Pneumonia cured in 3 hours – naturally

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chest x-ray exam(NaturalHealth365) The numbers are staggering. The eighth leading cause of death, in the United States, is pneumonia and influenza – killing over 50,000 people per year. Conventional medicine, in all its years of ‘wisdom’, advise people to get a flu shot for ‘prevention’. There’s only one problem – it doesn’t work!

Flu shots only weaken the immune system – especially when you consider that flu vaccines are loaded with unwanted (toxic) ingredients like, mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde. Adding insult to injury, the most deadly cases of ‘viral pneumonia’ are treated with antibiotics – which are completely ineffective against viruses. Fortunately, once again, the natural health world has a solution – which has been systematically ignored by western medicine for decades.

One vitamin kills pneumonia on contact

Since the 1940’s, proven by Frederick Klenner, M.D. plus many other medical doctors, over 30 diseases (including pneumonia) have been easily cured by taking adequate amounts of vitamin C. In truth, the benefits of vitamin c have been well documented throughout history – in the scientific literature – and NaturalHealth365 has made it a point to highlight its healing powers – for some time now.

Ask any (honest) physician and they’ll tell you that antibiotics will not help you – if you suffer from a viral infection. But, even if your health troubles stem from an ‘unfriendly’ bacterial overload – vitamin C can do wonders without damaging your intestinal flora, which (eventually) compromises your immune system. Still not convinced that vitamin C can cure pneumonia?

Listen now – to a portion of my exclusive interview with Dr. Andrew Saul. His personal story of recovery from pneumonia – in just 3 hours – is remarkable to say the least. In addition, after a number of failed attempts by conventional medicine, you’ll learn how one child fully recovered from serious upper respiratory dis-ease, naturally.


What are my vitamin C options?

Keep in mind, not all vitamin C supplements are created equal. If your vitamin C supplement is derived from corn – be sure it’s a non-GMO variety. Simply ask the manufacturer – you may be surprised to discover what they admit on the telephone.

If you should decide to take vitamin C orally in powder, capsule or liquid form – just remember that you may experience bowel intolerance (loose stool) – once you reach your threshold. Everyone is different – depending on health history and current state of health. Liposomal or IV vitamin C will help to avoid this issue plus increase your cellular absorption rate.

Naturally, if you suffer with any serious health condition, it would be best to find a physician that understands the power of vitamin C. How do you know? Just ask and don’t be intimidated – after all, it’s your good health that matters most.

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  • freedombooster

    I used iodine fume inhalation one time for heavy phlegm in my lungs. It worked quickly. I think inhalation of iodine or colloidal silver might have a good effect on pneumonia. I put several drops of Lugol’s Iodine in a small dish of roiling water and inhaled the purple fumes several times. A nebulizer could be used also.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      Iodine is a important part of remaining disease-free. I use 25 + milligrams every day of a tableted form of Lugol’s–iodine plus potassium iodide. Both forms are vital for every cell of the body, including the immune system. It’s a crime that we must run around finding and paying extra for the very nutrients that should be found naturally in our foods but have been purposefully removed and/or destroyed.

      • Carl Jenkins

        There are many reasons for the poor food supply and probably the number one is profit. Big agriculture companies are interested in the yields not the quality of our produce.

    • Leon Greks

      I have coughs and had walking pneumonia and with Hyperthyroidism mixed.I wonder what is the best supplement course for me?

  • adam

    Emotion and mental illness are primarily caused by unresolved inflammation in the body of malnutrition, and high toxicity levels. I would say that by removing 4th dimension entities and restoring the toroidal field of the body plays a role in only in about 10% of cause of mental disease but mental disease has several layers to it. So 10% is typical and 100% is possible. Sunday is a good topic and vitamin C therapy is financially out of reach for most and there are other means just as effective the public could do to remove pneumonia for about 5 cents from a health food store that worked for me.
    Until the public realizes that organic has up to 1000% more nutrients in it, and that GMO rots your guts, we are in trouble.

    • Wendy

      Huh? Vitamin C is very affordable. I am on a fixed income and I can afford it! Try CVS when they have a buy one, get one free sale.

      • esther4

        Wendy, youre right! Powdered Vit C is about a buck an ounce.

    • Leon Greks

      I think astrology plays a role in mental illness too

    • Leon Greks

      Soda ruts guts,sweet juices even with less sugar rut guts,deli foods rut guts and lots of alohol rut guts.You cant escpate it all unfortunately.

    • newkat

      Are you referring to vit.c
      When you say 5 cents from health food store? I need to know. My mom just got out of ICU. What worked for you?

  • Ellen

    I got a virus three weeks ago. I rarely get sick. I use supplements. Nothing seemed to help, even lots of vitamin c. Now after three weeks I am beginning to get better. I have lost some confidence in the vitamin c protocol.

    • laine

      Ellen, the beginning of the video says it all. You take enough c to get results. That amount maybe higher than you ever imagined. I thought I was taking a lot of c for my cold with no results. Then I went to Liposomal 10 pkg in a day with 2,000 mg of powder every 6 minutes. I felt better in a half hour. I started with 3 pkgs of livon labs liposomal and 1-2 more every hour with the powder.

      • Fran

        Laine, I agree it takes high amounts of vitamin C to work on something like pneumonia. When people claim they eat healthy and they probably do, it doesn’t mean they are absorbing all the nutrients.

        • esther4

          Bingo, Fran. You are not what you eat, you are what you digest and assimilate.

    • Joan Camara

      You didn’t say what brand or what kind of vitamin c you were taking. Look at the ingredients, and make sure your taking vit c without a bunch of garbage along with it.

    • Jennifer Symonds

      You mmay not have been taking enough or maybe it was a really cheap version with no natural C in at all, I always use Nature’s Best or Holland & Barrett former includes 50mg rosehips) I take 1,000 4 xs a day & increase to 5 or 6 xs a day if there’s an infection about tho’ I’ve not had colds or flu for las years

    • Brenda

      I agree with you. I started taking nothing but natural remedies. Tea with ginger, honey, lemon, oranges, juice, bananas, probiotics… I got worse! I had to take advil for fever and cough medicine. I couldnt believe it being that im a juicer, eat pretty healthy and consume tons of fresh fruits and smoothies 🙁

  • Wendy

    I use vitamin C, vitamin D3 and zinc to ward off any viral illnesses. Works every time. Vitamin C to bowel tolerance (I normally take 3,000 mg. per day, more if ill), at least 6,000 IU Vitamin D3 to prevent illness (4,000 IU per day for maintenance dose) and 50 mg. zinc per day to prevent illness. My doctor recommended to take 1,000 mg. Vitamin C every hour until you feel better, if already ill. If already ill, I take 50 mg. zinc three times per day (1 tablet with each meal). This amount was recommended by the Mayo Clinic. I have also used echinacea/golden seal (liquid concentrate) to boost the immune system in the past when I was ill. To be holistic, I make sure to handle any upsets and stay away from any negative or suppressive people. This is vital to avoid illness.

  • stella

    I just over a cold and fever with vitamin c, ginger tea with lemons and the magical ingredient raw honey with bee pollen and propolis.

    • esther4

      *people on blood thinners should not take ginger

  • Stewart Mitchell

    The holly grail is predicted to kill the genetic bomb of the future

  • Sam Wynn

    Vitamin C helps prevent cataracts; it helps with Lyme disease, hay fever, asthma, bronchitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, and back pain.

    Vitamin C prevents hardening of the arteries and improves endurance, while slowing aging. If you look at the facts then it is easy to see that vitamin C would be able to cure pneumonia. Nutrition plays a large part in preventing this condition in the first place.

  • Katie Raymond

    There is research, which shows low vitamin C levels increase the risk of pneumonia. What has also been shown in animal studies using guinea pigs and other animals is that vitamin C protects against and modifies the animals susceptibility to bacterial infections.

    The animals who were deficient in vitamin C had a higher chance of getting pneumonia. There were no cases of pneumonia with the animals being administered vitamin C.

    Human studies found a reduction of at least 80% in the incidence of pneumonia when people were supplemented with vitamin C. So it is quite conceivable that high doses of vitamin C can cure pneumonia.

  • Sue Weber

    When I was in my first year of college I developed bronchitis, which came back every year at the same time. It would last for weeks and would leave me with a lingering cough. I was prescribed every remedy under the sun, nothing worked or made the cough subside.

    Finally, I started drinking great quantities of orange and grapefruit juice. Sure enough it stopped the last bout of bronchitis in its tracks. Best of all it never returned. I would have to assume it was the vitamin C.

  • John Weston

    I never take the flu or pneumonia shot, I use nutritional supplements and eat a diet high in organic greens and other vegetables. I have a greater fear of the yearly flu shot than I do of the flu.

    This is a wonderful article it helps to know there is something, which can counter this serious condition.

    • Danny Fabian

      I am always surprised at how many people get their flu shot. Seniors are the first to get in line at many of the nations pharmacies. Yet, studies show that the flu shot creates only a weak or no immune response in the elderly.

  • Kelly Collins

    I know the media has reported that vitamin C can’t prevent or cure the common cold. The studies used by the media and even some scientific journals are not done correctly.

    They didn’t have proper controls and have no idea of dosage. Also, I am sure vitamin C works well with other nutrients. So the best thing is to eat healthy and take vitamin C as well as some other supplements, which work well with it.

  • Ted Floyd

    I think it is seniors that have to worry more than others. It would seem their immunity is down and they don’t have the same energy level as younger patients. I would think it would be best for them to be on a vitamin C supplement as a way to prevent this condition.

    • Mark Levy

      Seniors need to worry enough to take better care of themselves. They need more supplementation and a nutrient dense diet along with exercise.

  • Nurse Lori

    What many people don’t realize is there are many types of pneumonia. There is walking pneumonia, double pneumonia, hospital acquired pneumonia, atypical pneumonia, aspiration pneumonia and the most common one community-acquired pneumonia.

    Hospital acquired pneumonia is one of the more serious types. So the one thing you want to do is stay out of hospital settings. This is a very good reason to be sure your vitamin C levels are in a very healthy range.

  • Andy Vogel

    It takes time to recover from pneumonia if you do what the medical community advises. The reason is none of it builds you up, it just covers- keeping the symptoms away with over the counter preparations.

    The prescriptions and antibiotics may or not do much, but it surely will not make you healthy. They never advise you to down plenty of super-foods and supplements. Taking vitamin C makes more sense than loading yourself up with Tylenol and antibiotics.

    • pam r

      I took about 20 grams of liposomal c to get rid of flu symptoms in under 24 hours. In addition I took 2,000 mg of powder every 1/2 hour. It worked

  • Janson Horgan

    Why would anyone not give vitamin C a try is hard to understand. Most of the advice is to stay home and drink plenty of clear fluids, such as water, broth and sports drinks. When you feel tired sleep as much as you can.

    Take acetaminophen such as Tylenol or ibuprofen such as Advil to keep the fever down and help with aching muscles. Why wouldn’t one try something that will boost the immune system and at the same time fight the virus.

    There is a flu shot champaign that uses this slogan “Get it Before You Need It” I think that would fit using vitamin C on an continuous basis during flu season.

    • pam r

      I agree – why not give it a try it’s safe and effective

  • Frank Logan

    A study coming out of Eastern Finland showed low serum levels of vitamin D are a risk factor for pneumonia. The risk of contraction pneumonia was more than 2.5 times greater in subjects with low levels of this vitamin. These results were published in both the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

    Yet, we have not seen this is any articles coming out in the press. To me it would seem all vitamins and minerals are important is preventing and treating pneumonia.

  • Garry Newman

    Did anyone mention that ascorbate increases cellular resistance to common viral infections due to its interferon-like activity? Of course not, the medical establishment isn’t aware of this: they did not learn this in medical school or from any of their journals.

    • organic girl

      yeah, they don’t learn any of this.

  • organic girl

    It is important that soon as you feel your are getting sick – start taking C immediately and take enough so you are better with 24 hours.

  • kathleen

    Thanks for the Video Jonathan – Great stuff

  • Marg Pratt

    I am SO HAPPY to see others getting on the Vitamin C bandwagon! Given the current definition of “vitamin” as only being required at tiny doses, it’s not a vitamin. I’ve been beating the C drum for as long as I’ve been reading Levy and I’m sure everyone who knows me is tired of hearing about it!

  • pam r

    Awesome interview! Modern medicine has no cure for any virus or for most other things. You and Dr. Saul have revealed such a simple and easy solution. We just have to remember to take enough C until it works. Oral powder until bowel tolerance than liposomal.

  • pam r

    I also recommend Dr. Levy’s book curing the incurables – this will give the amount of Vitamin C used against all conditions by Dr. Klenner and others.

  • Elisa

    Liposomal C is the best…

  • June

    My 8 year old son has gotten bronchitis or pneumonia 1-2 times a year for his entire life. His first time was 2 months old and that took over 6 months to resolve. It was horrible. Zithromax is the only thing that helps it but I hate resorting to antibiotics and yet another doctor visit.

    His cough is back again and he has a rattle in his chest. I’m going to buy
    vitamin C today. Luckily he can swallow pills to make it easy.

    He has high functioning autism and the only citrus fruit he will eat is mandarin oranges. Maybe he has low vitamin C levels? He’s never been tested for that…I will get OJ today too b/c he will drink that.

    • CAWS

      Zithromax has a listed side effect of heart attack & killed my friend who was given it for pneumonia. He had no heart condition & arteries & valves that were clear. It destroyed his heart muscle. Check into essential oils as well as the vitamin C.

    • disqus_k3oycamN0W

      2 month is the age when children get their first vaccines. Could it be that your son;s pneumonia (and then autism) were results of those vaccines?

    • JenniferO

      Look into PANDAS or PANS. Your son may be suffering from that instead of autism. Good luck!

  • Yoda Dundar

    As a Chronic Asthmatic for over 60 yrs I was always susceptible to getting pneumonia, lungs are scarred from so many bouts, been in Hospital many times with pneumonia, finally decided to do some research and found about Liposomal Vitc, make my Own and it is dead easy, then also found H2O2, so as the cold and flu season approached this yr in Western Australia I started with the Liposomal and H2O2, cpl of times could feel a slight flu coming on and would only last a day or less, first time in the last 5 yrs I have not had pnuemonia and been in Hospital, Two Drs over the last few yrs have said it will be touch an go with how severe it is
    So my message is give Vit C a go and if you have a serious health issue with Viruses etc also look into H2O2, ignore the Drs that say oh noooo never take Hydrogen peroxide, they are clueless, it is 35% food grade and not the stuff for hair, make sure you do the research as I did, then make an educated choice, based on facts and not fear

  • esther4

    When my children were babies I put Vit C powder in their (organic) juice bottles, Kirstie.

  • Bhob

    What kind of vitamin C would i take?

  • gwDisqus1712

    Don’t mess around trying to cure yourself of pneumonia. This can be a deadly disease and you can end up hospitalized for several days (even ICU/CCU). Go the the doc on this disease. Treat simple ailments with supplements.

    • canitary

      Wat are yours expertise in natural treatments?

  • Esther Greenfield

    What about using camu camu powder

  • DelaGent Mailyn

    How about 5 year old kid. will vitamin c be effective too.?

  • Littlelulu

    Most definitely dilute heavily with distilled water. You can look online for dosages..

  • Joe

    The One Minute Cure A book by Madison Cavanaugh for h202

  • Peter North

    I have pneumonia. Chowing vitamin C tabs right now.

  • Blanche Marie Couture

    When my daughter was about 6 years old she had chicken pox I cured it with one thousand milligrams of Vit.C every hour…suddently she got out of bed, no fever and was totally fine…and played with the other kids…of course, she still had the marks on her face of chicken pox but it gradually disappeared. So many things you can do to cure diseases naturally…but you have to inform yourself…it is all there on the Web.

    • Mar

      may i know how did you do it? i mean the 1k milligram of Vit C? where did u get it? thanksss

      • lisofby

        1000 mg = 1 g. not kg!!!!

  • Babar Gujjar

    Such an amazing article, Vitamin C i really very important to cure Pneumonia. BASIL & GINGER JUICE is another best treatment for Pneumonia. This is because both ingredients are associated with several medical properties. Yes, adaptogen and anti-inflammatory properties, and six essential oils of Basil considered good for Respiratory system. In like manner, Ginger juice also contain bioactive ingredients such as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Read more…
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