How to reduce anxiety naturally

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woman mediation pose(NaturalHealth365) According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about 6.8 million people in the United States suffer from anxiety of some kind or another. It is a serious problem that is getting even more prevalent in this nation as our modern lives become increasingly stressful and busy – especially, for some, during holiday times.

Of course, conventionally-trained physicians are quick to prescribe psychotropic medications to deal with the symptoms of anxiety. But, unfortunately, these doctors fail to inform most patients about the nasty side effects, and they hardly ever address the underlying cause of these emotional issues.

Pharmaceutical ‘solutions’ are like bandages that cover up the symptoms, while irritating the skin around the wound. Ultimately, they do you very little good, and have the potential for a lot of harm.

It is better to avoid these drugs – as much as possible – and only take them as a last resort.

An intelligent way to overcome anxiety – naturally

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to reduce anxiety – without the need for toxic drugs. These natural remedies for anxiety do NOT have negative side effects, and often help to address the underlying cause of the problem.

If you are looking for a safe, effective method for how to reduce anxiety without drugs, look into some of these proven natural alternatives:

Valerian is the ‘gold standard’ of herbal remedies for anxiety. Most people don’t know that valerian is actually the base ingredient from which the tranquilizer Valium is derived. It is a strongly sedative herb, and should not be taken with other tranquilizing medications.

Doctors in Europe even prescribe valerian for people who need help with sleep-related anxiety, because its sedating effects are so strong. While it tastes pretty bitter on its own, you can make it more palatable as a tea by adding other flavorful herbs or honey. Most people take it in a capsule or as a tincture.

Magnesium has been well-documented – by scientific research – to be a great stress reliever. It breaks up the tension that leads to anxiety by relaxing your muscles, providing soothing relief that allows you to ‘let go’.

It also actually addresses the root cause of anxiety and eliminates it, by creating new responses within the brain to previously anxiety-inducing situations, and breaking up the previously unwanted (habitual) responses.

Sort of like ‘psychotherapy in a bottle’, magnesium powder mixed with water is usually the best way to take this supplement.

Yoga is an ancient healing activity that brings together the body and mind. The ancient Indian mystics knew how to reduce anxiety naturally.

Yoga involves both exercise and meditation…both proven anxiety relievers. The exercise you get from the yoga poses releases stress and tension in the body that cause anxiety. Plus, the breathing exercises – that come with yoga – provide mental focus for you to slow down and balance the central nervous system.

Meditation helps you gain control over your thoughts and feelings, which is one of the most important methods of overcoming anxiety. My spiritual teacher once taught me a valuable lesson about how the mind ought to direct emotions. (This one tip has helped me beyond description)

Use yoga daily either through a class or on your own, to experience significant and lasting relief and a much happier, well-adjusted life, free from anxiety.

Don’t let outside influences get you down or upset

Especially during holiday times, we often feel ‘pressured’ or compelled to do too much for others – which eventually takes its toll on our health. Don’t get me wrong – helping others to be happy is a wonderful thing – but make sure you find time for yourself. Reconnect with nature; improve your eating habits or enjoy your favorite activity – more often – and you will immediately feel better.

Personally, I’ve studied the science of exercise for nearly 30 years and I can tell you that physical exercise is a GREAT way to relieve anxiety. You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy the benefits of a walk, jog or any activity that gets you moving. I’ve seen – time and again – the transformational power of just one good workout on mood and personality.

If you’re not an ‘athlete’, no worries, just get out and move.  If you have a natural talent for dance, music or anything – and haven’t done that activity in a long time – get out and do it.  Bottom  line, reconnect with what you love and watch your spirit soar.


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  • Maureen P

    I find that caffeine and energy drinks can produce anxiety. These are two substances that should be limited if you want to feel calm and relaxed.

  • Ted Paulson

    Adrenal weakness, fatigue and underlying thyroid problems should be taken into consideration when suffering from anxiety. Anxiety disorders should not be treated with a lifetime of drug therapy.

    In fact drugs will cause depression, mood disorders and anxiety.