Safe medicine during pregnancy

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(NaturalHealth365) Last week we talked about how Homeopathy can be a huge support during Pregnancy. Remember that homeopathic remedies are given in micro doses that are side effect –free, making them completely safe for moms-to-be and their babies.

When pregnant – follow the “Precautionary Principle”

Most pregnant women are concerned about what they take into their bodies, and rightly so. They give up cigarettes, alcohol, soft cheeses and shellfish. They try their best to avoid antibiotics, painkillers and other pharmaceutical drugs. They see them as a gamble, one they often don’t want to risk. Even if they are told a particular drug is safe to use during pregnancy, many remember other past assurances that later turned out to be tragically inaccurate and so they remain cautious.

Homeopathy helps a wide range of pregnancy symptoms

Apart from morning sickness, which we covered in depth last week, homeopathy is also helpful for heartburn, indigestion, joint problems, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, cramps, insomnia and much more.

Even more serious (pre-existing) conditions can be alleviated with homeopathy.

It can also be used to safely remove symptoms that a woman already had before she got pregnant. Sometimes pre-existing symptoms get markedly worse during pregnancy. The experience of my client, Hortensia Magdalena, is typical.

“I had very bad headaches every day, sometimes lasting for 24 hours. Half the time they would make me vomit. My headaches got worse when I became pregnant. I sometimes didn’t sleep for three or four nights in a row. I took painkillers, but they didn’t work and anyway I was reluctant to take them while I was pregnant.”

The better the match, the better the result

Luckily, after listening carefully to Hortensia’s symptoms I was able to find a homeopathic remedy that matched her headaches, her temperament and her situation very well. As always the better a remedy matches each person’s situation the more deeply it will act to restore that person to a state of harmony and well being.

Homeopathy can deliver FAST results – client testimonial (below)

“I took the homeopathic remedy Mary suggested and it worked in just ten minutes. Now I have no headaches. I can brush my hair without pain. I can sleep. Recently I was in a very stressful, upsetting situation, so I took my remedy again. In half an hour I felt relaxed and the headache I thought was coming just disappeared.”

The great thing about having this type of constitutional treatment while you are pregnant is that the baby benefits, too. Even in acute, minor illnesses and first aid situations – homeopathy can be quite helpful.

Of course, while you are pregnant you can still come down with coughs, colds, flu or other acute illnesses, as well. These can usually be overcome much more quickly if you have a homeopathy kit at home. Recovery from first aid injuries will be much faster, too.

Homeopathy has the answers

It’s such a relief for pregnant women to know they don’t have to suffer, because homeopathy offers a completely safe alternative to over the counter medicines. If you would like a free e-book on Homeopathy and Pregnancy – visit:

About the author: For over 17 years, Mary Aspinwall has been a full time Registered Homeopath and is the founder of Mary offers a best selling range of homeopathy kits and you can read her blog at: In addition, Mary has created a free e-book, “Basic Guide to Homeopathy”. Click Here for a consultation with Mary Aspinwall.

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