Oregon Senator takes on “Monsanto Protection Act”

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Monsanto Protection Act(NaturalHealth365) According to Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR), the so-called Monsanto Protection Act is “one of the most outrageous special interest provisions in years.”

Historically, the United States has had a process ensuring that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were not sold, planted and grown until they were proven to be safe for humans and crops. However, “The Monsanto Protection Act overrides that process,” Merkley states on his website, and “that’s just wrong.”

Inspired to reverse this heinous crime against humanity, Merkley has proposed an amendment, to the farm bill, that would repeal the Monsanto Protection Act. He calls for people to sign his petition ASAP and help end this outrageous special interest override of federal judicial decisions.

What exactly is the “Monsanto Protection Act”?

On Tuesday, March 26, the anonymously written “Monsanto Protection Act” was signed by President Obama allowing corporations to sell genetically modified (GM) seeds even when federal courts have blocked them from doing so. It was passed in secret, stuffed discretely 78 pages within the budget bill H.R. 933 that prevented a springtime government shutdown.

Because this was a must-pass bill under tight time constraints, the House and Senate approved it with no debate.

Although researchers and activists have raised significant concerns regarding GMOs, Obama’s signature has veritably given biotech companies like Monsanto complete immunity to continue engineering and selling man-made crops. Even in the event that experimental crops are found to be dangerous or to cause runaway crop plagues, the U.S. government now has no judicial power to stop them from being planted and harvested.

GOP blocks Merkley amendment

On May 23, a member of the GOP blocked Merkley’s request for a vote on his amendment. Indignant about the chain of the events, the Oregon Senator said the following on the floor:

“The fact that the act instructs seed producers to ignore a ruling of the court is troubling. It raises profound questions about the constitutional separation of powers and the ability of our courts to hold agencies accountable to the law and their responsibilities. I can tell you that this process and this policy has provoked outrage across the country!”

Merkley said this just two days before the historical March Against Monsanto – where over 2 million people, from 52 countries, protested to make GMO labeling mandatory.

The battle rages on!

The Biotechnology Industry Organization, a lobbying group that represents Monsanto, DuPont & Co. and other makers of GMOs, has said that it supports voluntary labeling for people who seek out such products. However, it also states that mandatory labeling would only mislead or confuse consumers into thinking genetically engineered products are not safe. Even the FDA has determined that there is no difference between GMO and organic, non-GMO foods!

Stateside, legislatures in Vermont and Connecticut moved ahead this month with votes to require food companies label GMOs. However, local leaders fear that Monsanto and Big Ag will sue individual states on the basis that they are circumventing federal authority.

Commercially, natural supermarket giant Whole Foods Markets Inc. has recently released that all products in its North American stores will clearly label GMOs by 2018. Obviously done as a marketing advantage, Whole Foods reports that there is growing demand for non-GMOs products. Market analysis has stated that the sales of products with a “Non-GMO” verification label has spiked between 15 percent and 30 percent.

Take action today and sign the petition to help Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley take down the Monsanto Protection Act!

About the author: Eric is a peer-reviewed, published researcher. His work on heart disease and autism has been accepted internationally at various scientific conferences through organizations like the American Public Health Association and Australian-based Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute. Be sure to follow his research – here at: NaturalHealth365.com.


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  • Amy

    I am not a policitical person but even I can see Obama is running wild with his power. Why can’t anyone stop him? This is no longer a democracy. He is ruining this once great country and this is his aim, I believe & so do many others.

  • Sylvi

    I am a Canadian citizen therefore I don’t believe my vote would count. If it did I would be voting along side of you.

  • Ale

    Amy, it’s clear that you aren’t a political person, because you lack understanding of the the politics regarding this issue. This goes way beyond Obama. Monsanto has captured every level of the federal government from the congress who wrote and voted for this bill, Obama (executive branch) who signed the bill, and the judiciary, Supreme Court, who has consistently came down on the side of Monsanto. Justice Clarence Thomas was a former lawyer for Monsanto and he still rules on cases involving them, he doesn’t excuse himself from the case, which would be proper.

    This is not a conspiracy, this is not about evil Obama trying to ruin America as you seem to believe, this is about big business capturing the US government with high powered lobbyist, who alternate between working for the federal government and the private sector. It’s about money, not a grand plan to ruin America.

  • Diane

    Couldn’t sign petition – says “not available” Later I hope? Post again if so…

  • tonylane

    I think that ale is right about this more than you know, most of our presidents and leaders are only the tools for the power elite either willing or unwilling, what you have first got to know is none of our leaders are elected and all have been selected years in advance, OBAMA was selected over fifteen years ago by the ROTHSCHILDS and the ROKERFELLERS, so what you get is the illusion of choice, what really needs to happen first is the elimination of the elite dung beetle families, before we go anywhere in this world.

  • tonylane


  • Maree

    Right on, Ale and Tonylane. Big business is destroying this planet one chemical and banking disaster at a time. The puppet regime is mirrored throughout the world. U.S. is no different. Great book to read on this terrible, historically crazy trend dating back centuries through present day, is “Aids, Opium, Diamonds and Empire. The Deadly Virus of International Greed”, By Nancy Turner Banks, M.D.. Also check out “Red Ice Creations” an online news publication. Turn off Faux News and keep digging and supporting senators like Jeff Merkley!

  • Teri

    This is so much bigger than our American President. The genocidal Monsanto is in bed with every large corporation it needs to insure that they get their way, on every level. And as long as people are lulled into complacency with distracting things (not to be confused with ‘news’) on their TV’s and drugs that dumb them down because everyone is getting sick on their secretly genetically modified foods made available and on sale everywhere, they will continue to kill off the majority of the population until all that’s left are the slaves they need to do their dirty work. People need to wake up and stand together so that our voices are heard. We need to stop this abortion of humanity before it’s allowed to go any further. Other nations are – America can do it too. United we stand – divided we die – and ironically it is only all of us united that they fear… why is that so hard?

  • Joyce

    Teri ~ you said the problem perfectly!! When will the people understand what is happening to them and when will they stand-up to rebel??????? As they said years ago, “That’s the 64,000 dollar question”. We need more guys like Merkely in office, but I will not be shocked if you see a resignation somewhere down the road…….they can’t have the good guys around too long, the good guys get in their way. When will enough be enough?????

  • Nancy Benson

    Dear Senator: I am so thankful that you are leading in this cause, as it has been on the hearts and minds of people interested in and promoting health issues that our country is facing. I am 76 years old and cannot imagine what my children and grandchildren will be ingesting that may kill them!
    It is my prayer that you will be protected against the opposition that is bound to come. I will pray for you and thank God for your stand against Monsanto.

  • Nancy Benson

    Dear Senator Merkley: I am thankful that this cause is finally being heard more by those in the political offices that can do something about Monsanto. I thank God for your help.

  • Terri

    From the East Coast, thank you Senator Merkley!!! I am tired of being deliberately poisoned by Monsanto & Big Pharma. Monsanto poisons us – and Big Pharma jumps in to dispense highly addictive, mind-altering drugs to ‘treat’ the symptoms of our toxic bodies…..all to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars in profit – at our expense. Talk about adding insult to injury. No More!!!

  • QTR

    I would say that Amy, Ale and tonylane are all right. There is a higher power at work, than the President. Presidents are merely puppets that are “selected” into office. But, do not dismiss that just because an underling follows orders that they are innocent of any wrongs. Obama never wanted change and he is not an innocent victim here.

  • Frannie Michaeli

    Go get ’em, Senator!!!

  • Bill McEwan

    Dear Senator Merkley: I am thankful that this cause is finally being heard more by those in the political offices that can do something about Monsanto. I am a New Zealand citizen so I don’t think my vote would count, if I was a US citizen I would gladly sign your petition.
    I wish you every success.

  • Lisa

    Thank you for your bold stance and leadership as a politician against the corrupt ways of corporate greed. It is daunting how other countries are aware of the destruction of our environment and mankind at the hands of these corporations. Hopefully the American public will wake up to the current reality of what is happening in our country at the corporate and government level before it is too late.

  • Abe

    Oooo … I wish I am a U.S. citizen for I would surely love to cast my vote. We’re thousands of miles from your beloved country but most of us here in Asia think that the American public in general is one docile sheep or to be more animated, like frogs slowly being cooked in their own urine. Why can’t you see that your own government is the cause of your suffering and more. Why can’t the liberty-loving Americans, the ones we, the world, used to respect because of their humane God-given rights, stand up once and for all and say to the gov’t’s face – “that’s enough and we have had enough.” Haah … only in our dreams!

  • notaria monterrey

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