Urgent action needed: FDA planning to regulate and control homeopathic remedies

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homeopathic remedies(NaturalHealth365) Homeopathic remedies have been a trusted, safe method of healing for more than a century. Not only is it safe and effective, it is also proven, so much so that some countries in Europe even cover its use on health insurance.

However, in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has set its sights on homeopathic remedies and our access to it. This behavior is threatening the freedom of choice when it comes to personal health for millions of people in the U.S. – who rely on homeopathy for their health concerns.

Let government health officials know: ‘This is unacceptable’

The FDA has announced a public hearing where the access of American citizens to homeopathic remedies – in the future – will be decided. Because this is a public hearing, citizens are allowed to make comments and let their voices be heard.  It is important, if you are a supporter of homeopathic remedies and/or health freedom, that you let the FDA know now that you want unrestricted access to homeopathic substances – without government interference.

Tell the FDA: “I support open access to homeopathic remedies.”

The hearing will be on April 20 and 21, and can be accessed live online at Collaboration.FDA.gov. Public comments on the issue are being accepted through June 22, 2015.

You can comment online at Regulations.gov, or send comments by mail to the FDA at: Division of Dockets Management (HFA-305), Food and Drug Administration, 5630 Fishers Lane, Rm. 1061, Rockville, MD 20852.

Why is the FDA considering restricting access to homeopathic medicines now?

The federal government has always looked suspiciously on natural remedies, because there is no money for the government to make off of them. The FDA, as part of the government, naturally wants to jump on any reason to target natural remedies for regulation.

In this case, it was a safety alert issued on a homeopathic asthma remedy – after a few complaints (due to allergies to the ingredients that users didn’t know they had) – which caused the decision to conduct a hearing. Of course, when it comes to thousands of complaints about all types of allopathic medicines, the FDA does nothing.

The current state of homeopathic remedies in the United States

An independent organization called the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia Convention of the United States has been in charge of monitoring homeopathic remedies since 1897. The FDA declined to review homeopathics in 1972, because they were more unique in nature than other natural remedies. Therefore, there are currently no FDA regulations on homeopathics in the United States, and they can be sold and bought freely by anyone.

Some of the benefits of homeopathic remedies include:

  • Unlike most pharmaceutical drugs, homeopathic remedies are safe and effective.
  • Homeopathic remedies are easy to consume – making it easy for children to use.
  • The cost of homeopathic remedies is extremely low – especially compared to big pharma drugs.

The current FDA hearing on homeopathic remedies has the potential to restrict your freedom of choice.  If you and your family rely on homeopathy and/or support medical freedom of choice, it is crucial that you make your voice heard by contributing to the public comments on this issue.

Let the FDA know you demand free and unfettered access to homeopathic remedies now and always in the United States.


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  • commented – now, when are they going to come for me? 🙂

  • Bob

    The FDA was taken over by companies a number of years ago and there is a revolving door between the FDA and corporations they are supposed to regulate. The first rule of a corporation is to eliminate competition and natural remedies are competition. If left unchecked, the only option will be allopathic for our children and grand children which is only a part of the well being spectrum. By having free choice, we can manage our own well being as appropriate for our individual needs.

  • Sean Alexander

    Why is the medical establishment so worry about homeopathic remedies? Simple, they are very powerful and effective with little or no side effects………

  • K DiLorenzo


  • ALberto

    There is a Geico TV commercial where parents holding their young children are making ‘Did you know?’ statements. One guy actually says ‘Did you know babies should NEVER touch silver.’ I guess that knocks out colloidal silver and being born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth.

    Who are these people and why do they want to harm us for profit?

  • Christopher Pringle

    homeopathy makes no sense to me – it is like alchemy – but I doubt it does harm – it is a faith issue with the woolly-headed – but like faith it should not be restricted by pharma-addled evil clowns in the government.

    • Garth

      My sister was basically dying, in her early 40’s, and she went to many allopathic doctors and none of them could figure out her problem. Someone recommended a homeopath, and he was the one that got her back to health.

  • Albert

    Would interesting to know why they’re asking people their opinion….

  • ruth

    it’s not all about the medical establishment as we are led to believe. My friend who’s studied homeopathy learned that it comes from part of the homeopathic community wanting to establish better credibility with the “standard” medical community. They want to control the remedies to control dosing. Also, they don’t want an uneducated person to try a remedy and decide homeopathics don’t work if they don’t get the immediate response they are looking to get.

    • Garth

      Allopathic doctors are uneducated. Sure, they know their anatomy super well, and they’re great at trauma; but they know little about disease, and nothing about nutrition. Their training in nutrition usually amounts to two hours of one day in class, and that material is usually not even on a test.

  • desertspeaks

    Notice how they aren’t going after PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS,. Apparently the FDA is completely oblivious that Pharmaceuticals MURDER tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people a year! But they don’t want to talk about that!

  • jostoich

    Homeopathy has been a great help for me for many things. Many years ago, I developed painful white sores all over my tongue. I knew about yeast (candida) and attempted to self-treat based on the assumption that it was something like that. It did not improve. Eating and drinking became impossibly painful. I sought help from mainstream medicine. One doc put me on two meds at once, an antibiotic and antiviral. This also did not help at all and made me very ill. Since this approach also failed, the same doc sent me to see an ENT doc. That doc told me he had no idea what was going on with the sores on my tongue, but offered to fix my ‘deviated septum’ with surgery. Geesh! This situation with the tongue sores persisted for about 3 months. I was going crazy. Finally, I decided to consult with a homeopathic doctor that a friend told me about. The doc spent an hour with me and asked all sorts of questions. He asked me to return the next day as he had narrowed it down to two remedies and wanted to continue the interview to be sure. I came back the next day and we talked for another 30 minutes after which he provided me with a vial of tiny white homeopathic pellets. He said to take them 2x/day under my tongue first thing AM and before bed. He only charged me $25 for everything. I followed his instructions and in only 2 days, the painful condition disappeared and resolved permanently. Unfortunately, the doc moved out of state or he would be my first go-to guy today. I was so grateful for the compassionate and dedicated treatment I received at such an affordable price as I didn’t have much money.

    Another tale is that after my son was born by emergency C-section, I had urethral bruising with renal hypertension and high blood pressure. I was very ill for 2 weeks. I felt awful and was not improving which made it hard to be a good mommy, yet I never stopped breast feeding. A good friend stopped by and told me to start taking arnica montana as it helps you to recover from surgery and trauma. I started taking the homeopathic pellets and felt better in one day. It was the turning point for my recovery. Now, I always recommend and reach for arnica montana following any trauma (falls, surgery, etc.).

  • carolyn mordecai

    Because this might be a fake formality to limit peoples access to inexpensive helpful homeopathic remedies.

  • Ron Roy

    Why is the FDA considering restricting access to homeopathic medicines now? Evidently the Pharmaceutical companies have just asked them to. Within the last year or so the FDA made the paperwork they required of herbal companies so tedious and expensive that many companies were forced to shut down. The FDA is nothing more than a criminal organization working for pharmaceutical companies. FDA the CDC and the NIH are all corrupt.

    • Lowell

      Well Ron You Hit The nail on the head!!

  • Wendy Allen

    I have used homeopathy for myself/sons and it seemed to work. Even pets may get homeopathy which they attacked already. The use of homeopathy in Alternative medicine should be allowed….God’s way may work awesome and not hurt and only help.

  • kimberlyarnesen2105

    this same thing happened 80 years ago and big money won. Thats all its about is money. You rich people and your control issues need some serious therapy. It might be enough to at least get ya a hearing when your finally judged. Until then may God have mercy on your souls.

  • Sandy Peterson

    This is pure insanity!! Stop with the regulations!!

  • Garth

    Big Pharma thinks that if we don’t have natural cures, we’ll turn to Big Pharma since we have nowhere else to go. People are waking up though, finding out that taking pharmaceuticals is worse than taking nothing at all, and that getting proper nutrition and cutting the toxins is better than all the pharmaceuticals. The FDA has become as abusive as what it was originally supposed to protect us from.

  • If you think about this for one minute.. They can not do this.. They can not come to your house or home or a place where you do have homeopathic. You can grow this yourself… Read about how to put it together and make it your own. They can’t stop you, and also it’s a lot cheaper than having to go to a doctor where you spend lots of money you don’t have if you don’t have insurance or even if you do you still have that premium every month. Then you have to go get your meds at a place that dispense them. Now you have a bill for meds. I was taking Azore for high blood pressure and it was going to cost me $300.00 a month since I have no insurance. So I looked online for a alternate way of cooping with my HBP. I found that you can take 5000mg of Garlic tab and it does the same thing.. I even feel better on the Garlic Tabs now then I did with Azore… So really think about this and think hard. They can’t do it.. Just my two cents.

    Also I would like to say this much. If you go read in the bible it states that God created Earth and then Man was created. But if you also read from that on it states that man was made from Earth Mother. We are made up of the same as the earth. Over the years we migrate and keep migrating and well we lose most of those of the same of the earth because we are made to get shots at 5 years old and at 10 years old and so on. So we put back what the homeopathic gives up made from the same stuff as the Earth it self.. Water for example we need to drink water all the time to clean the insides out. So now the government is making doctors tell patients to do this test and take that test for illnesses that are caused by only government knows. Fracking now is being dumped in California. They also just pasted a law only in California that you HAVE to and it’s MANDATORY to take this shot… What shot and why. So see how much big brother is taking control over our lives…. Think long and hard about this..