Dr. Suzanne Humphries speaks out about a lifesaving nutrient

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grateful woman(NaturalHealth365) Chronic disease is a global pandemic affecting millions of people all over the world. Two types of chronic disease in particular – diabetes and heart disease – are especially common in the United States. In terms of mortality rates, diabetes is the seventh and cardiovascular disease remains the number one cause of death.

While conventional medicine would have us believe that the cause of chronic disease is largely genetic or ‘bad luck’, Dr. Suzanne Humphries is speaking out about the inflammatory nature of chronic disease and the nutrient she believes could prevent, treat and in some cases reverse the effects of diabetes and heart disease.

Learn how vitamin C can help you – watch this incredible video below:

Dr. Humphries, who specializes in internal medicine and nephrology, recommends vitamin C supplementation as a means of combating these dangerous conditions and the inflammation that causes them.

Understanding the connection between oxidative stress and chronic disease could save your life

Inflammation, within the body, is caused by oxidative stress. Stress causes damage to cell proteins, cell DNA, cell walls, and the mitochondria – which are responsible for producing energy. The body has natural systems in place to produce antioxidants that prevent damage, but these systems often fail to adequately protect us – especially when food intake is not supplying the right types of nutrients to combat oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is caused by many different factors including medical and wireless radiation, prescription drugs, emotional issues, smoking, environmental toxins, parasites and other internal toxins – which negatively affect electrons at the cellular level. The body simply cannot produce enough antioxidants on its own to negate all of the free radicals the average person is exposed to on a daily basis.

The benefits of vitamin C are surprising to most people

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that acts as an electron donor at the cellular level. Dr. Humphries notes that both diabetes and high blood pressure respond well to vitamin C supplementation, though the exact dosage for effective results varies from person to person. In diabetics, who almost always have average vitamin C levels 30 percent lower than non-diabetics, the benefits of vitamin C supplementation include improvements in every aspect of glycemic control.

Heart disease patients respond similarly, as inflammation caused by oxidative stress can cause physical damage to the heart and blood vessels. People treated for heart disease experience significant benefits of vitamin C, including improvements in blood vessel health, cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

In addition to serving as an antioxidant, vitamin C also serves as a co-factor for enzymes that make collagen, neurotransmitters, hormones and carnatine. The nutrient can even perform as a natural antihistamine for people affected by pollen and allergies.

Dr. Humphries notes that the anti-histamine properties of vitamin C are well documented in conventional medical literature. Not only are high histamine levels in the body almost always equal to low vitamin C levels, but supplementing with vitamin C does not carry the potential side effects of treating allergies with conventional prescription or over-the-counter anti-histamines.

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  • pam r

    Thank you Jonathan! That was an amazing presentation that every healthcare provider should be required to watch.

  • brireward

    Vit C is nature’s antihistamine. I took 30,000mg when bitten by a brown recluse spider with NO reaction to the bite when the first bite did cause a horrible reaction. . I have read if one takes too much, it will cause very loose bowels. It didn’t with my lg dose so I must have needed it to counter that venom. Also I have read taking less and less gradually is recommended.
    My “doctor” is Adelle Davis nutrition books – the best and can be obtained used yet through amazon or a site dedicated to her. She has solved many of my health “problems” – am well now and am 88 years old!

  • Gloria Cole

    brireward. I too trained myself in nutrition on Adelle Davis’s books. I am 75. I am surprised how many of her ideas are still valid today, despite the recent research on the microbiome. Fortunately, I have avoided spider bites. I did enter a San Diego Hospital with my supply of vitamin C. back in the 1970s. I was there for back surgery for a slipped disc. The hospital staff had taken x-rays and came running into my room. They grabbed my purse and confiscated my vitamin C. They were afraid I had committed suicide from all the pills visible in the x-rays. The slipped disc was very painful. But the lesson I learned was if you are going to take vitamins, you have to move around so they dissolve and go where they are supposed to go. And do this before you get any x-rays! I especially enjoyed the discussion of diabetes in this video by Dr. Humphries. I had slackened off my vitamin C since the Adelle Davis days. Maybe its time to ramp up my vitamin C levels again.

  • Adriane

    Loved reading the comments from the ‘older and wiser’ posters here! I’m only 50, but my mother gave me her old copies of Adelle Davis’ books. Over 30 yrs ago my mom had been to the famous Sansum clinic in Santa Barbara about her nausea and digestive complaints. They told he they couldn’t find anything and that she’d just have to live with it. She then followed Adelle’s protocol of olive oil and lemon juice to pass gallstones, and passed several. Problem solved!

  • signalfire1

    In 30 years of doing medical transcription where doctors document their encounters with patients, I have never ONCE had a doctor ask a patient what their diet was like. It’s as if it doesn’t matter if someone presenting with a life threatening or mysterious illness eats a diet of Twinkies, hot dogs only or devoid of vitamins to either the diagnosis or treatment. Doctors today are not only untrained on nutrition, they are willfully ignorant. Tell them you’re taking 10 grams of vitamin C a day to treat yourself and they’ll look at you like you have two heads and (at best) pretend they didn’t even hear you… I was told I needed radiation to ‘get the cancer cells that may be left over after a lumpectomy’ by an oncologist who was gung-ho telling me how they could target cells they couldn’t see (? Huh ?) at a cost of 20,000 dollars, but when I asked about IV Vitamin C, I was told ‘it’s not available and costs too much….’