Whole Foods Market accused of lying about GMOs

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Whole Foods Scandal(NaturalHealth365) No doubt, this is the biggest organic food story of the year. Did Whole Foods Market deliberately lie to its customers about selling GMOs from 2007 – 2011? An organization called, Organic Spies says yes! And, has the video proof to back it up!

According to Organic Spies, employees of Whole Foods Market were deliberately trained to lie to customers about the existence of GMOs in the their stores. They go on to suggest that top executives in the company were fully aware of this activity and allowed it to continue. Naturally, this accusation is denied by Whole Foods Market.

Watch the video below:

Has Whole Foods Market lost its integrity?

I’m curious how you feel about this – after watching the video (above). Will you still shop at Whole Foods Market? If not, what does Whole Foods Market have to do (if anything) to regain your trust?

Post your much needed comments – on this issue – in the comment section below. And, please share this story with your family and friends.

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  • Bigdad

    Well I’ve only bought Whole Foods items online, and will never do that again. I’m just worried about how many other companies are doing this. I don’t shop at places that lie, and are corrupt.

  • Suz

    I think if a corporation is lying then it should be exposed. But, I try to buy organic because I don’t want to take the chance of pesticides and GMOS. Why wouldn’t the public know that anything not labeled “certified organic” might have GMOs? Our real battle is to maintain the integrity of the certified organic labeling since many of the big corporations are now gobbling up many of the companies that produce organic products. The fact that Whole Foods has taken the position that it will start labeling GMO products is progressive. Five years is too long.

  • Valerie N

    They don’t sell GMOs. ….They DO sell GMOs,…ANOTHER 5 years,..:
    Equates to a bunch of LIARS that, instead, SHOULD BE setting a good example of a store that deals in health, instead of illness. We had not been shopping there,- expecting to purchase the SAME standard garbage grocery store- GMO infested, non-Food Look-a-Likes… We expected something better! We know now, to watch these Whole Food stores, carefully. Better yet,- shop elsewhere, – for other, – of the better choices – we have left. They certainly don’t deserve the business, & they couldn’t care less about standards,- moral or otherwise.

  • Denise

    WOW. I wonder if the occasional grass feed ground beef I buy is really from cows feed on grass? And the free range chicken? Is it really?

    • Helaine

      Denise, Make sure it says 100% grass fed – the term grass fed could really mean pasture fed which only means access to pasture. Grass fed could mean the animal ate 1 blade of grass.
      Whenever I buy meat from whole foods I even ask them the name of the farm it came from -so I can directly call the farm. Whole foods gave me wrong info on their grass fed bison they said 100% when I called the company they said they used supplemental feed. Their employees are not informed and the company is not to be trusted by what your told in the store. They like to make the excuse that all supermarkets sell GMO but they fail to acknowkedge that their the ones making claims about being organic and all natural.

      The average person has no idea about any of this they just think by shopping in whole foods they are being healthier. Most people are being
      mislead and deceived everyday. To bad Whole Foods needs to be part of it. Call them and let them know you are tired of their lies.