Cistanche and Reishi extracts help restore youthful immune function

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chinese herbal medicine(NaturalHealth365) Strength and precision of the human immune system plays a critical role in avoiding cancer, chronic inflammation and other ills. That is why children seldom develop cancer or life-threatening infections. Their youthful systems are operating at highest efficiency, turning on and off at just the right moments to guard against pathogens while avoiding chronic inflammation.

What if you could give your immune system function a boost, so that it could perform at more optimum and precise levels? Research shows that Cistanche and reishi extracts, taken in combination, can help to bring back a more youthful immune system function by enhancing both adaptive and innate immunity.

Do NOT ignore the most important aspect of aging to protect your health

Aging is often thought of only in terms of outward appearance – a wrinkle or a gray hair. But, the immune system also ages, altering a once-healthy system to a less-responsive one. With the passing years, the vast store of defensive immunity cells becomes depleted, upsetting the once-perfect balance – leading to a less efficient immune system.

The primary cause of early death in older adults can be found in cancers, serious infections and inflammatory disease. These conditions have one thing in common: an aging immune system – otherwise known as immune senescence.

How does Cistanche improves ‘adaptive immunity’?

Youthful, healthy immune systems operate efficiently because they are able to turn off inflammation at appropriate times. But as immune senescence begins, cells in charge of regulating immune response become weakened, leaving once-protected tissues open to an attack by inflammatory cells.

This condition, brought on by immune senescence, can lead to the persistent inflammation found in a host of autoimmune diseases, including arthritis, lupus and inflammatory bowel disease.

But extracts of the Cistanche plant species have been used for generations to combat a variety of age-related conditions because of their ability to boost immune function in older people. While known to have a number of benefits to the immune system, the primary effects of Cistanche extract are to improve age-related, so-called adaptive immunity.

The science behind Cistanche and its health benefits

It is believed that one of the components in Cistanche actually stimulates formation of a type of T-cells that help to improve healthy cell survival. In addition to promoting an increase in these important T-cells, research also shows that Cistanche can minimize autoimmune response often seen in immune senescence.

A study using Cistanche in Japan found that healthy older men and women (aged 60 to 80 years old) given Cistanche extracts of 8.5 percent by weight echinacoside, in a nutritional supplement, showed a significant improvement in immune function.

Other studies have linked supplementation with Cistanche to slowing of the aging process and improved longevity. It is expected that improved adaptive immunity stemming from Cistanche extracts can prolong human life.

Reishi extract shown to improve ‘innate immunity’

Improvements in adaptive immunity are only part of the picture. To truly improve immunity and promote greater wellness, active innate immune response is also necessary. Hand-in-hand with a strong, innate immune system, promotion of adaptive immunity helps to target and destroy threats from malignancies, infections and unchecked inflammation.

Reishi mushrooms are well known in traditional Chinese medicine to promote health and longevity. Working in partnership with Cistanche, Reishi extracts can improve the body’s innate immune system – helping to prevent premature signs of aging and untimely death.

It has been shown that Reishi extracts reduce bacterial, viral and parasitic organisms. In a study of healthy adult mice, Reishi extracts were found to delay the impacts of aging on otherwise healthy mice. Results of human studies are also starting to show significant improvement in immune response when Reishi supplements are used.

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Bottom line, although widely underused by most people in the ‘modern’ world, medicinal mushrooms offer a great way to boost immune function and prevent disease. Best of all, these powerful plant compounds, found in medicinal mushrooms, can be consumed every day – without fear of negative side effects.


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