Deceptive food labels on natural health products

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(NaturalHealth365) Sad, but true – processed foods have literally taken over most health food stores. In fact, there is a new category of so-called healthy foods that are, in some ways, not even qualified to be called healthy. Food manufacturers deceive consumers by creating products with a touch of greens mixed with synthetic vitamins, preservatives and sweeteners.

Why should we be concerned with synthetic vitamins?

Almonds are super nutritious and can make a great milk substitute, especially if you are using the raw, organic variety. Almond milk and coconut milk, on the other hand, when bought in a carton may contain synthetic vitamins.

The truth is raw, organic almonds are expensive and to create one carton of almond milk – it would take many more almonds then are actually used in most commercially available brands. The food industry solution is to add synthetic vitamins to the finished product.

Food labels do NOT tell the whole truth about food quality

Store bought almond milk and coconut milk along with other seed and nut milks may contain synthetic vitamin A, vitamin D2, calcium carbonate and tocopheryl acetate – a synthetic version of vitamin E.

Synthetic vitamin A (Retinyl palmitate) is associated with birth defects, fractures and cancer. Other effects of isolated chemical vitamin A include tumor enhancement; joint problems; osteoporosis; dryness of the eyes, mouth and skin; enlargement of the liver and spleen and suppression of the immune system.

Buyer beware – not all vitamins are created equal

Next on list is vitamin D2 which can be toxic. Did you know that too much vitamin D2 can result in calcium crystals being deposited in the body – which can damage the heart, lungs and kidneys. By the way, vitamin D3 (the proper kind of vitamin D) is much harder to overdose on – as a supplement.

Calcium carbonate is a non-organic and unnatural source of calcium. Stay away from calcium carbonate. Back to tocopheryl acetate – one of the reasons that vitamin E has gotten a bad rap is that many studies were based on this (unnatural) synthetic form of vitamin E.

Much of the supplement industry has ZERO integrity

This new use of chemical vitamins has NOT been time-tested. For example, tricalcium phosphate has been found in almond milk; commonly used in porcelain and dental powders and as a bleaching agent in flour. Does this sound like something you want to eat?

In the 1990’s, the average adult consumed 470 milligrams of phosphorous containing food additives, but today it’s possible to get as much as 1,000 mg per day depending on ones diet. Do you think the cancer epidemic may be (in part) due to fortified and enriched foods?

Note: According to the Archives of Internal Medicine, older women who take synthetic vitamins are at an increased risk of developing heart disease and cancer.

Conventional science admits the danger of processed foods

Research done by Dr. Agnes Faye Morgan (University of California) reported that taking synthetic vitamins was worst than starvation. Animals fed synthetic vitamins had toxic reactions, which included degenerative diseases. She stated that the enrichment of processed foods with synthetic vitamins may “precipitate conditions worse than the original deficiency.”

In a study conducted by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, 18,000 American men and women given a placebo or supplements of synthetic vitamin A. The researchers, led by Dr. Gilbert Omen, stopped the study because the group on nutritional supplements had a 28% higher incident of lung cancer.

Obviously, it pays to learn more about the food we eat. Don’t be fooled by “fortified” foods marketed as “healthy”. Buying synthetically fortified foods are the worst food choice – if you want to avoid disease.

About the author: Blanche Levine has been a student of natural healing modalities for the last 25 years. She had the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds in Natural Healing including Naturopaths, Scientist, and Energy Healers. Having seen people miraculously heal from all kinds of dis-ease through non-invasive methods, her passion now is to help people become aware of what it takes to be healthy.


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  • debbie

    Does earthfare have synthetic products?

  • Louise Bennett

    Great stuff, thanks it helps me post this information on my facebook page, I have a product which is all Natural and nothing added. Keep up the good work and information

  • TammyJ

    Trying to stay well and healthy can be very hard in a world that tries to kill off the weak instead of helping the weak. I fight my disease and depression everyday. I still can’t seem to get ahead. Too much dangers and even water isn’t safe.

  • Kathleen E

    I just checked the carton of SO Delicious Organic Coconut Milk in my fridge and it contains, Vitamin D2, Vitamin A Palmitate, and Calcium Phosphate.
    Now what is left to use for smoothies?

  • karen richards

    Is there anyone out there who uses the product called Beyond Tangy Tangerine, and if so, does it contain synthetic vitamins?

  • Renee

    Thank you Blanche, another great article to once again affirm that eating whole organic food in it’s unprocessed natural form, the way our creator provided it, is the only way to nourish ourselves! I make my own almond milk from soaked raw organic almonds and reverse osmosis water prepared in a Vitamix. It’s fresh, fast and easy with no additives!

  • Patty Teufel

    I suppose we all will end up with this epitath on our tombstone: “I sure as hell tried hard”!!!

    You never know why you don’t feel well, after trying so hard to do it right! It’s very discouraging!! What CAN you eat?? Is the whole earth poisoned? I found out even the black tea I drink in the mornings is not good–has flouride!! God help us all! How can a person possibly keep up with all this??


  • Helaine

    @kathleen – I just got rid of my SO Delicious Organic Coconut Milk also. I guess it’s back to water or homemade almond milk.

    I guess that old phrase is correct

    A lot easier to live in the matrix until you get cancer that is.

  • Audra

    It is nearly impossible to eat the way nature intended with all of the chemicals, hormones and all of the other ways that agriculture are jacking with our food to include vegetables, fruits and even our meat in order to grow faster crops and bigger animals and to make more money, that is also why wheat is no longer safe to eat either! Milk has so much added sugar that I wont even drink it and im convinced that they are adding high fructose corn syrup to nearly everything now too!!!

  • Robert G

    Where should I look to purchase “healthy vitamins” that are not dangerous ? thanks

  • dena

    Very good article. Information based on real science, not the tobacco kind, is key to winning against the PTB which are out to reduce population drastically. Avoid vaccines, GM food, fluoride in all its guises. Berkey and Crystal Quest make filters that remove fluoride. Grow your own food without using chemicals. Buy locally, see We get our eggs and goat milk from a local farmer who also teaches about herbs. Nice.

  • Nancy

    As a Nutritional Consultant and researcher for almost 30 years, I spent several years researching sources for 100% Food-based supplements. there are only two in the U.S. no matter what anyone tells you….if you research the others closely, you will find they aren’t made of food but chemicals and synthetics. those are Sonne’s/ Springreen Products and Standard Process. They use organic and certified organic foods only in their supplements, and can only be gotten through health care providers. You can find them online, but many times they are fakes, with the wrong pills/ caps in the labeled bottles. Both of the above are the ONLY supplements registered as FOOD, with the FDA and USDA.( I have no ties with either company, other than that I use them exclusively, because they actually work).
    If you use bottled, canned or processed foods from the supermarkets or health food stores, you may be assured you will be getting GMOs and junk chemical “vitamins” in them. Eat food the way it was created, fresh, whole, and without GMO’s or chemicals…..that’s the only way you can be relatively sure you’re not loading up on cancer, diabetes, etc. Unfortunately, I have found that 80-90% of people would rather die than to make the changes in diet and lifestyle necessary for a long and healthy life. I wish you good health!

  • Wendy

    Ya know, I like to think I make healthy choices and I love the articles put out on Natural News but seriously… what is left to eat and drink that’s healthy?

    I stopped using regular milk. They say to avoid too much soy so I don’t buy soy milk. I buy Non-GMO almond milk but I just looked at the carton and yes, they have added synthetic vitamins and minerals including calcium carbonate and vitamin D2. Now I should avoid that. I never drink soda – pure sugar water. Power/energy drinks have sucrose and a host of horrible ingredients. The tap water is contaminated with flouride. Avoid teas and coffee with caffeine and the other article in this newsletter talks about coffee beans containing some bad pesticide. And that’s in wine as well.

    I don’t see bourbon on the list but I’m sure it’s full of genetically modified corn. Plus it just doesn’t taste good on cereal… ha ha.

    But really, what are we supposed to drink????? And all this applies to food as well. It’s all corn or soy. Organic stuff is contaminated. Pesticide residue is everywhere.

    I’ve given up my teflon pans for stainless steel but does any of this matter??????

    What are we supposed to eat and drink that’s healthy and affordable???? Like others who have posted comments on this, I am at a loss here. I almost don’t want to read this newsletter anymore because every time I do, the options for what I can eat and drink get smaller and smaller.

  • Barbara

    Karen Richards, read the label on the Tangy Tangerine, different websites had different ingredients in the “Other ingredients” list, like maltodextrin, fructose, inulin and it is not organic.

    I need a list of companies that make good vitamins. I use organic Almond milk and I think that it is better than using regular milk. I grow 50% of my own vegetables and even wash them with GSE before eating. I water my garden with city water and I am afraid to ask if it contains fluoride, but it is full of chlorine. I distill my drinking and cooking water. Ignorance is bliss, but that is what a sheeple is, blissful. I refuse to be a sheeple.

  • Erin

    There’s only one way around this – make your own products from scratch. It’s time consuming, but it’s it’s worth the hassle.

  • Erin

    Also, for your vitamin needs, try juicing. Nothing beats a glass of fresh made vegetable juice which contains vitamins & minerals in their organic state so they are available & ready for the body to use.

  • Sandy

    It is absolutely NOT true, Nancy, that you can ONLY get whole food supplements from health care providers. Choose to be, Shentrition and others advertised on Robert Scott Bell’s show are private, small-business providers of whole-food supplements. What an arrogant thing to say. As if only health-care providers have the answer.

    My Mother’s eye doctor was selling her a useless supplement for $38 which was good for nothing. Instead, I researched and found a better, hi-potency supplement, that within a month, has already improved her eyesight. So, please folks, steer clear of the “only a health-care provider” can get the good stuff. It’s simply not true.

    As for the others, do your own research and stop relying on others to tell you what to eat and drink. If it comes in a box, bag, or in any other “packaging” it is probably NOT the best for you.

    The best food comes in its natural state. People only use packaged food because it is convenient and they don’t want to do the work involved to eat real, whole food. Stop being lazy! As Erin says, make your own products from scratch. It’s the only way to ensure you are getting the best you can get.

    And as for “almond milk”, unless you are buying the almonds from another country (not here) you are getting pasteurized almonds which can still be called “raw”. They are NOT “raw”, they are pasteurized, so there is absolutely no nutritional value left in them. They don’t even taste like almonds anymore.

    What can you do? Find out where you can buy raw cow’s or goat’s milk from a local farmer. Don’t drink any processed “milks”. Get it fresh and whole from your local farmer. If you can’t find one, Google it and do some research.

    People have to stop being lazy and relying on others to tell them what to do. Take responsibility for yourself. If you have a computer, you can find all the information you need.

    Get busy!

  • Brad harris

    Concerning Tangy Tangerine, the answer is yes. Every vitamin that company added to the Majestic Earth mineral base is synthetic. Synthetic vitamins are produced by only a handful of drug companies, then sold to vitamin “manufacturers” who put their own label on it who procede to compete with other “manufacturers” over who’s vitamin is better. It’s the same exact thing! Example: Roche, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world is the leading manufacturer of synthetic vitamin C (ascorbic acid) supplies over 80% of Americas vitamin C demand. China is another Monster producer of this bio-weapon. When you see different retailers with different brands all claiming different things about “their” vitamin C, its actually the same. Did you know it’s made from chemically separating, isolating and fermenting it from corn? Usually GMO? The fact is, syntho vitamins are a chemical ghost of what a REAL vitamin is. It is an empty shell, that when ingested, the body recognizes the structure but notices that this “vitamin” is lacking important co-factors and other crucial components that makes a complex, naturally occuring vitamin, a vitamin. SO, your body will scavenge nutrients and enzymes from your OWN INTERNAL RESERVE and complete the vitamin if possible, creating a very dangerous deficiency. IF your body cannot complete it, the syntho vitamin will store in your body, creating a toxic environment, especially if the syntho is fat soluble, then it stores in soft tissues and your liver. Very bad. Other synthos come from irradiating yeast, or sheep lanolin. Many come from coal tar and petro chemicals. DO YOUR RESEARCH! If it isn’t a whole food vitamin, then it is synthetic. 98% of vits on the market are synthetic. Anything that claims to be “all natural” is a red flag. Natural means nothing, it is a lie. By law, to be labeled “natural”, only 10% of the product actually has to be from natural sources. Good hunting, and stay healthy.

  • Ingrid

    I own a Healthfood store in Canada and the best Vitamins I can find come from Montreal made by a company called
    New Roots Herbal all there products are of good quality
    sometimes I give my customers a sample of 4 Magnesium citrate and 98% come back and say what ever the hell this is I want some. You know the difference after only 4 cupsules. so there are some good products on the market. by the way
    New Roots Herbal has a full spectrum of quality products.

  • meg

    Sandy (who posted on Sept. 5th) What eye supplement did you
    find for your mother? I’d really appreciate a response since
    I feel I’m wasting money on various lutein products. Thank you.