Natto outperforms statin drugs

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Safe Body Detoxification(NaturalHealth365) Statin drugs are not the only way to prevent a heart attack. Research published in Atherosclerosis stated that a high dietary intake of vitamin K2 is associated with reduced coronary calcification (hardening of the arteries). And, natto is one of the richest sources of both vitamin K1 and K2. (Read the good news – below)

The health benefits of fermented foods are amazing!

Natto is a fermented soybean from Japan, which is known to promote overall health and wellness. It is the key element, Bacillus subtilis, which is used in the fermentation process – which makes natto easy to digest, while increasing the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Fermented foods and beverages are the foundation of a healthy diet, since they are a great source of probiotics. In fact, natto has a long history as a super food in Japan, despite its stringy consistency and strong smell. Just be warned – it is considered an acquired taste that is worth acquiring.

In Japan, it has been a breakfast staple for over 1,000 years and one of the many reasons the Japanese are known to successfully avoid (most) chronic degenerative diseases. Vitamin K2 has repeatedly been shown to reduce blood clots; slows arterial calcification; enhances liver function and improve the flow of urine.

Vitamin K2 is a natural solution for heart disease

Vitamin k offers a way to protect the heart though a protein known as Matrix GLA Protein (MGP) – which is responsible for protecting your blood vessels from calcification by guarding against calcium crystal formation around the elastic fibers of the arterial lining. MGP turns out to be the one and only mechanism for arteries to be able to protect themselves from calcification.

The Rotterdam Heart Study a large-scale well controlled clinical trial, which tracked 4,800 participants for seven years, found that the participants who had the highest intake of vitamin k2 had better cardiovascular health than those with the lowest amount in their diet.

The fact that patients who take anti-coagulant drugs like Coumadin®, which is known to deplete vitamin K, suffer from accelerated atherosclerosis shows the value of vitamin K.

Could a natural diet end the need for statin drugs?

Animal studies also show that vitamin K2 not only blocks calcification, but also induces a 37 percent regression of arterial calcification. By the way, pharmaceutical drugs designed to reduce cholesterol have never been great at reversing plaque accumulation within the human body.

In fact, newly published research showed that statin drugs are associated with accelerating coronary artery and aortic artery calcification. A study, published August 2012, in the journal Diabetes Care, revealed that statin users with type 2 diabetes and advanced arthrosclerosis had greater artery calcification.

The science about natto is dramatic!

Japanese researcher Dr.Hiroyuki Sumi tested more than 173 natural foods to dissolve blood clots associated with heart attracts and stroke and found natto completely dissolved the clots. Sumi named the newly discovered protease enzyme Nattokinase which translates to “enzyme in natto.”

Dr. Sumi went on to say that Nattokinase showed “a potency of no other enzyme.” This means grass-fed butter, beef liver, some grass fed cheeses which contains K2 is not as good as natto.

Supplements can never replace a healthy diet

I’ve decided to give natto another try – since the healthy benefits are incredible. Keep in mind, the optimal dose is quite small, just one tablespoon a day will help meet the recommended dose of K vitamins.

Natto is tasty with Umeboshi plums (Japanese sour plum) and also good with rice, vegetables and tamari. Obviously, make sure you have an organic variety of this soybean product. And, remember, all it takes is a few bite size pieces mixed with rice and kim chi wraped in nori to meet the required amount. In addition, wasabi – the hot condiment – goes well with natto.

Most health experts suggest that supplements are never as good as the whole food source of K2, and from a nutritional outlook there isn’t a formula that can replace the health promoting effects of any food which contains vitamin K.

Please feel free to share your experience (or favorite recipe) with natto. Post your comments – below.

About the author: Blanche Levine has been a student of natural healing modalities for the last 25 years. She had the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds in Natural Healing including Naturopaths, Scientist, and Energy Healers. Having seen people miraculously heal from all kinds of dis-ease through non-invasive methods, her passion now is to help people become aware of what it takes to be healthy.


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  • Mark F.

    I eat natto every few days when I have it. I buy the only organic brand without MSG. I have not made my own yet, but I intend to eventually (I already make milk kefir, water kefir, and kombucha).

  • Henry Lahore

    The many health benefits of K2 extend well beyond the cardiovascular system.

  • Susan

    Where can you purchase organic natto?

  • Marc Authier

    Dont count on US doctors to prescribe Natto to their patients and expect the Big Pharma controlled FDA to ban any of this information getting out. USA is not the country most Americans think it is. When you know all this stuff, scientific stuff by the way not pseudo science, and how it is repressed and censured by the FDA, you know that the US government works against the people and wants them to stay sick, be ruined and die. Luckily we have the internet and still interesting sites like this to save us from these people. For how long ?

  • The Old Wolf

    Nattō has long been one of my favorite foods. A good friend of mine gave me a full-blown recipe/process for how to make it at home, but I’ve never worked up the cojones to try it. In the meantime, I stock up every time I’m close to an oriental grocery store. Yum!