We marched against Monsanto: Now what do we do?

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March Against Monsanto News(NaturalHealth365) Just three months after Tami Canal created a Facebook page to March Against Monsanto, GMO labeling supporters rallied for what has become the largest known demonstration against the biotech food giant. In fact, some 426 cities and 52 countries participated in the protest with over 2 million people demanding GMO labeling.

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry state as the souls who live under tyranny.”
Thomas Jefferson

Frisco’s passion is overwhelming

San Francisco’s organizer Eric Eberman decided to lead the Frisco march because his son-in-law, Antonio, died of colon cancer in late March in Mexico. Eberman shared the following during an exclusive NaturalHealth365 interview:

“As a child, as is far too common in impoverished rural parts of Mexico, Antonio had been sent to work on a coffee plantation. He was only 9 years old. During his time in that work he came into contact with a variety of agricultural chemicals, and though I don’t know which ones exactly, Monsanto’s Roundup is by far the most commonly used in that area so it is the most likely culprit.”

“Antonio was a very wise and gentle and kind man, an excellent father to five children and a good husband to my daughter. My fight with Monsanto is for justice for Antonio and to stop the epidemic of cancers and birth defects that have exploded in Mexico and other parts of the developing world.”

According to Eberman, Frisco’s march was highly successful. “We were able to create an environment of freedom of expression with no sense of repression at any time. Participants were treated to a variety of topical speakers on GMO, industrial and organic agriculture, Agent Orange, as well as thematic music and spoken word and performance art presentations.”

To continue contributing toward the global GMO labeling movement, Eberman says, “Going forward everyone agrees that there is excellent momentum to continue to spread the awareness and begin the longer-term processes of legislation and legality. The new committees are meeting soon and it seems there are some great ideas and really dedicated people on board.”

Boston families unite

Gathered with thousands of protestors around Boston Commons, Boston resident Ashley Groth, told NaturalHealth365.com that she marched to show her two year old daughter that you should take a stand in something you believe in.

Groth told us, “As soon as the government decided to support Monsanto,” the Boston real estate agent said, “Something struck a cord in me.”

She memorialized the moment by videotaping her daughter Xaviera chanting with the hundreds of other children in attendance, “NO MONSANTO, NO GMO!”

According to Groth, the march had a significant impact on local Boston residents who were drawn by the large crowds, banner, and speakers. Unaware of what was happening, dozens of people were added to their numbers and the March grew!

To continue the momentum, Groth believes that Facebook and other social media outlets need to be implemented to keep our friends, family and especially our children informed.

The potential that social media has given people to organize events like this is unfathomable. No one could have anticipated this unbelievable turnout stemming from an obscure Facebook page.

“If I had gotten 3,000 people to join me, I would have considered that a success,” AP quoted Canal as saying Saturday. Event organizers rallied across the globe employing Facebook and Twitter in an attempt to both document and maximize the turnout.

With Monsanto stealing the world’s food supply, they’ve veritably taking away our power to live a healthy, sustainable life. “I’m getting to point where I don’t want to eat anything I haven’t grown,” Groth says, “I have to find a way to keep my own power.”

The next worldwide “March Against Monsanto” is slated for October 12, 2013 and NOW is the time to get involved. Global leaders are calling for all anti-GMO protestors to participate and help make the next March even more impactful.

“Like” your local March Against Monsanto group on Facebook today and be part of the movement that is trying to take down Big Ag.

Stay tuned to NaturalHealth365 for updates.

About the author: Eric is a peer-reviewed, published researcher. His work on heart disease and autism has been accepted internationally at various scientific conferences through organizations like the American Public Health Association and Australian-based Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute. Be sure to follow his research – here at: NaturalHealth365.com.


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  • Frances Welford

    Thank you to all the brave people who have started this global movement against evil multi-national corporations who put short-term profit before life itself.

  • George Corvin

    Agriculture in the US is without direction. I come from a Hungarian agricultural family and we only used copper solution and nicotin on grapes. We used no pesticides and little manmade fertilisers. Crop returns were good. I cannot believe that with all the modern knowledge one has to rely on artificial chemicals. It serves only the chemafia like Monsanto and Bayer.They are similar to the “Pharmafia” who destry the population with drugs.

    Withe their destruction of the bee population assisted by the phonemafia the human race will be in for a rough time.

  • Louise Bennett

    Great going, I support all you do,, I fwd all that I can and I speak about the water the poisons etc in our foods. Here in Australia where I live, I am amazed at how many people do not even know what fluoride or GMO is they have no clue. doing my best with facebook. forward all your articles but I don’t get a comment seems the fluoride and sweeteners have done their job already here down under.

  • Judith Casale

    I support and admire the work that is being done to have food labeled and that you are helping to make more people aware of how important food is to our health and that GMO’s greatly contribute to our bodies failing and weaking…..Thank You!

  • mahatma

    Monsanto, in one word: eugenics or democide.

    What’s yours?

    GMOs in One Word: youtube.com/watch?v=xqQug6j1B_M&feature=player_embedded
    Democide (Innocents Betrayed): youtube.com/watch?v=vAU9AJfttls&feature=player_embedded

  • mahatma

    Effects of GM Corn on Mammalian Health: thedailysheeple.com/gmos-not-even-in-moderation_022013

    “Over 85% of corn grown in North America is GMO. Over 80% of soy grown in North America is GMO. Over 90% of canola grown in North America is GMO.”

    “One can ignore reality but one can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”
    Ayn Rand

  • Marilyn

    It was a wonderfully POWERFUL day in my native ‘city by the bay’, San Francisco. Thanks EVERYONE!!

  • Gladys

    Thank GOD, for protecting us from the monster called Monsanto

  • neil

    We must keep the pressure on Monsanto even the police have to realize they & their families are being poisoned as well

  • Carlene

    It needs to be MORE powerful! We need to wake the sheep!
    We need to not buy GMO products and put them in financial ruins!
    Go organic if you can and lets put them out of business!!!

  • Melody

    I believe we that are not the elite are all sheeples for the plan to feed us GMO foods that cause horrifying large tumors and who knows what else. Lets also THANK OBAMA for fairly recently signing the Monsanto protection act, that keeps them monsters free of criminal prosecution!!!!!!

  • Jeremy Fletcher

    Hugh Grant, Elected President and Chief Executive Officer of Monsanto, should be “ROUNDED UP” together with all his underlings and prosecuted for crimes against humanity.