Your cordless phone is bombarding you with microwave radiation

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cordless telephone(NaturalHealth365) With all of the focus on the dangers of cell phones and EMF pollution, not as much has been discussed about the significant dangers posed by cordless phones. However, when it comes to microwave radiation, cordless DECT phones (DECT = Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) are actually even more dangerous than cell phones.

We, at NaturalHealth365, have been highlighting the dangers of EMF pollution – for some time now. But, the problem remains, most people find this information hard to ‘digest’, especially when you consider that it’s an invisible threat. (Unlike toxic pesticides in our food supply)

When you double the microwave radiation, you double the cancer risk

Not only does a cordless DECT phone transmit electromagnetic radiation while you’re using it; it’s also continually emitting microwave radiation from its base even when not in use. (Cell phones transmit harmful radiation while not in use as well). When not in use, cordless DECT phones are emitting radiation from both the handset and the base on a continual basis in your home.

Let’s be honest: Microwave radiation from DECT phones create a toxic environment in the home and even for your neighbors; these harmful effects can radiate through walls and travel significant distances. In fact, Andrew Goldsworthy, BSc PhD of Imperial College in London as well as many other experts believe cordless DECT phones are more dangerous than cell phones.

Microwave radiation is a known carcinogen risk, according to a May 2011 World Health Organization press release. In addition, a Swedish study published in 2006 showed that the use of cordless DECT phones increased cancer risk. In this study, patients with malignant brain tumors were shown to have a significantly higher cancer risk in those persons who used DECT phones instead of a cellular phone. Persons who used both phone types had an even higher cancer risk.

Editor’s note:  Being exposed to microwave radiation increases cellular inflammation and stress levels in the body.  If you’re a healthcare provider – be sure to warn your patients about the dangers of EMF pollution to lower the risk of cancer.

Simple ways to reduce your EMF exposure

The best step you can take is to replace cordless DECT phones with corded models. For those not willing or ready to take this step, at the very least, cordless phones should be positioned in a spot in the home where the family spends the least amount of time. They should also be unplugged at night; ideally, DECT phones should only be plugged into the wall when they are being used.

Other tips include using the speakerphone function whenever possible and keeping calls short. Another possible option for those who want to stay cordless while minimizing cancer risk is to switch to a low-radiation, eco-friendly model of the DECT phone.

Tips for reducing harmful radiation exposure from cell phones include:

  • Never wear a cell phone “on” the body
  • Always use a hands-free corded earbud or the speakerphone function
  • Turn cell phones off when not in use
  • Do not sleep in the same room with any cordless phone or cell phone

That being said, it seems like putting up with a cord is a small price to pay for better overall and long-term health. Extremely long cords for landline phones are available, so you don’t have to be worried about being tethered to one portion of the home. Even better, corded phones don’t have batteries that lose their charge, so you’re free to talk as long as you like.

These simple measures – mentioned in this article – go a long way toward reducing stress in your life and the risk of disease. Why not make the effort?


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  • dang, if they are worse than cell phones I think it is time to just get rid of ours!

  • Bob

    Allot of Cordless brands pollute radiation even when in the cradle. If a wireless phone is required then you can ensure that the phone is a low radiation model, never is near your head (use a wired headset) and is actually turned off when in the cradle or on standby. It may take about a week for people to go through the withdrawal symptoms from changing from a cordless phone to a corded phone. One common withdrawal symptom is anxiety of wondering where the handset was left this time. Wireless sounded great at the time but is the perceived convenience really worth the health side effects?

    • Diane

      Anyone know how to find a low radiation cordless model?

      • Bob

        Hi Diane. Here is a link that shows the Siemens GIGASET C385. The key thing is to specifically look for low emission or radiation in the specs rather than the marketing “green” label. https://lessradiation. co. uk/low-radiation-eco-dect-digital-cordless-phones/

  • pam r

    Almost everyone I know is on a cordless phone. I never use it because when I have used it in the past I did not feel right when I was on for a long time.
    So I stayed with a landline. This confirms that was a good decision.

  • Jon

    If you must keep your cordless phone switch it off at the base station when you go to bed. Mobile phones, and wi fi routers have power off buttons too.

    Computers are faster if wired direct thus avoiding wi fi. Shield the smart meter if you have one.

    Low energy light bulbs known as cfl are harmful.

    Keep all of this junk out of your home especially if you have kids.

  • Safesam

    Don’t forget that WiFi is just as bad
    Cable up home internet and turn off wifi on router, and laptop and also turn off bluetooth function as it also emits really high levels of microwave radiation
    Avoid smart meters too

    • Derek

      I agree personally I feel why have wifi , I lived with my brother he wanted it on 24/7 , Like why would you want to get radiated while you sleep , They should make wifi that only goes on when you turn your laptop on personally I only would use a corded computer in my house . People are so ignorant on this subject I guess they feel if you don’t see it , it can’t effect you . Yet just look at every illness since the early 2000’s is quadrupling , including cancer which the WHO now says they estimate cancer will be up another 60% by 2024 with the way its been the last 10 yrs …Well does anybody not equate this to the fact we started a wireless revolution in the early 2000’s

  • John

    The worst thing you can imagine using microwave EMF is SMART METERS! Yes, Smart meters are putting 600 times the EMF into your home more than cell phones!

    A smart meter & wifi combination =’s 1,000 times the EMF than a cell phone puts out when a call is being made!

  • Kathryn K.

    First of all folks, there are two types of radiation – According to their biological effects, electromagnetic radiation can be classified into two forms: non-ionizing radiation and ionizing radiation.
    Radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light waves are non-ionizing radiation that do not have enough energy to break apart atoms and molecules and turn them into ions, which are electrically-charged particles. This means that “non-ionizing radiation does not damage genetic material (DNA) in molecules directly and cannot therefore cause cancer or any other illness in people.”

    X-rays and gamma rays, on the other hand, are forms of ionizing radiation, which, particularly at high doses, can increase one’s risk of cancer, birth defects, and genetic defects through DNA mutations resulting from atom and molecule ionization. It seems that “there is no completely safe level of ionizing radiation.”
    https://www.ntu. edu. sg/home/eylu/fdtd/phone0.htm

    Cordless phones and cell phones both fall under microwave radiation which according to the above article DOES NOT cause cancer, why?, because microwave radiation doesn’t damage DNA and DNA damage is the primary cause of cancer…people need to be more concerned with the radiation from X-rays as X-rays are a form of ionizing radiation which can damage DNA…it’s true that some people are sensitive to EMF’s but saying cordless phones are dangerous to your health is ludicrous.