Can sprouted nuts improve digestion and immune function?

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sprouted nuts(NaturalHealth365) As the world continues to get crazier and more polluted by the day, health-minded individuals have to become ever more vigilant when protecting themselves. In order to help neutralize the effects of rampant toxicity there are many steps we can take that will yield beneficial results.

Probably one of the most important things to be aware of is not only the nutritional content of the foods we eat but also the digestibility of those foods in relation to the complexities of our gastrointestinal system. If the foods that we eat are hard to digest then our ability to absorb nutrients from them becomes compromised.

To be physically healthy – here’s the ‘big’ picture

An estimated 80% of your immune system is located in your gut. The human digestive system uses a lot of energy to turn the food that you have eaten into nutrient rich blood that further supports your immune health. Of all the foods that you eat, protein and fats are more difficult to break down than carbs.

For example, nuts are one of the best and healthiest sources of fat and protein. But eating raw nuts alone isn’t good enough. There are tannins, enzyme inhibitors and acids that make them hard to digest including phytic acid.

Phytic acid actually binds to minerals in your GI tract and pulls them out of your body. This further compromises your ability to absorb and retain healthy minerals.

What you need to know about raw, organic nuts

To really get the most out of the nuts you eat, it is essential that you soak and sprout them before they are consumed. By doing this you are replicating the same growth process that has occurred in nature forever.

In nature, a raw nut sitting on a tree branch is in a dormant state. After it falls out of a tree and sits on the ground for the winter it waits for the spring rains to begin soaking it. With this soaking the enzyme inhibitors that kept it dormant dissolve and the nut begins to sprout. The rains literally transform it with life.

The main health benefit of soaking nuts revealed

When you soak raw nuts in clean water you are essentially imitating the same sprouting process that occurs in nature. By doing this you dissolve the enzyme inhibitors, tannins and phytic acids that disrupt digestion. In other words, you are causing the nut to “wake up” and become much easier for your digestive system to break down, absorb nutrients and pass through your GI tract.

In addition to the health benefits and ease of digestibility you derive from sprouting nuts, you also make them much tastier. The texture of the nut becomes lighter, crunchier and better tasting!

After trying sprouted nuts most people will never want to eat a raw nut again because the beneficial change is so noticeable.

Something important to know about sprouted nuts

Sprouting your nuts isn’t hard but it is time consuming. It requires the knowledge of how long different varieties of nuts need to be soaked for as well as some form of dehydration to preserve them after being sprouted.

Most people will use an actual dehydrator or a low temperature oven. To best preserve the integrity of the sprouted nuts it is important not to dehydrate them above 120 degrees, otherwise oils inherent in them have the ability to oxidize and become rancid.

For those who would like to buy their nuts and seeds already sprouted the folks over at Living Nutz have just what you need.

Living Nutz produce a wide variety of certified organic sprouted nuts and seeds. They carry flavored varieties of almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios, macadamia, pumpkin seeds plus much more!  Living Nutz are also one of the few sources in the United States that sell unpasteurized truly raw almonds.

In summary, here are the benefits of soaking nuts and seeds.

  • Enzyme inhibitors get neutralized.
  • The amount of vitamins your body can absorb increases.
  • The nut is less dense so digestion is much easier.
  • Phytic acid, which inhibits the absorption of vital minerals, is reduced.

So, if you’re looking for a delicious (healthy) alternative to raw nuts – check out Living Nutz today. Enjoy!

Editor’s note: We are NOT being paid by Living Nutz for this recommendation.  We simply enjoy sharing this kind of valuable information with you, our readers.  Try some of their products today and you’ll quickly see why we say ‘they’re the best!’.

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  • Jos Avelin

    Living Nutz rocks! They are one of my absolute favorite companies! They are the originals on the scene!

  • kathleen

    Yes, their banana bread walnuts are delicious. Very good quality i would recommend small company and nice people

  • TomMWls

    I made two different bulk raw almond purchases from Living Nutz a couple of years ago. I thought the nuts actually tasted “off”, almost stale. Ended up throwing the second batch out after using about half of the 5 pound bag (ouch!). A fluke? Maybe. Everyone and his brother recommends them, but I have just been buying sprouted organic raw almonds from Whole Foods. Worth another try??

    • pam r

      I have been buying 25LB bags in bulk from them. I use them over 4-6 months to make homeade almond milk every week. I do snack on them to and some of them are off tasting – bitter to be exact. They told me this is due these almonds being very close to heirloom and not the hybridized american almonds. Most of them taste good but those bitter ones taste just like an apricot kernel due to higher levels of B-17. All heirloom products do not taste the same as hybrid versions. Heirloom fruit does not have as much sugar as today’s fruit. You can call them and ask them about this – that is what I originally did.

  • Lee

    Thanks for the editor’s note regarding the basis for this recommendation. With it, I feel respected as a reader.
    The explanation for why to sprout nuts here was the best I’d seen. Thank you. Now, I’m off to find additional information regarding specific instructions for specific nuts.