8 ways to naturally reduce inflammation

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Natural Ways to Reduce Inflammation(NaturalHealth365) Chronic cellular inflammation is one of our biggest enemies – in terms of achieving optimal health. In fact, many health experts say that inflammation is the root cause of disease. In addition, the psychological (and emotional) stress of living in ‘modern’ society can actually lower our ability to regulate the inflammatory response.

Naturally, the question we ought to ask ourselves is, ‘what causes inflammation?’ And, the obvious answer is poor nutrition and too many toxins – which creates an overly-acidic condition in the body.  So, which foods create an acidic environment in the body?

Here are the top 5 foods that trigger inflammation

  • Unnatural coffee
  • Conventionally-produced alcohol – which actually contain GMO ingredients
  • Processed, simple sugars
  • Factory-farmed, animal foods – again, loaded with unwanted chemicals and GMOs
  • Most sodas (even if they contain ‘natural sugars’ – without the neurotoxin, aspartame)

You ought to know that the most recent research is pointing towards the fact that inflammation may be responsible for: type-2 diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

How can we reduce inflammation in the body?

In my opinion, from my years of teaching the value of juicing, one of the most effective ways, is by juicing dark leafy greens with highly alkaline vegetables to accompany them.

A more long term and effective way, combined with juicing, to reduce cellular inflammation is to make the decision to live a simpler lifestyle which includes: removing yourself from toxic relationships; learning the art of forgiveness; and being of service to others.  After all, our psychological (and emotional) wellbeing is intimately connected to our physical health. 

In terms of dietary/lifestyle changes, here are 8 ways to naturally reduce inflammation:

  • Add some fresh ginger root and turmeric root (curcumin) to your daily juice or meals.
  • Consume adequate amounts of essential fatty acids – not from animal sources.
  • Eat probiotic-rich foods like, kimchi, sauerkraut or miso soup.
  • Stay hydrated with pure, clean water and try adding some fresh lemon juice.
  • Be sure to include lots of leafy greens in your salad.
  • Get lots of sunshine and relax – as much as possible.
  • Drink green juices – click here for some recipe ideas.
  • Eat grapefruits, lemons and limes – which are alkalizing. (once they reach the gut)

Here’s an anti-inflammatory juice that serves 1, 1 liter

The ingredients include, 2 cups parsley; 2 cups spinach; 2 large cucumbers; 4 ribs celery; 1 inch fresh ginger root or fresh turmeric root; and 1 lime without skin or 1 lemon without skin (unless it’s organic)

If I may add, don’t forget these important recommendations:

I recommend this tonic daily (1 liter) per person daily for 60 days along with eating a diet high in salads. Keep in mind, 20% of your diet can have other more acidifying foods.

Having said that, I have found – for best results – that eating essential fatty acids from foods like, flax seed or borage oils in salads, with lots of vegetables and some grains such as quinoa or millet tend to be better than eating lots of animal flesh foods.

Plus, don’t forget to keep yourself well-hydrated and add the other recommendations. You will be pleasantly surprised to see just how well your body responds, even after just one week.

About the author: Linda Kordich has been married for 33 years to Jay Kordich, world renown health educator and the “Father of Juicing”. She is the co-author of their new book, Live Foods Live Bodies and teaches throughout the world on the ‘Powers of the Gentle Art of Foods and Juices’. For more information about Jay and Linda Kordich – visit: www.JayKordich.com

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  • Mona Foley

    Linda, you are right it takes a very short time for this type of lifestyle to work. In just a few weeks of starting to juice and eat healthier I have seen a remarkable improvement in my energy level.

    • Hugo Walter

      My concerns go the advice to combine curcumin with sauerkraut.
      Sauerkraut is containing tryptamin which is reacting with curcumin which
      is also a MAO-A and MAO-B inhibitor and the result may large increases in blood pressure.

      • Mona Foley

        This is very interesting observation and it is more complicated then it first appears. There are a number of foods listed, which can do this.

        Most people are not even aware of this connection and it will not affect everyone. I personally use juice alone and wait to eat. Linda and Jay both juice and are examples of the benefits of this lifestyle.

        The concern you brought up is valid, and I would like to hear from others who follow the suggestions in this article. My bet is most are healthier for doing just what Linda proposes.

  • RicardoRichard

    Nutritionists must reach some basic consensus first, because there is a total mess in this field. Vegetarians will always be biased. Man’s first staple food was animal flesh, only later on did he start to cultivate plants and grains. Flaxseed omega 3 fatty acid ALA is not as good as EPA and DHA, which are never found in plants. Besides the authoress of the article has forgotten to mention artificial trans fats as an important culprit of inflammation.