums ago in ancient sea beds.

            Such fossils, even when finely ground, will retain tiny sharp edges due to their hardness, but you can’t feel the sharp edges if you rub DE between your fingers. These edges don’t hurt us physically, but they do serve as a gentle abrasive for the intestinal walls. (Similarly, for non-food-grade DE which is used as both indoor and outdoor pesticide, DE’s tiny sharp edges can scratch the shells of crawling insects, causing the insects to eventually dehydrate.)

            Angel, you might want to do a web search for “diatomaceous earth,” as I think you’ll find the information to be fascinating. DE is quite inexpensive, per serving, too. If you do purchase some, look for DE described as pure which is labeled “food grade.”

  • Aubree

    Great article. Not sure about recommending any fish oil because of water contamination and radiation. Any info. on this issue??

  • Roy

    I have been doing quite a bit of research on far infrared saunas and “dirty” electricity, as opposed to NEAR infrared saunas, which are supposed to be much healthier. Anyone have any opinions on this?

  • mothman777

    The Harpers and Queen Magazine featured an article back in the 1980’s by Diane or Leslie Kenton (they both wrote articles) on how sunbathing speeds up the removal from the body of all types of toxins, including heavy metals and industrial toxins, by a whopping 20-50 times faster. I guess this would be perspired through the skin, so regular gentle showering or bathing after spells of sunbathing through the day would be advisable, under properly filtered water preferably, though only a quick rinse would be best after sunbathing as newly-made Vitamin D3 is held in the upper 1 or 2 millimeters of skin and is easily washed out. Getting mercury-based tooth fillings out at the beginning of the summer months would be a good idea, along with using cilantro (coriander) to expel mercury from the gut is also good.

    https://www.mercola. com/article/mercury/mercury_elimination.htm

  • Yvonne Forsman

    You have to be kidding to advise anybody to eat grains! Wheat is sprayed with Glyphosate! What’s wrong with you???