Vaccine activists up in arms about Jenny McCarthy on ‘The View’

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Jenny McCarthy News(NaturalHealth365) Who would have thought that the hottest news from the vaccine debate would center around the new co-host of a daytime television program? Typically, when someone like Elisabeth Hasselbeck gives up a coveted chair from ABC’s hit talk show, “The View,” her replacement makes headlines in celebrity magazines.

But, such is not the case with anti-vaccine spokeswomen, Jenny McCarthy.

This decision has caused an outbreak of accusations against anti-vaccination advocates and has doused the 2007 flame McCarthy set on fire when her son was diagnosed with autism after receiving his scheduled MMR vaccine.

What did “The View’s” fans have to say?

McCarthy’s new position sparked a very heated debate on “The View’s” blog. This short excerpt reflects the overall tone of the discussion:

What a breath of fresh air to finally hire a person, Jenny who is intelligent, aware, conscious and comfortable with who she is and therefore speaking her truth. Thank you. As a teacher I have spoken to colleagues and parents who birthed healthy children until their children were vaccinated with the Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccine. Within 10 hours the children shifted and were diagnosed with autism over and over and over again. I read that right now in Europe pharmaceutical companies are being fined and held responsible for with holding the truth about this vaccine. It is time that mainstream journalists are allowed to speak the truth.

A breath of fresh air?? Are you trying to be funny? You are going to call her a breath of fresh air when children are gasping and coughing their way to death because she helped to advocate for an increase in the incidents of whooping cough and other preventable diseases that kill children?? A breath of fresh air?? Say that to the mothers whose babies have died of whooping cough. You are a teacher; what do you teach? Biology? Medicine? Pediatric medicine? Doesn’t sound like it. You are a teacher, but you are willing to settle for anecdotal evidence?? Not exactly something one would expect from a person with a sound grasp of academics or research….

Taking a closer look at what the CDC calls “vaccine-preventable diseases”

What “phronsie” is obviously unaware of is that recent outbreaks of pertussis have blown up right in the face of heavily-vaccinated states. For example, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), on April 3, 2012 a pertussis “epidemic” was declared in the state of Washington because of the 4,783 cases that were reported through January 5, 2013.

In comparison to the 965 reported cases from 2011 and 608 from 2010, this represents more than a 400 percent increase.

What is intriguing about these numbers is that according to Washington State Department of Health, 91.2 percent of children 19 – 35 months old were vaccinated against whooping cough with three or more doses of any of the following: diphtheria, tetanus toxoid, and pertussis vaccines including DT vaccine, and any acellular pertussis vaccine.

Shockingly, 85.5 percent of this age group also received four doses of the DTaP vaccine!

The question begging to be asked is…

“How on earth can an epidemic occur in a population that reports a vaccination rate of greater than 90 percent?”

The answer is simple. Vaccines are ineffective in preventing whooping cough and the staggering increase in occurrence is related to a completely separate issue. Namely, immune compromise due to poor lifestyle decisions such as: not breastfeeding, increased toxins, GMOs, poorly purified water, pesticides, diets high in gluten and processed foods amongst a long list of others.

Mainstream media’s bias

Sadly, it’s really no surprise that mainstream media has taken the pro-vaccine approach and has joined their attack against McCarthy.” Take the Huffington Post, for example:

“According to The Anti-Vaccine Body Count (originally called the Jenny McCarthy Body Count), since the idea of refusing vaccinations in order to prevent autism became popularized in the United States in 2007, more than 1,000 children have died and 100,000 were sickened by illnesses that could have been prevented by vaccines.”

For Huffington Post to quote and use so-called “data” from this obscenely false website is ludicrous and worthy of the strictest rebuke. “The Anti-Vaccine Body Count” website was designed and is updated by an untrained, obscure television Post Production Producer who is on a self-proclaimed mission to discredit McCarthy and falsify data to promote mass vaccination. Be on the alert of believing anything this site says is true.

The truth about so-called “vaccine-preventable diseases”

To connect the supposed fad of refusing vaccines to McCarthy in 2007 is far-fetched at best. Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that McCarthy did indeed have an influence on convincing parents to forego vaccines. Does the data support that this had an impact on the spread and mortality rate of these diseases as the Huffington Post and The Anti-Vaccine Body Count website claim? Certainly not!

In mumps, the lowest number of reported cases from the past ten years occurred in 2004 – three years before the so-called anti-vaccine popularity of 2007. In addition, the highest number of cases (6584) was not only 200 times higher than the previous 5-year average, it spike in 2006; one year before McCarthy’s “fad” started. We see similar data with rubella, Haemophilim influenzae, and tetanus.

Simply put, this data from the Centers for Disease Control proves one thing: vaccines have nothing to do whatsoever with communicable diseases. The data is sporadic, not linear, and leads us to the conclusion that there is no causal effect between vaccines and disease prevention.

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  • Mercer

    I am always amazed how the vaccinated world fears the non-vaccinated, If the science of vaccination is so omnipotent why the fear of those who refuse it.
    Bad science based on profit for some and clinical ignorance for the rest, would submit. Autism is just the most obvious of the issues with vaccination policy. There are more.

    If a physician gave you a gun loaded with one bullet after spinning the cylinder ala Russian roulette. Would you point a your child and pull the trigger after the told you this would prevent a “childhood disease”. No of course not! Autism one in 360 or so chance ever time you vaccinate a child in the USA.
    Pray phronsie above and those of her ilk learn about this travesty in our country. It is already to late for tens of thousands. Pray also for Jenny and her family. May she find the strength to carry their message and tend to her own child as well………..Thanks Jenny for trying to make a difference in some future parents life…..

  • Catherine

    Jenny McCarthy speaks the truth! You don’t have to listen but be respectful to what she has to say and if you dissagree then spend the time to do the proper research and back up your point of view with facts not myths. Once you start looking, you will see everything you have been told is a lie. Don’t blame the messenger just because it makes you feel uncomfortable to accept. Take a moment and think, if it were your child that experienced a vaccine reaction… what would you do? How would you care for your child? I hear Jenny’s child is doing well, so in my opinion, she is a very smart mother and others could learn from her. Too, too many parents are quick to judge, just look at the facts and get the help your children need… you’re child deserves a better life then autism.

  • Kelli

    I believe that the parents who “lash out” are not educated enough in the subject of vaccines. Maybe they should look into it and then make an educated decision.

  • Patrick McGean

    It is not the pathogen it is the terrain of man which allows us to react adversely when deadly toxins are supposed to neutralize the invaders to the terrain while poisoning our terrain.
    Synthetic vaccines have never proven effective but effective to the stock holders of pHarma, while creating children and seniors lost in their own mind, because the stock holders also invest in Mortuaries, in other words the one percent could care less about your children or Jenny’s son.
    For those who live in states like Illinois where vaccines are mandatory, unaviodable, add organic sulfur a crystal food to your diet and that of your children and you will be able to laugh in the face of the vaccinator.
    If you have an autistic child, the sulfur will eliminate, sulfate the mercury, the lead and the radio active trash of Fukushima out of your body and your child, your parents. Autism and Alzheimer’s are the save vaccine caused neurological disconnect, both respond to organic sulfur
    Organic sulfur makes girls beautiful, and those who believe in vaccines, men and women less stupid, and believing that pHarma has your best interests at heart are truly stupid humans
    Jenny, you go girl!
    Got sulfur?.

  • Valerie Hopkins

    It is an interesting fact that when the vaccine for the Spanish Flu came out in 1917 approx. The people that died from it were the ones that received the vaccine. The german army refused the H1N1 vaccine because of the squalene in it. Here is Dr. Mercola’s article about autism caused by vaccines.
    Here is the link:

  • Julie Swinehart

    30 years ago I gave birth to a beautiful girl.I had never taken such good care of myself as during my pregnancy. My husband and I were active duty air force and we dutifully did what we were told. Tara received her shots when she was 2 months old. I saw her change. 3 weeks later she died from complications of meningococcal meningitis. I realize the vaccine and the meningitis may not be related. I know as a mother that the vaccine affected Tara in a negative way. Consequently, I delayed giving vaccines to our son and daughter who are healthy and strong today. Was Jenny McCarthy even born then? If I had had her platform all these years, my story would have been known also. Who knows how many children she has spared by just telling her story and letting parents educate themselves and decide what is best for there family.

  • Joe Gary

    Vaccines kill , end of story

  • Marjorie

    I am a mother of a 38 year old brain damaged son,that i now know was damaged by vaccines. When he got has last MMR vaccine, almost immediately,he started screaming, biting his hand,banging his head and jumping up and down. He hasn`t talked sense and has had hyper activity and behavior problems. He well never get another vacine, as long as i`m alive.

  • Kelli

    The same accusations that could be launched at “anti-vacciners” could also be said about vaccine advocates. Why don’t we come up with the anti-supplement body count or the anti-homeopathy body count? Vaccine advocates get away with their propaganda because vaccine philosophy is deeply entrenched in the establishment and public mind. But that doesn’t make the philosophy correct.

  • Functionmed

    As a practicing Orthomolecular Psychiatrist the past thirty years it is my experience that vaccination is a factor in a measurable percentage of Autism patients and other clinical manifestations. Furthermore I have been consulted on behavioural problems in offspring who have not been vaccinated but the mother was during pregnancy!

  • Robert4health

    Vaccines are also setting people up for cancerous tumors. Millions of baby boomers were injected with a Virus cold SV40 in POLIO vaccine that causes cancerous tumors. I did some research to learn more and what I found totally blew me away because millions of people are doing things that will speed up for the tumors to show up in their bodies. I did a blog post called “Cancerous Tumors Are You At Risk” What matters most is to learn what you can do to eliminate the risk for the tumors to show up and here you can learn how. Help us get the word

  • DebbyBruck

    I’ve been following the announcement of Jenny McCarthy on The View and posted an article about the attacks upon her appointment. She has been unfairly criticized. She will make an excellent co-host.

  • TruthMeister

    The fact that you are even banging on about all this shows how messed up in the head you all are.

    Look at how you as a nation all gobble up GMOs without a care in the world as if its someone else that’s eating all these carcinogens.

    The same thing is true of all the toxins you squirt into your flesh.

    How on Earth can any of this be good?

    Wake Up!

  • Asha Bas

    I always find it amazing how hate filled the brainwashed people who try to push pro vaccines are. How very sad that they should be so obsessed over a mindset that is so destructive… 🙁

  • LambLion58

    What I would like to know is this, is a child better off living a short healthy life and then possibly dying from catching one of these diseases or getting a shot and getting autism and going through life with a far lesser quality? Not that I wish to see children die at early ages, I do not, but if it were me I would rather take my chances and not have my child get the shot that could change their lives forever and give them lowered quality of living.

    • Ashley

      Phhh you foolish foolish girl. You have made it screamingly clear you are no parent and with a mind set like that I sincerely hope you are sterile. Your baby is the most precious thing in your entire universe and god damn it you protect them. That is your job as a parent, protect your young. I don’t give a damn if you choose to vaccinate or not but don’t you dare use some nazi born idealism like this is preach. Noone on this earth will concede to say they have a perfect “quality of life” Jesus Christ autism or death and you go for death wtf! If your child had ine foot, blind as a bat and wears his face upside down he is still yours snd you will still love him and ferociously hold into every moment you have him, regardless of what some white picket fence idea of “quality” entails. Seriously wtf?! Wake up, go to another country. Shut up. Now who’s gonna get the autism vaccine wen that comes out 🙂 c’mon who here gets the flu shot? Gardasil?!! Wait better question who here had seen an unvaccinated child suffocate in her mother arms…that’s pertussis and preemies…or cared for an unvaccinated little boy in liver failure waiting for a transplant that would never come….that’s hepatitis b. just wait until you feel that guilt those parents felt. It’s unreal. Not a one of them didnt pray and scream to god their apologies.

  • keith

    Jenny M pumped full of silicone and Botox but that could not be the cause could it?