Homeopathy and Performance – Remedies for Men

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(NaturalHealth365) Last week we looked at the dangers associated with taking pharmaceutical drugs. This week we are going to look at a booming section within Big Pharma business and ask:

What’s wrong with Erectile Dysfunction drugs?

They are symptomatic quick fixes that treat a person like a machine with poor hydraulics! They over-ride early warning signs that there is any underlying dis-ease or else over-ride the natural tendency for men to be less interested in sex as they age. They suppress symptoms to a deeper level and produce a host of unwanted side effects.

They are also part of a Pharma marketing plan – take Lipitor for your high cholesterol and the side effect is erectile dysfunction so take Viagra … no surprise that Pfizer makes both products (Source: Gwen Olsen “Confessions of an RX drug pusher “).

There are many better approaches. Why not try Couple’s therapy, or make dietary changes or seek help from a homeopath?

There are hundreds of remedies, on record in the homeopathic Materia Medica, that have been used successfully in cases of erectile dysfunction and loss of libido.

To work successfully a homeopathic remedy has to match each person’s individual symptom picture very closely. If your symptoms match the descriptions below, try taking one single dose of the remedy in a 30c potency. If you notice improvement only repeat the remedy if the same symptoms return.

If none of these remedy descriptions fit your particular symptoms please see a professional homeopath who will find the most suitable remedy for you.

Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction related to performance anxiety:

Arg nit

Lax penis on attempting intercourse. Sexual organs have shriveled appearance. Lack of desire. Prone to performance anxiety in other areas of life. Has a tendency to rush things and make mistakes. Diarrhea when anxious.


Lack of muscular power in the penis, although desire is felt. Testes are small. “Rabbit in the headlights” type stage fright with heightened mental awareness. May have diarrhea when anxious.


Impotence after sexual excess. Useful in older men who have strong desire, but weak erections and premature ejaculation. Intense fear of public speaking or scrutiny, with fear of failure, although generally when the pressure is on, they do not fail. Digestive issues: abdominal gurgling, flatulence.

Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction related to poor lifestyle choices:


Useful when ED is related to extreme exhaustion. May have erections, especially in the morning, but no desire for, or aversion to sex. Premature ejaculation can occur from a caress. Sensations: bruised, swollen, sore.

Merc viv

Where symptoms of ED come on after dental work related to amalgam fillings or exposure to mercury from other sources. Loss of desire and erection. Sexual organs look shriveled. Sensitivity to temperature changes.

Nux vom

Loss of erection during sexual activity. Suits those prone to workaholism and over indulge in rich food, alcohol, stimulants. Tend to be irritable, chilly and want to be left alone.


Erection absent or ineffectual related to too much salt in diet.

Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction related to emotions:


Feels amorous, but penis is relaxed. May have jerking sensation in the penis. Prone to jealousy.


Erection with no desire. Silent and indifferent to loved ones. May feel the need to divorce partner or end relationship.


Erection lacking, after suppressed, unexpressed anger.

Next week, look out for Homeopathy and Women’s intimate health issues.

About the author: For over 17 years, Mary Aspinwall has been a full time Registered Homeopath and is the founder of HomeopathyWorld.com. Mary offers a best selling range of homeopathy kits and you can read her blog at: HomeopathyWorld.com/blog. In addition, Mary has created a free e-book, “Basic Guide to Homeopathy”. Click Here for a consultation with Mary Aspinwall.


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Keep Reading:

  • Gene Cluck

    Cannot stay erect during sex what do I do ?

  • Mary Aspinwall

    Consider making lifestyle changes, especially eating more raw organic food and drinking green juices or smoothies. If you have an unresolved issue with your partner have couples counseling. Choose a counselor with experience in sex therapy. See if any of the remedies here match your experience. If one does try taking one dose before having sex. If not a homeopath can help you find the right remedy to boost your constitution and overall well being, including your libido. Best of luck, Mary

  • Sandy

    Listen to Robert Scott Bell’s show on Natural News Radio. He is a homeopath and you can submit questions to him on his own website. He’s very good about answering them and I am sure he would probably even be interested in doing a show about this and what remedies would be good.

    I have also heard that a good selenium is needed for a healthy prostate. Robert mentions these products on his show and a source to obtain the food-grade ones–not chemical ones.

  • Mary Artemis

    Make sure you are in love or else perhaps this is better body wisdom giving you a nudge.

  • Dr. T.Bricker

    Gene…Have a practitioner check into circulation and also a poly systemic approach to your problem would be warranted here. Address the psychological/emotional area as well. There could perhaps be some underlying vascular/artery/cardiovascular problems. In order for the area to be engorged with blood supply, circulation and vascular function as well as arterial probs. need to be ruled out, not to mention psychological areas. Treatment protocols would have to be different for each area and one needs to keep in mind biochemical individuality. Thus finding a practitioner who gets underneath the contributing factors, addresses them poly systemically and treats them simultaneously by initiating the proper treatment(s) protocol(s) would be necessary and helpful in solving your existing problem.

  • Anita

    Please can anyone suggest a remedy for a friends pet dog aged 12, who constantly mounts her Cocker Spaniel dog. many thanks.