Root canals are a primary cause of chronic disease

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Root Canal News(NaturalHealth365) What is a root canal treatment and could this be the cause of chronic disease? Such a treatment, typically just called a “root canal,” refers to a dental procedure commonly performed today on a badly decayed or infected tooth, and are an overlooked cause of chronic disease, often with the patient presenting with pain.

The procedure removes much of the connective tissue with associated nerves and blood vessels that comprise the pulp deep inside the tooth. Coarse files of gradually increasing diameter through an access hole in the top of the tooth are used to scrape and scrub out as much of the pulp as possible. A filling or sometimes a crown can complete the procedure.

The root canal-treated tooth is a chronic toxin factory

After such a treatment, most dental patients are relieved of pain and are able to satisfactorily chew with the treated tooth. This would be great if there were no other consequences. However, the pulp is designed by nature to be sterile.

A treated tooth always ends up chronically infected, but since much of the nerve complex has been removed, pain is not usually perceived even if the tooth is trying to tell the rest of the body that something is wrong as pathogens produce their toxins and continue to multiply. These toxins are incredibly potent, and they are released “24/7” into the draining lymphatics and venous blood from the jawbones, where they subsequently spread throughout the body.

Over 5,000 consecutive extracted root canal-treated teeth were found to have a wide array of infectious agents and associated toxins.

Toxins and pathogens deplete the antioxidant stores of the body, and chronic disease is the expected result.

All toxins are pro-oxidant, and they actually inflict their damage by using up the protective antioxidant stores of the body, allowing vital biomolecules throughout the body to become oxidized and lose their normal function. Josef Issels found that fully 98% of his advanced cancer patients had “between two and ten dead teeth,” which virtually always included root canal-teeth.

Root canal-treated teeth can be the primary cause of chronic disease, and they can always be expected to worsen pre-existing chronic disease.

As all disease eventually boils down to selected areas, tissues, and organ systems of the body having chronically increased oxidative stress, the pro-oxidant toxins of root canals promote all diseases at the cellular level. If you have one or more root canals, or if you are planning on getting one, ingest a broad spectrum of quality antioxidant supplements on a regular basis if extraction and cleaning of the socket(s) are not possibilities for you.

Remember, however, that it is very difficult to “dry off while you are still in the shower.” Repairing tissue damage while tissue is continuously being damaged at the same time is a stand-off, at best.

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About the author: Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD is a board-certified internist and cardiologist. He is also bar-certified for the practice of law. He has written extensively on the importance of eliminating toxins while bolstering antioxidant defenses in the body, with particular focus on vitamin C. His upcoming new book will be released in a few months, entitled, Death by Calcium: The Toxic Supplement.

For more information about Dr. Levy – visit:

Issels, J. (2005) Cancer: A Second Opinion. Garden City Park, NY: Square One Publishers, Inc. (
Kulacz, R. and T. Levy (2002) The Roots of Disease. Connecting Dentistry and Medicine. Philadelphia, PA: Xlibris Corporation (

To help in finding a dentist who appreciates the above concepts (you need to make sure your selected dentist fully understands and agrees with what you want):

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  • Bobby Childree

    With due respect to Dr. Levy, a physician, Dentists would have to disagree with you. Many more thousands of teeth scheduled to be removed for orthodontics have had root canal treatments, been extracted and found to be sterile inside as would be expected. Root canals are around 96% problem free, and retreatment of problematic ones raises the percent to 98%. Fractured roots unfortunately are not always detectable but are always infected as would be expected, and these teeth are condemned. I have two root canals done in 1957 and two done in 1961, and at 70 I am quite healthy. But I have watched a “biologic dentist” with cancer have four front teeth with root canals removed “biologically” and proceed to die with a most uncomfortable mouth. I have also had “biologic” naturopaths send patients to have all their silver fillings removed in a specified order, under a rubber dam, etc. and replaced with supposedly bio-compatible white fillings. The white fillings looked great and I made a nice profit from doing them, but never did I see even one patient improve from this. I will say that all of them enjoyed their new cosmetic smiles though. But I greatly disapprove of telling patients falsehoods concerning dentistry. I read Dr. Huggins’ book years ago, and found it full of absolute quackery. It sounded more like a book on demonology compared with my normal dental practice.

    • pamela

      Personally , I had two root canals pulled out that showed fine on an x-ray and I had no discomfort – When they were pulled they were both infected
      (dentist said this was common) when they were pulled my auto-immune disease was reversed. I know a Holistic doctor that cured his lymphoma

      by pulling root canals that did not cause him any discomfort. A low grade infection sitting in your mouth for years eventually will cause problems as you get older and your immune system gets bombarded with more toxins.

      As far as Mercury goes why would any person want that in their mouth
      just look up the work of Dr. David Kennedy DDS and his smoking tooth video on you tube.

      • Bobby Childree

        I watched Dr. Kennedy’s video, Pamela. The ADA has repeatedly tested for mercury release upon natural chewing in people with multiple silver amalgams and found that the mercury released in 7 days’ time is equivalent to the amount of mercury in half a tuna sandwich. Scratching lightly with a stainless steel explorer certainly releases silver and mercury, just as scratching the paint of your car with a steel scrub pad would mar your finish pronto. The initial test on the amalgam showed zero mercury. The moral is, don’t chew on stainless steel pads! Congratulations on your auto-immune disease reversal. I have seen some literally unbelievable reversals of the same in folks from around the world attending Be In Health seminars in Thomaston, Georgia. Just a word of caution, Pamela- the white fillings (and I have them too) are much, much more toxic than the old silver fillings. Goodness only knows what would come off them if Dr. Kennedy scratched them with stainless steel! I hope you had implants to replace those teeth you gave up.

        • Valdoria

          I had one dozen mercury silver fillings in my teeth… after a request for women of child bearing age to submit hair samples for mercury testing done by a government run group, I was advised that my mercury levels were DOUBLE that of the UNSAFE level. I don’t normally eat fish either. I had my fillings replaced and have been working on lowering the levels in my body for about 5 years now.

        • Adriane

          I have wondered about the white composite fillings being toxic and possibly endocrine disruptors. Can you elaborate? Do you have an opinion of ceramic or glass fillings?

          • Bobby Childree

            I forgot to reply to your question about possible endocrine disruptors earlier. Composite materials do have several toxic ingredients and probable endocrine disruptors. I researched that around 2005. My “solution” for that was to coat the final white restoration with a urethane varnish that when light activated was supposed to penetrate the surface and seal it against erosion from saliva and acid producing sugars. That would also seal in the toxins rather well, just like the urethane coating on my breakfast table seals things inside the wood in and things outside the wood out, making the filling much safer biologically. Just remember, endocrine things work through micro amounts circulating in the blood. I doubt many leaching products from an unsealed white filling ever get into the blood while traversing the digestive system. I would be more concerned for colon, rectal or bladder issues, but I don’t recall ever seeing any evidence of those correlating to white fillings.

        • obe1

          Replace the white composite fillins with ceramic restorations.

      • Amber

        Do you mind if I ask what autoimmune disease you had and how long it took to see that it was reversing after you had your root canals removed?

    • Zee

      With all due respect, you are omitting one glaringly obvious issue here: that even if a tooth has had a root canal treatment, and then subsequently removed via holistic methods, THE PATIENT MUST MUST MUST HAVE A WAY TO GET RID OF THE TOXINS THAT ARE WITHIN THE TISSUES AND BLOOD VESSELS.

      THAT is why a patient would “die” after being seemingly holistically treated. You do not mention whether they were treated – cleansed – of all the built-up toxins after these teeth were removed or refilled with holistic substances! It doesn’t matter WHAT you use in the tooth, or rebuild the tooth with, or even remove the tooth, if all the old toxins, deadly bacteria, damaged nerves, etc…..are left in there! It’s THOSE things that are the problem, you see?
      This is a serious glaring error in this profession – and I know of what I speak. I have been dealing with it for much of my adult life. There are some doctors and dentists who DO understand how to treat these root canal issues FULLY – from the word go, to the patient’s full recovery.

      That is exactly what Dr. Levy has been trying to tell us all – this article doesn’t cover that part. And I for one 100% agree with him – the toxins MUST be removed, or NOTHING will help! You get it?

      • Matt

        How are the toxins removed if a tooth extraction by Itself isn’t enough??

        • Craigson Burg

          the body should remove the toxins by itself once the source of problem has been removed. high dose IV vitamin C treatments might help.

    • vasetta

      Well, good for you, Bobby. You are an oddity.
      I had a root canal removed which was found to harbor TWELVE organisms that did not belong where they were found.
      Additionally, mercury is an extremely DEADLY material that also does not belong in the human body.
      So go on along your healthy, merry way, Bobby, you are not only odd but very rare.

  • Beverly Kendrick

    Thank you for writing this article.I have become terrified of dentists. I had a root canal done in 1989. Fifteen years later, i found out the pulp from four good teeth had been removed too. Two of the teeth have broken off and the problem tooth has lost it’s filling and broken off some too. Your article help me understand why I have experienced discomfort off and on.

    I have taken natural nutritional food supplements for six years now. These products Release, Circulate, Migrate, and Proliferate, extra adult stem cells from my own bone marrow. It is the extra adult stem cells that do the work and not the products.

    I promise you, they will not treat, cure, prevent, or diagnosis any disease. They support my body’s natural renewal system to rebuild and renew my body naturally on a daily basis. We get toxins from our environments.They will not replace my teeth.

    This is the only company that has these products. The products are for everyone,1-100+. We believe in Wellness and not sickness.

    They are backed by science and have patents.

    • lily

      What is the brand of these products. I wish this article said what would be an alternative for root canals.

    • Valdoria

      ?? what products?

  • cristigologan

    TRUE! Root canals and dental infections are even responsible for many cancers (i.e. :breast cancer ) and these can be seen with a full body thermography : Big RED spots will usually show the infections in the body – places that generate more heat(including tumors wich require up to 15 more glucose than normal cells for ATP energy), and a thin red line can be seen between the infected dental area and the cancerous area(tumor).

    I would appreciate if you could provide some details on how to find qualified dentists in EUrope( Eastern Europe, ROmania , if posible). Regards!

  • Valdoria

    What a great article. I have read similar documents and research for years about how disease, especially heart ailments, can begin from the infected roots of teeth.

    There was a study shown where the tooth if a sickly person was extracted and placed under the skin of a rabbit, the sickly person got better, the rabbit contracted the same illness of the person after implantation of the tooth.

    I have 3-4 root canals in my mouth and numerous ailments with heart, thyroid, adrenal, fibromyalgia, etc.. I would like to do the best for my body and remove these offending teeth (all molars) with a qualified dentist who charges a reasonable fee. I haven’t found one in the US that does this. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I am told by my family I am crazy to consider removing so many teeth… what do you think?

    • Jewel

      Come to Prague.The dentists here are exellent and much cheaper than the U.S.

    • cupcake64ish

      You may be able to find a dentist that will accept payments. I understand completely. Dental work is unbelievably expensive and it’s easy to tell people to remove all their root canals but not many people have thousands of dollars to pay for it.

  • starwoman

    So what is the alternative to root canals???

    • CS WARD

      Save the money and extract it and worry about it later when you if you end up needing dentures

  • bobbi

    So, are root canals safe? I am also looking for a natural type Dentist, as I need a few root canals. Also one that takes payments, and charges a little less, as I have no insurance and no work right now. Thank you.

  • vasetta

    Sorry, Childree.they are not “silver”. Your first mistake.

    • Bobby Childree

      Perhaps I am color blind. What color would you say silver fillings are? And by the way, I would like to know the names of the twelve organisms you say were found in your root canal tooth that were not normal oral flora. I would like to know more about that, and with the names I can do the research on them. When I was in college in the 1960’s the organism that causes tooth decay was unknown. When I graduated from dental school in 1977, the several organisms that cause periodontal disease and bone loss had only been known for about one year. To my knowledge the full normal flora of the mouth has not even been cataloged today, and that leads me to wonder how twelve organisms were identified in your root canal that were not normal flora. I am still a student at seventy and even with my 50+ year old root canals I am in excellent health mentally and physically. I have certainly been blessed in far more ways than I deserve.

  • vasetta

    Oh, no wonder, a traditional dentist. Tooting your own horn.

    • Bobby Childree

      Why not- the charlatans are certainly tooting theirs.

  • Jill

    I am trying to find a dentist and medical doctor who can help me determine the best course of action to eliminate systemic infection, namely small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), caused by toxic infection of root canals in 14 teeth. The root canals were performed 1986-1989 and have unknowingly created a myriad of health issues in the decades since. After years of seeking help from cardiologists, rheumatologists, chiropractors, gastroenterologists, dieticians, etc., I realize the source of the bacteria causing so many varied symptoms is coming from my mouth. My teeth and gums are literally buzzing (tinnitus symptom) with what feels like radioactivity. The sides of my tongue feel it too since it rests beside so much crown metal exposed from receding gums.

    My dentist will not even conduct a routine cleaning without my taking an antibiotic prior to the office visit. Infection at the roots of 14 teeth is apparent on x-rays. When I approached her on the subject of the SIBO and failed root canal connection, she sent me to receive ozone autohemotherapy, with the advice that the teeth be saved at any cost.

    You may guess the autohemotherapy did not work, as it is a blood transfusion, for which the blood cannot reach the dead area of the teeth. If we were to re-clean the roots of all these teeth, could the bacteria possibly all be eradicated within the miles of dentin tubules? Is there any possibility of overcoming the monstrous beast this bacteria has become within my body without removing the teeth?

    I feel I am down to two unsavory choices. Live with the toxic pathogens and the disease they wreak on my body or extract so many teeth that will certainly alter the quality of my life. At least the latter would BE a life; presently I am sliding down a slippery slope of losing hope for a disease-free one. Keeping the teeth “at any cost” is seemingly the cost of my life.

    What to do when so many teeth are involved?

    Thank you for any insight you may offer.

    • Dan

      You posted long ago. How are you now?

      I had two root canaled teeth pulled about 2 hours ago.

      Both were on the left side. #9 and #14

      I have had the following symptoms on my left side ONLY for at least 20 years.

      I have beed praying/asking God if it could be these very old root canal treated teeth. And I sensed that it was.
      When the oral surgeon was drilling the back tooth into 3 pieces so he could pull out the3 pronged root, I could feel the tingling in a nerve running throughout all of the problem areas i list below
      I’ll check back in in the near future with a report.

      I promised God that if this ma better I will do something to tell others.


      Pressure at top of neck, base of head.
      Tingling from there down entire ledt side
      Left side of nose gets stopped up. EVERY night.
      Tinnitus. LEFT EAR
      Feel fullness/pressure from top left side of neck to nose including top left mouth gum line and above
      Left upper neck down to shoulder paint and tightnessomething like tingling or electrical current from left neck done to left foot. Including back and leg.

      • hotty198

        how come no one is reporting back!!?? I guess it didnt help?? I have many of your symptoms and have 4 root canals

    • Chris

      I’d recommend you actually read up on Dr. Thomas Levy, the man who wrote this article. He has many books and his most recent is called the Toxic Tooth. He lays out a protocol for you to use, and the bulk of it is high dose Vitamin C as that cures many diseases and viruses on it’s own. He advises to pull the teeth and using a ton of Vit C to clear the infection and toxins. I know you have many teeth so it would probably be costly to get implants or dentures. He mentions that you can take the high dose C to help regulate it daily. His website is He has some great YouTube videos as well. I’m worried about my one root canal so I can only imagine how you’re feeling.

      • hotty198

        I have 4 RC’s and im taking vitamin C with bioflavinoids and beet root for my high bp. It really does help! The key is taking the beetroot 1st thing in morning and leave the concentrated juice mixture in your mouth for 5-10 mins and let your saliva mix with it for best result.

  • Joe

    Bobby Childree,
    It’s hard to understand your logic and I’m dismayed to learn how somebody with a science background can be so dogmatic. Questions:
    1) What is a “safe” mercury level in the human body? Who decides what is “safe”? As far as I know, mercury doesn’t belong there, even traces of mercury are not “safe”
    2) You use the seven days analogy of people with “multiple” amalgams (how many, 2, 5, 10??) and the half a tuna sandwich. It happens that you don’t wear these amalgams for 7 days, they are in your mouth for 7,000 days (or more depending on when you had the amalgams placed). By the way, people are cutting on tuna fish BECAUSE of the mercury.
    3) You give yourself as an example of somebody who has (or had) mercury fillings and who doesn’t have mercury at “unsafe” levels. You should know, if you were a little curious and do some digging, that the ability of each body to detoxify heavy metals varies dramatically from one person to another, so that is another really naïve comment from yours.
    You can be stuck on your beliefs and irrationality, defending a profession that needs to evolve (like everything else), or you can observe, study and be open minded about the data, and learn new things that will help you personally and professionally. It’s up to you.

  • Eric Vermillion

    Being a disabled single parent my resources are minimal, but I am seeking any possibility of improving my health. At 43 I have confirmed diagnosis of RA, Systemic Scleroderma,raynaudes, and I live in constant pain.
    Being the extreme kayker in the photo previously, I could find no explanation of my major health decline. I was a fit athlete hiking my kayak up a mountain only to spend the rest of the day kayaking down. My only health issues were dental, most of those being root canals. I have a mouth full of them, along with a few silver fillings still.
    Question: If removing all my teeth could improve my health, I feel it should be documented. Is anyone doing this type of study or research?
    If so please contact me, I am in Portland, Oregon.
    Thank you, Eric

    • hotty198

      Hi Eric. Did you ever get to the bottom of this? Im in similar situation. I eat right and exercise and Im in fairly decent shape at 35. I suffer from heart palpitations and high bp and spinal cord inflammation (base of skull)and like you I have 4-5 root canal treatments done. I need to be sure pulling them is the answer. Thanks for any help.

      • XSZ ZSE

        hotty198 – my name is Eva. When i received my first root canal, few years later i was diagnosed with chronic bronchial asthma, so bad i want to die, full autoimmune attack. I did not associate anything with the root canal. So 15 years later of suffering due to asthma, just thinking I am cursed. I had the root canal extracted, within a week my asthma started to dissipate. After about a month, I have never had asthma symptoms again. For the last 10 years I am asthma free. My life is back to where it was, and I am no longer suffering. Do i dare say the root canal was the cause? Go figure.

  • Sharon

    My name is Sophie I was diagnosed of this deadly disease a friend of mine introduce Dr Enoma to me and I actually did contact him after he has prepare what he said he will do he sent it to me and I used it according to his prescription after one week I went to the hospital to check my status again because I was feeling differently from the way I used when I was tested positive to my greatest surprise the status was negative the dr there was surprise and I have to tell the whole world about this. If you are having any problem I recommend Dr Enoma for you, you can contact him with his email (

  • warmwxrules .

    Why the #### aren’t humans like sharks. The ability to regrow teeth would help!

    • CS WARD

      Or better yet like Starfish. Grow back limbs and shit

  • Manjitsingh Bhalla

    Though the facts given here are not pleasant for someone planning on going for Root Canal Treatments, this write-up is a must-to-read material. Very few sources offer such details and advice.

    How treated tooth pulp again can be infected, triggering not even a little sign of pain (due to mot nerves & blood vessels of being removed during surgery), leading to grouping of pathogens with toxins and other deadly effects – is all good to know. Pathogens multiplying in amounts, radiating with more deteriorating damages not only to oral health but to many bodily organs (mainly aggravating antioxidant productions) is dreadful to even feel.

    No doubts, when sorts of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases may be at your footsteps. Regular ingesting of good antioxidants supplements (as prescribed by your healthcare provider/dentist) can well balance the situation; happily accepted!

  • Nalliah Thayabharan

    Nearly every chronic degenerative disease has been linked with root canals, including:
    Heart disease
    Kidney disease
    Arthritis, joint, and rheumatic diseases
    Neurological diseases (including ALS and MS)
    Autoimmune diseases (Lupus and more)
    The root canal procedure is performed to eliminate of infection in the tooth along with the sealing of the root system to prevent leakage and supposedly, subsequent re-infection. Most root canal treated teeth remain infected after treatment. The materials used to fill the evacuated root canal spaces do not make a perfect seal and thus can always be expected to leak. This leakage allows bacteria and their toxins access to the bloodstream, and since the blood supply to the tooth has been eliminated through drilling, the immune system can’t get at the infected tooth! This permits a constant leakage of toxic matter into the body so long as the root canal remains.

    Bacteria infiltrating through the dentin tubles under decay can set up housekeeping in the pulp chamber. Due to oxygen deprivation, the existing bacteria can change form and create a plethora of pathogenic bacteria. Over hundred different strains of bacteria have been identified at the apex or within the pulp chamber of dead or dying teeth.

    The toxins produced by the bacteria can either be picked up by the drainage system at the apex of the tooth, or flow down the dentin tubles into the peridontal ligament. At the ligament they can slip into the fluids around the tooth and flow into the bloodstream, where they will be dispersed throughout the body.

    The root canal procedure is fatally flawed, as it always results in an infected and toxic tooth even in the rare event when infection was not present prior to the procedure. Any root canal tooth that is allowed to remain in the mouth will eventually have a negative impact on the patient’s health. The only healthy answer when faced with a chronic or degenerative condition is to remove the dead tooth altogether.

    97% of Terminal Cancer Patients Previously Had Root Canal Procedure
    93% of women with breast cancer had root canals
    7 % had other oral pathology
    Tumors, in the majority of cases, occurred on the same side of the body as the root canal(s) or other oral pathology

  • Jeff Nunayorbizness

    This article offered no solutions.

    What should I do in place of a pending root canal?

    What should I do if I already have root canal in my mouth?

    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • hotty198

    Thankyou for reply. Until I find a cost effective option for implant im stuck with my 4 RC’s. Im managing my problems with beet root juice(concentrated) and vitamin C with bioflavinoids.

  • Craigson Burg

    did you ever get the dentist Jewel was talking about in Prague?