India’s tragic school lunch catastrophe sparks outrage

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School Lunch Warning(NaturalHealth365) Officials said that they had found the cause of the tragic school event in India. They discovered that cooking oil was stored in a container formerly used for insecticides and that’s how poison got into the lunch program. It’s almost hard to believe.

The Huffington Post reports that authorities discovered a container of insecticide in the school’s cooking area next to vegetable and mustard oils. Media sources like The New York Times are pointing fingers at the corruption and mismanagement of Indian government programs and claim that, “Cases of tainted food are fairly routine.”

Ultimately, last week’s school lunch catastrophe that took the lives of 23 children from Dharamsati village in Bihar state, northeastern India and that hospitalized more than 25 others has instigated violent protests and calls for a general strike.

Regarded as one of the world’s largest school lunch programs, this recent devastation has incited other reports of children falling ill at the hands of government-funded food all across India.

Where is the concern about the dangerous insecticides that caused the damage in the first place?

An important fact that has not made headlines is the underlining story that, like many American schools, insecticides are regularly used by custodians and grounds crews to manage pests amidst a young student population.

Any concerned parent in the U.S. should have the same response to this tragedy. Does this accident, in India, get perpetuated on an equally dangerous, but seemingly smaller scale in the United States – every day?

According to the work produced by the Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility, millions of U.S. children exhibit learning disabilities, reduced IQ, and destructive, aggressive behavior due to toxic chemical exposure. Some of the more common neurotoxins include lead, mercury, and pesticides such as organophospates and others that are widely used in homes and schools. These chemicals alter cell function directly and also interfere with hormones, neurotransmitters, or other growth factors.

Greater Boston Physicians argue that we cannot ignore the growing evidence pointing to the relationship between neurotoxins and the epidemic of mental, emotional and learning disorders that plague American children.

Dangers of pesticides and why you must feed your children organic, non-GMO foods

Typically, American children eat more fruit and vegetables than adults (after you adjust for weight differences). Most would regard this as a good thing, however, not when those same fruits and vegetable are loaded with harmful pesticides. Subsequently, twenty million U.S. children five and under consume an average of eight different pesticides every day!

Thirty-seven food grade pesticides registered for use are neurotoxic, organophospate insecticides. Chlopyrifos, for instance, commonly sold as Dursban, is among the most widely-used insecticides in homes and may be the cause of the India school lunch tragedy. Dursban decreases DNA synthesis in the developing brain and diminishes brain cells.

National health exposure studies have found that cholorpyrifos residues (as the metabolite TCP) have been detected in up to 82 percent of adult urine samples and up to 92 percent in children samples.

In addition, surveys in Massachusetts and Connecticut have shown that more than 80 percent of schools routinely spray pesticides. Thus, children are particularly at risk of absorbing toxic pesticides through their skin or ingesting them as they play.

Save your children from needless harm

Prepare for them healthy, organic lunches so they won’t be forced to eat GMO, pesticide-ridden school meals. Let your local superintendent know that you don’t want your local school spraying toxins around the school and playground. Attend your city council meetings and voice your concern!

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