The exciting world of Homeopathy

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(NaturalHealth365) Over the years, Jonathan Landsman and I have had some great conversations about Homeopathy and now I will be sharing what I know with you every week. This week we are going to take a very quick look at what Homeopathy is and how it works. Next week, we’ll take a look at why it is the most controversial of all the healing modalities.

Homeopathy is pronounced home-ee-op-athy. It is a Greek word that literally translates as ‘similar suffering’. 
The central idea of homeopathy is the fact that if a substance can make a healthy person ill, it can also be used to make a person who is ill, in a similar way, get better.

Nature to the rescue

So for instance
 Apis (made from bee sting) treats angry red, hot swellings; Lachesis (snake venom) treats blood poisoning; Coffea (coffee) treats over-excitement and sleeplessness; Alium Cepa (onion) treats hay fever.

Hippocrates first identified Homeopathy, as a concept, around 2000 years ago. He recognized two types of medicine ‘contraries’ or ‘similars.’ ‘Contraries’ use the opposite suffering (‘antipathy’ in Greek) to restore wellbeing. An example of this is using a laxative to ease constipation.

Hippocrates noted ‘contraries’, over time, make the original problem worse, so that more medicine is needed to maintain the same effect. Most people who’ve taken antacids or sleeping pills would agree. Hippocrates favored the use of ‘similars’. They already had a long and successful history in traditional, herbal medicine.

A medical doctor ahead of his time

Homeopathy made the transition from a concept to a fully functioning medical modality about 200 years ago. A German doctor named Samuel Hahnemann noted quinine protected people against malaria. He took some himself and found that he got all the symptoms of malaria. He realized then that quinine could cure malaria because it could produce malaria-like symptoms in a healthy person.

Hahnemann was thrilled by this “Eureka” moment and spent his life testing diluted substances on volunteers, carefully recording their effects. This work continues today with thousands of substances already tested and new ones being introduced all the time.

The best in ancient medicine

Homeopathy has its roots in traditional herbal medicine, but with three major improvements:

1. the original substance is only used in an extremely diluted, safe form
2. any substance, not only plants, can be used
3. all substances are tested on human volunteers to see what symptoms they produce

Homeopaths use sophisticated computer software to carefully match your symptoms to an individually selected remedy that we know is capable of producing the same symptom picture when taken by a healthy person.

So why does Homeopathy cause huge controversy? Because we now know that most of the remedies used in Homeopathy have less than a molecule of the original substance in them.

Next week, we’ll take a close look at the argument between those that say it can’t possibly work and those that say in their experience it works wonderfully well.

About the author: For over 17 years, Mary Aspinwall has been a full time Registered Homeopath and is the founder of Mary offers a best selling range of homeopathy kits and you can read her blog at: In addition, Mary has created a free e-book, “Basic Guide to Homeopathy”. Click Here for a consultation with Mary Aspinall.


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  • Allan Rathborne

    Many thanks Mary, when ever I speak to people about Homeopathy I wished I had an eBook that they could take with them to read, your website has answered that. Expect many visitors for your eBook and thanks again.

  • HealthFreedom

    I am getting treated with proper homeopathic remedies from England. For the first time in MY LIFE, my gut pain (probably caused from loads of vaccines when I was younger) is virtually gone (well, and thanks in part to I avoid gluten) Homeopahty can cure disease. Its curing mine. 🙂 Like cures like.

  • Helena

    Thanks for contributing to the well-being of the planet. I look forward to more information on looking at the reasons it works…..
    Also, I am wondering how it might be effective in protecting us from all the radiation etc. currently a huge factor in life as we presently know it?

  • Dr. V

    Great article Mary. Homeopathy is so powerful and so simple at the same time.

  • Mary Aspinwall

    Thanks for all your encouraging words everyone. Please spread the word this is a weekly column and I take requests – tell me what you want to know.

  • Patricia Eveehart

    I truly believe in homeopathy and would like to learn more and what it could do for cancer. Thank you!

  • Alice

    I have osteoporosis. I broke my wrist in an auto accident. A cast was applied and four weeks later the cast was removed and x-rays were taken. My orthopedic surgeon said the fracture hadn’t healed well enough. Another cast was put on for another four weeks. Again x-rays revealed slow healing. A third cast was put on. This time I did some research on homeopathic remedies and selected one I thought might work. I took it for two weeks, and when my third cast was removed and x-rays taken the doctor’s exact words were, “Wow! you healed like crazy!” So, I went from “slow healing” to “healed like crazy” after taking a homeopathic remedy. I had used homeopathic remedies over the years for colds, wounds, coughs, allergies, and such. It didn’t occur to me that it also would heal broken bones. But, it healed mine. I am totally sold on homeopathy.

  • Ana Rodriguez

    My son has suffered from alergies since he was small. He has been taking an homeopathic treatment for five years and his allergies are practically gone. This is wonderful !! Whenever he got sick he would get well with his homeopathic treatment after only two or three days.I truly recommend this to anyone who doesn’t want to poison his body with pharmaceuticals.

  • c m katyal

    Though I firmly believe on the eficacy of Homoeopathy but stilll I feel that it has not been able to show its effects in an impressive manner which may be because of inability of homoeo practitioners to correctly pin point the kind of medicine to be used. And probably this is why this pathy is not that popular.
    Therefore, I feel that some online free of cost exhaustive courses be started for persons who are actually interested in it so that more and more truly efficient persons may come up for practicing it and creating awareness in the public at large. This will also help in providing a real good treatment also to the people.

  • Mary Aspinwall

    Thanks to all who shared their experiences here.
    I have made a note to write an article about Cancer and Homeopathy for Jonathan in the future. I have already written about “Homeopathy and Chemotherapy” and “Homeopathy and Radiotherapy” on my Homeopathy World Know-How Blog. They are easy to find using any search engine.
    I completely agree that many people are turned off Homeopathy because they didn’t get the right remedy. Search my article “Why OTC homeopathy fails.”
    I also think C M Katyal is right – education is essential if people are to experience Homeopathy at its very best, which is why I offer free e-books and a great free online course on my site.

  • Time

    Alan V. SchmuklerApril 28, 2011Dear Mike,Homeopaths who recommended prlaiyopcthc remedies for Malaria drew some fire from critics not long ago. Since there is no hard data on prophylaxis for this disease (as opposed to Diptheria, Smallpox or Polio in which homeopathy has a proven track record), it will be hard to get a definitive answer. Based on symptom similarity, this combo is being used in Africa : Malaria nosode, china officinalis, natrum muriaticum, arsenicum album and eupatorium perfoliatum . There is only anecdotal evidence so far that suggests it works prlaiyopcthcally. A properly funded study could shed more light.