Homeopathy – Is it all an elaborate fraud?

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(NaturalHealth365) Homeopathy is contentious. Those who are passionate about it share their direct experience of how it works safely and effectively. On the other side, those who believe it’s scientifically impossible speculate that its practise may even be a deliberate and intentional fraud.

Skeptics stress the homeopathic preparation of most remedies involves so much dilution that not a single molecule of the original substance remains. Despite this, some scientists, even those with no love for Homeopathy, have shown the original substance has effects even after this process.

Pioneers of science – recognize them by the arrows in their backs!

The best known was a French immunologist, Jacques Benveniste. While he was working for the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, Benveniste diluted a solution of human antibodies until not a single molecule remained. Provided the solutions were shaken vigorously, just as homeopathic preparations are, Benveniste found that when human basophils were added to these solutions they reacted as if the original antibody was still there.

Two years after publishing his findings – he lost his job and research funding. In 1999, scientists led by Professor Madeleine Ennis (Queen’s University, Belfast) claimed they had replicated Benveniste’s results. Sadly, he died in 2004.

The main researcher in this area is now former Nobel prize-winner, Luc Montaignier. He recently confirmed that homeopaths are right, serial dilutions are “not nothing” because the dilutant, somehow, remains imprinted with the original substance. He has now moved his laboratory and research team to China, to avoid those who were trying to influence or suppress his work.

It can’t be true, because… it just can’t be true

Often when others try to replicate these findings they are unable to do so, perhaps due to a phenomenon called ‘plausibility bias.’ This refers to a prejudice where observers are unable to accept that homeopathy works, no matter what the evidence, until they know exactly how it works.

Dr.Peter Fisher, Clinical Director of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, and Physician to Queen Elizabeth II notes that: “Plausibility bias obstructs a fair evaluation of the evidence around homeopathy … new research in homeopathy, if positive, may have limited impact on practice until a plausible theoretical framework is established.”

It can’t be true, so it must be placebo…

Those with this mindset believe that any benefit users experience must be due entirely to placebo effect. However, this effect fails to explain why animals, babies, small children and skeptics, respond beautifully to a well-chosen homeopathic remedy or why a poorly-selected homeopathic remedy has little lasting effect.

The Double Blind Bind

A further research complication is that true Homeopathy does not fit well into the double blind method. Many trials of homeopathy, including those which found benefits, have been unsatisfactory. In the double blind model, the first group takes sugar pills whle the second group take an identical homeopathic remedy (e.g. diluted grass pollens to treat hay fever). In practice, a homeopath would interview each member of the second group about their precise symptoms and then give each one an individually selected remedy.

Is Homeopathy right for you?

When you are trying to find a reliable approach to help you return to health a measure of skepticism is advisable. On the other hand, ignoring empirical evidence from millions of people around the world who are certain that their well being is due to Homeopathy would be a mistake. One of the easiest ways for you to see if Homeopathy works is to simply try it. Afterall, it’s hard to argue that the healthiest mind is an open one.

Next week we’ll take a look at how you can tell whether or not your holistic health treatment, be it homeopathy or any another modality, is working.

About the author: For over 17 years, Mary Aspinwall has been a full time Registered Homeopath and is the founder of HomeopathyWorld.com. Mary offers a best selling range of homeopathy kits and you can read her blog at: HomeopathyWorld.com/blog. In addition, Mary has created a free e-book, “Basic Guide to Homeopathy”. Click Here for a consultation with Mary Aspinwall.


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  • Dr anwer kamal

    dears who do not believe are requested just take one drop of Ipecac or any homeopathic remedy in any potency, say 200 where the alkaloids are in minute or far less quantity and TASTE THE EFFECTS OF HOMEOPATHY.
    In my practice many of the retrieved hospital cases are in Health and many of the homeopaths are giving to many of the ailing community.
    Opposition to naturopathy etc.and full hold and help only to conventional therapy is Injustice.BETTER TO WORK TOGETHER FOR AILING COMMUNITY.
    WORK CAN BE OBSERVED ON dr9anwerkamal@youtube

  • Mike Maybury

    The only time that I tried homeopathy it failed to help.
    I consulted a qualified and experienced practitioner. A remedy was prescribed, and when it didn’t work another was sent FREE!. Unfortunately it did not help. Over 10 years the problem resolved itself.
    I had, from the age of 18 a certain ‘faith’ that homeopathy was a worthwhile system, as I knew that some vegetarian doctors, who preferred to use treatments that were not based on vivisection, were not just blind believers.
    My experience did, in fact leave me a little sceptical. However, I do read that there are several trials that still stand up to scrutiny,giving twice the results as the placebo effect (40% as opposed to 20% placebo, if I remember right) although there have been some damning tials, run by biased scientists, who appear to have an axe to grind.
    Even if one achieves only a placebo effect, the treatment ‘does no harm’ which is one of the axioms that doctors are supposed to practice.

  • Jeff B

    My mother used homeopathy, and so I was raised with it. I can say that, yes, if you don’t pick the right remedy, nothing happens. But I will also wholeheartedly say that if you do pick the right remedy, it is nothing short of amazing. It truly does work.

    If a doctor doesn’t give a patient the right medication, that patient won’t get relief either. Many times doctors have to change medications before they get one that works well on a patient.

    Homeopathy is no different. Many remedies have similar symptoms, so it can often happen that you don’t pick the right one to start with. So you try a different remedy.

    But in my experience it most certainly does work, and no, it’s not just a placebo effect. I have been using it for all 52 years of my life (as my mother gave it to me as a child) and I continue to use it.

  • D.S.

    When my daughter was a child she frequently ran very high fevers whenever she was ill with the flu. I had tried conventional “wisdom” and used tylenol, aspirin, etc…nothing really helped until I came upon belladonna. The temp immediately went down and I was sold. I took a class to learn more and have never looked back. Having many more successes, it has become my first choice for any health related issue.

  • Clark

    My first attempt at homeopthic uses failed to some degree. I used many other avenues over the next 15years to improve my digestive, low adrenal, low thyroid, and heavy metal toxin issues. I’m back trying Homeopathic again and finding that my body is responding this time. It helps to have an experienced practitioner Joette calabrese of homeopathyworks assisting me by phone.

    I have now passed through 2 colds with only cell salt homeopathic aids. No antibiotics for the first time.

    For what ever the reasons my first attempt 15 years ago did not work so great. I was seeing a trained person. But maybe It was helping I might not have been able to detect te changes sine my problems were so severe and I was using the elimination of the problem as te criteria for effectiveness. When I should have been using even partial help as valid criteria. I admit I did notice some significant positive effects. I was looking for a instant permanent cure thus quit learning how to use homeopathic.

  • sharon

    I’ve used homeopathy for 25 years at least and have had very positive results from it. I believe that if it doesn’t make a change, then it wasn’t the right remedy. I was fortunate to have a homeopath who was very good at prescribing and rarely missed with my family and I.

    It is helping my mother who has “Alzheimers”. It will never bring her back completely, but it does help her brain function some. She will talk more and laugh more after taking the remedy.

    I have aborted many a flu bug in my family! I’ve brought 2 family members out of a state of shock after an accident, one of which was my mother. They sent her to the hospital after her fall and when I got there she wasn’t responding for me very much, so I gave her arnica and a few minutes later she was trying to take off the neck brace and trying to move the bed rails. She was just ready to get out of there. It just never ceases to amaze me at what it can do.

    My first time using it was when I was very ill, spending most of my days laying down. Within a month I was much improved and over the course of treatments, I was probably feeling better than I ever had.

    So don’t give it up if 1 treatment fails to bring about a change. Good homeopaths are hard to come by.

  • Guy Chapman

    You appear not to have noticed that Benveniste’s assistant eventually admitted falsifying the results to produce the outcome he was looking for. Normal for homeopathy, of course – no claim ever dropped however comprehensively it is debunked, because homeopathy has absolutely no mechanism for self correction so lacks any culture capable of accepting correction.



  • Sarama

    It is unfortunate that so many people try homeopathy once, and on the basis of no results assume that it is all fraud, yet people die by the thousands as a direct result of various drugs — but that’s OK! I am an 85-year-old yoga teacher, still teaching, and a nutritionist for 27 years. I wish I had studied homeopathy 25 years ago. My use of it is basic because I got my MS in biology/nutrition not in homeopathy. Not becoming a homeopath is my one regret in life. However I am using homeopathy now in a limited way within my experience: e.g. I had a bad fall recently, broke 2 bones in my left arm dislocated my elbow and my shoulder and my thumb. I use homeopathic arnica for the excruciating pain at the beginning and after the first day whenever I felt any pain. I never even had to take an aspirin. I also used homeopathic symphytum after my dislocated elbow had been set. I was told I had to have surgery or I would never be able to straighten my arm or twist it in and out properly. I declined as I nearly died from surgery 35 years ago and my bones are very porous now. I knew I would not survive surgery as I nearly died the last time. Imagine the doctors surprise when I came back 3 weeks later and they x-rayed again and found that the elbow had gone back into place. All my students now use Arnica whenever they have pain, or Traumeel which is a topical homeopathic remedy for bruises or sore spots. You can find these in some drugstores or health food stores.

    I cured my cat – and myself, homeopathically, of urinary tract problems. You do have to have the right remedy – when I used the one I had used on the cat it did not work on me. A month later I tried a new one that I heard about and it worked overnight. I looked up the cats remedy in the pocketbook of homeopathic remedies to learn more about it and I discovered that the kind of urinary tract infection that it works on is related to fleas! Well, I didn’t have fleas! Surprise?

    By the way, I don’t think my cat experienced a placebo effect.

  • Sandy

    It’s difficult to pinpoint the many different circumstances in which I employ homeopathic remedies–they are just too numerous. One remedy I am never without is Arnica. I once dropped a 5-pound weight on my toe and immediately took Arnica. The pain was gone immediately, and had I continued to take it (but I forgot about it because the pain was gone) I would not have had a huge bruise I discovered when I took off my sock that night.

    Belladonna for earaches, Chamomile to sleep, Arsenicum for diarrhea or stomach problems, Nux Vomica for the occasional “hangover”, Sabina for excess menstrual flow, Phosphorous to stop bleeding. I have over 50 remedies in my “medicine chest” and use them all the time. There are just too many uses to list.

    And if it’s a “placebo effect”–so what? It’s better than taking prescription drugs that harm your body and only cause other problems.

    These remedies seem to work on a “quantum” physics level, as opposed to the physical, what-you-can-see-with-your-eyes level. There are a lot of things that work even if you don’t understand how they work. What’s the difference if they work?

  • Mary Aspinwall

    Thanks to all of you for taking the time to share your experiences. I work very hard to find the right remedy for my clients and you will see if you read the Testimonials that a correctly chosen remedy can have astonishing effects. Sometimes I fail and then I am fortunate to have wonderful colleagues who look at my stuck cases and give their opinion. I do the same for them when they are stuck. We do not charge each other for this assistance and so we don’t need to charge our clients. Often all that is needed is a fresh pair of eyes.
    If you are not having success in your own remedy selection please search for my article “Why OTC homeopathy fails” and do my free online course “Exploring Homeopathy.” Look out for my next article on Wednesday. I think you’ll enjoy it!

  • Susan

    I’ve used homeopathy successfully on myself and my dog and have never looked back. . . It does work, but as others have said, you need to find the right remedy, the correct dosage. Why choose toxic drugs with countless side effects? I simply don’t understand. Poison is poison. Homeopathy has NO negative side effects (that I know of). I also use herbs (though since herbs can be tricky and can have side effects) my preference is to use homeopathy. Homeopathy doesn’t heal, but encourages the body to heal itself.

  • ChristyRedd

    I’ve used homeopathy with tremendous success for a number of acute and serious, chronic problems as well as for injuries. It’s done wonders for my chronic insomnia of many years which I’m glad to say is now just a memory. Homeopathy has put an end to bronchitis, poison ivy, warts (with homeopathy they never come back), injuries to skin and nerves and a number of other health problems, and it’s done it safely, quickly and inexpensively. It’s been so great that it’s now my primary form of medicine.

    I also use it with the animals with the same great success.

  • Erica

    Good article! I’ve never understood why the skeptics are so stuck on “no measurable amount of the original substance.” It’s not a measurable amount – it’s the energy! It’s not the matter that matters – it’s the energy – matter in its more potent form.
    Sometimes it is difficult to pick the right remedy when one of my kids is sick … I just keep trying because I know when I find the right one, the relief is immediate.
    The very first remedy I ever had did nothing and I wasn’t a “believer.” I forgot all about it and then almost nine years later I had my second one which changed my life forever.

  • Dr Drew Burdett

    1) I show 13 year olds Benveniste’s work when I teach about confirmation bias, double blinding, peer review, conflicts of interest and research fraud.
    2) Montaignier is out of his depth. Sticking a coil of wire into a soundblaster soundcard and taking screenshots of the fft of th nois is hilariousy amateurish. And how can you be being persecuted if you publish without peer review in your own journal?
    3) Plausibility bias, like confirmation bias, is eliminated by double blinding. N-rays anyone?
    4) my dog knows when she’s being looked after. The placebo effect in animals is just the placebo effect combined with the “clever hans” effect
    5) saying that homoeopathy does’t fit well into the double blind method is basically saying it works best if you allow confirmation bias. And remember: confirmation bias means the investigator is fooling themselves
    6) thousands of anecdotes? That’s not the same as proof that it works. I believe thousands of people lie on train tracks to heal themselves. Do you recommend this too? Some people drink their own urine. Millions use reiki, acupuncture and chiropractic – are they all correct as well, despite being mutually exclusive?

    The implication of your article is that anyone who asks for good evidence before accepting something is a “denier”. And the evidence would have to be outstandingly strong before it became more likely that homoeopathy is correct and the current knowledge of physics and chemistry is actually wrong, and that the technology it allows us to develop is just a fluke.

  • anthony taylor

    the queen of uk has her own homeopath so do the rothchids and so do i and i promise we are not wrong

  • Miroslav Provod

    New knowledge about water – homeopathy
    My hypothesis was inspired by a finding of an Austrian citizen Johann Grandler. My attention was caught by his knowledge of revitalized water, especially about his activation unit, in which the properties of water are changed. During my research, which is described at.miroslavprovod.com, I performed shaking of water in many experiments and I also noticed the change in the properties of water.
    In order to compare Grandlers research outcomes together with my findings I replaced the water that is put into a home bread bakery with water that had been shaken for 1 minute in a plastic bottle. The bread made from this shaken water was of much greater quality, it was easier to detach it from the tray and the baking oven was completely clean after the breads removal. Also, coffee that had been shaken before drinking had much better taste.
    By shaking (dynamisation) the separated static charge increases in fluids. This is due to the friction of the molecules of water with the sides of its container. This is nothing new, it’s a well known physical property.
    This easy experiment that uses dynamisation could easily be realized in bakeries or at home, especially in situations where an expensive Grandler activation unit would have to be bought instead. In this case it’s not necessary. This is an interesting finding and it could be expected that in further verifying experiments, especially those with the changing static charge, more interesting aspects with other fluids could be discovered.
    The Czech TV (Ceska Televize) received a so called ”bludny balvan” (mystifying stone) from the skeptics for broadcasting false information associated with revitalized water. I think that skeptics couldn’t find a better example to confront. In the near future, there will likely be mass repeated experiment with dynamisation and after it had been verified the skeptics would be criticized by many people.
    Some of the stated findings could be used together with the research of homeopathy in connection with the four recently discovered properties of static charge that are published at miroslavprovod.com
    The by Hahnemann used potential of 30CH goes over the Avogadro constant and therefore the scientific community believes that homeopathy doesn’t work because the probability that even a single molecule of the necessary fluid being present is very low. I don’t agree with this view, where disregarding one of many factors leads to the disregarding the functionally verified homeopathy. I am guessing that this is not about the remaining percentage of the necessary fluid but there are also other not yet known factors. By the repeated dynamisation of the fluid the static charge in it increases as described above and this could give us a hint in connection with the mixing of the fluid with further water
    I will state a further example in which the basics of homeopathy could be hidden.
    Millions of megalithic structures that are scattered around the globe like menhis, dolmens, cromlechs and many more are described as astronomical observatories or structures used for calendar or agricultural purposes by the current science. This sounds like a paradox as many people in those times had different problems than to be interested in astronomy on such a large scale. I regard it as a big misinformation that this reasoning is being taught and people believe it.
    Our empirical research has shown that megalithic structures were build for curative reasons due to spontaneous transfer of static charge from the rock onto the cellular membranes of the human body. I think that people didn’t know about this transfer in the past but it was sufficient for them that it worked.
    In case of homeopathy the scientific community isn’t satisfied with the fact that it works. It needs some explanation like everybody who is interested in homeopathy. This explanation would however take time to be discovered. In my opinion we should first scientifically confirm the different understanding of our history where interesting findings could be hidden. We should more focus on the research of static charge where we need further explanation in connection with factors like ball lightning and other not yet explained facts.
    We should under no circumstances disregard homeopathy only because the final fluid can’t contain even one molecule of the necessary fluid. The homeopathy works, it hasn’t just fallen from the sky, someone had to have discovered it. We should therefore assume that the one who discovered it had more necessary knowledge and could therefore orient better in the laws of nature.
    Miroslav Provod