NH365 001: Design a Living Kitchen for Optimal Health

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naturalhealth365 podcast(NaturalHealth365) In our first podcast episode, Jonathan Landsman, host of NaturalHealth365 and Linda Kordich, a living foods expert talk about how to design the best ‘living kitchen’ for optimal health. This entertaining program makes it easy to dramatically improve the quality of your life by making simple changes to your lifestyle.

Program highlights include:

  • The #1 reason why people STOP eating a healthy diet.
  • The best kitchen appliances to use in the kitchen for optimal health.
  • Understanding the true meaning of a ‘Living Kitchen’.
  • 5 steps that ANYONE can do to create the perfect (healthy) kitchen.
  • Great ways to get started with minimal effort or expense.

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  • Paula

    Thanks Jonathan for this wonderful podcast. I love Linda’s advice since she walks the walk and knows the practical steps to setting up a healthy home. Her and Jay are two of the best educators on what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Sandra Romero

    I keep all my appliances on the counter top. This includes my juicer, and high power blender. Linda is right when you see them on the counter you will use them. Since, I placed them there a day doesn’t go by that I don’t use them.

  • Nicole Hunt

    This is my favorite podcast for this simple reason: I love to juice and make green smoothies. The other thing I like the blender for is to make some powerful super food smoothies. I can add many different ingredients and supercharge my health.

  • Kathy

    The kitchen is the place where health starts and to organize it properly is of the utmost importance. The appliances needed for heath seem expensive at first, but most people aren’t aware of the costs of not having them.

    There are so many people that have expensive coffee machines, toasters and mixers and yet will complain about needing to purchase a good juicer or blender. The above appliances won’t enhance your health, but what Linda suggests will.

  • synrgii

    Thank you. This has helped me push harder into eating more foods in their raw state by simply processing them (chopping) instead of cooking them. Need to get more into juicing. Excellent job, both of you.