The sinus cavities and spiritual wellness connection

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Safe Body Detoxification(NaturalHealth365) To be psychic means to be sensitive to nonphysical forces. Many people scoff at the very mention of psychic abilities, yet we’re hard pressed to explain the uncanny behavior and abilities exhibited by birds and animals. In humans, we have ways to strengthen our psychic abilities and enjoy greater spiritual wellness.

You’ve probably heard of horses kicking down doors to a barn in order to escape prior to an earthquake. How about the timely escape of the animals in 2004 in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, minutes before the great tsunami? These are just a couple examples of something we (humans) can take for granted.

Is it really possible to see the unseen?

Some years ago, I came across an account of law enforcement agents taking a bloodhound around a large lake, attempting to locate a human body that had been dumped and weighted down somewhere in the middle. The bloodhound found the body unerringly. How could it do something so astounding? Critics believe that the dog picked up on escaping vapors from the decaying body 30 feet underwater. In miles of open water, the dog knew where to look? Whatever the answer, the question remains, how?

People who have spent most of their lives in an urban environment and then spend time in the wilderness with a native guide are often amazed. The guide’s ability to sense movement, to see what appears to most of us as invisible, to track the elusive path of an animal, etc., seems magical. Over the years, more than one backwoodsman has told me that if you keep hunting dogs inside, you ruin their ability to hunt game.

When I asked why, they replied, “It ruins their noses.” In other words, it clogs their sinuses and interferes with their ability to scent game.

Could your sense of smell help you achieve spiritual wellness and greater awareness?

I’ve always allowed my dogs inside; since I don’t hunt, it isn’t an issue for my dogs or me. Yet, their ability to detect what isn’t yet apparent to me is still incredibly uncanny. Here’s an exercise I used to do with my 185 fila. I’d have him on lead and I’d blindfold myself as we walked the mountain trail.

My dog would then tell me that he was picking up on a scent. I’d strain my sense of smell, mostly to no avail, but I’d also be attempting to pick up on the scent. Then one day I actually caught the scent as well. I excitedly opened my eyes, but didn’t see anything. How could I be wrong when the signals were so right? My dog was sitting there confirming the hit. I kept staring at a distant thicket, and all of a sudden I saw a deer standing motionless, looking right at me from his camouflaged location.

The anatomy of psychic ability

It’s been long believed that what we refer to as psychic talents have something to do with our sinus cavities. In fact, ancient spiritual masters taught that the five sinus cavities made up the “golden star” on the surface of the “golden bowl” of the skull. It was through these five spiritual chambers that the breath of life first entered the physical body.

The maxillary pyramid sinus and the ethmoidal sinus, which is made up of many small cavities and mysterious glands, were believed to be especially spiritual organs. Contained within the air and gases we breathe are the messages that a highly cleansed body has the ability to interpret.

I believe the reason my dog was so in tune psychically was that the windows of my mountaintop home were usually open, and when they weren’t, there was an ozone air purifier turned on. In our new home, our heating is from a radiant floor system; no dust is being pushed around and there are no drafts. (I still use the same ozone purifiers.)

Clean up your air space for higher consciousness

Breathing clean, unpolluted air is best. Even with the cleanest air, if your sinuses are clogged up from mucus-generating foods, it’s an uphill battle. It is believed that if the mucus cannot be cleaned out, it will harden, deadening that spiritual organ.

The ancient masters believed we would remain cut off from this higher realm when the physical body existed in a degenerated state, which many of our civilized tastes and habits support. Commenting on this, Dr. Hilton Hotema states:

“Man’s body contains the vestigial remains of organs that once served a purpose. As he descended to lower stages, the organs that functioned on the higher plane were no longer needed. Modern science considers them leftover appendages of the ape stage. Some doctors say we know not whether we are coming or going. They are doing both, ‘coming’ when needed and ‘going’ when not. Dormant organs develop and become functional when needed. If the body contains dormant organs that were developed and functioned in the Breatharian Age, they will revive and return to their former state when the demand for their use is supplied.”

Avoid the dangers of civilization and becoming overly-domesticated

Living in modern civilization, we must take special care to ensure that these spiritual organs regenerate. If for no other reason than mere physical health, it will be to our benefit. When poor diet and polluted air join together in affecting the sinuses, we can experience serious dental problems, as well as hearing and vision difficulties.

I found this helpful explanation on about inflamed sinuses:

Inflammation of the sinuses and tooth pain often coincide. Sinus pressure, particularly in the maxillary sinuses, can cause pain to radiate to the jaw and teeth, and might be experienced as a toothache. A patient who has a sinus infection might experience dental pain and assume that the problem lies in the mouth, completely overlooking the actual cause.

The maxillary sinuses are hollows in the skull situated just above the upper, or maxillary, teeth. These sinuses lie very close to the upper teeth, separated from the roots by only a thin layer of bone tissue. Nerves running to these roots pass through a trough along the lining of the sinuses.

Our spiritual and emotional wellness depends on our physical health

We must make the commitment to a healthy diet of fresh and organic veggies and fruits, as well as regular dental care, exercise, and cultivating proper breathing techniques. We must also consider the quality of the air we breathe in our homes, in our places of business, and outdoors.

As you can see, what we’re really talking about is lifestyle. It’s no wonder those spiritual masters chose more pristine areas in which to live – or is that why those who live in such areas become what we might term “spiritual”?

Since most of us aren’t going to pick up and move into some mystical Shangri-La, what can we do? Luckily, we have at our fingertips health technologies the ancients couldn’t even dream about. This is what makes the spiritual-physical quest such an adventure.

What a joy to be walking this path with you physically and psychically.

About the author: Pre-baby boomer Peter Ragnar has written over twenty-eights books and published courses on every aspect of personal development. He feeds the thirst for those special individuals who are on the quest for human excellence around the world. His fascinating and unique line of products, including “Magnetic Qi Gong,” can be found at:

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  • Rose Marie

    Wow! Satan – the great liar and deceiver who has temporary reign on planet earth continues to convince the people that they have no need for the Cross of Christ. The great awakening in forthcoming soon as all Bible Prophecies are unfolding before our eyes. If there is anyone out there who can see past the deception of pyschics and see past “how great I am apart from my Creator” they can escape the wrath of God that will come upon most of the world because of their unbelief. Check out
    Warning: It will require humility and repentance. The self sufficient will not be interested.

  • Rose Marie

    Wondering if you will post the comment I just posted. No one will escape the wrath of God to come upon unbelievers. He died for your sins and mine – the wages of sin is death. He paid a debt for me I could not pay. Will you accept the payment He made for you as well? Or will you choose to pay your own sin debt? We all have a choice to make — we will say “Yes Lord, Amen and Thank You!” or “No Thanks, I’d rather remain self sufficient and do it my way.”
    To do nothing is to say “No Thank You”. Be blessed to see past the delusions offered by the world.

  • Todd

    Good article, although ozone itself is not healthy. There are other non-ozone producing air purifiers.

  • Diane Taylor

    According to Rose Marie “No one will escape the wrath of God to come upon unbelievers. He died for your sins…” The wrath of God? You mean the creator that made me now wants to kill and/or punish me? Also, I wasn’t aware that God died. If you’re referring to Jesus, yes, Jesus died because he was a human being. The wages of sin is death? According to most versions of the word of man bibles we were “born sinners.” So we were already damned before we even did anything? I think that sitting around your house in a disempowered state waiting for the apocalypse is something Satan would recommend we all do.

  • Kaye

    I believe that being healthy and well in mind, body and spirit is so vitally important also! Balance is the key to good health. Thanks for posting!

  • Bob Childree

    I regularly cleanse my nasal sinuses but haven’t a clue as to how to cleanse any others. I have not observed my sinuses being spiritual organs, but my heart is. Rose Marie is quite right spiritually, Peter Ragner has good points for our physical bodies and Moses, in Deuteronomy 18:10-15 has the most excellent advice on psychic things that I have seen.Diane and many others are very bitter at God, for which I recommend a serious and unbiased study of John and Romans in the New Testament. God is love, is light, is spirit.

  • Slim

    Nice comments Diane! The world has enough fear and loathing, without people adding to it as part of their ‘religion’. “The Kingdom of Heaven is within You”, is the oft forgotten essence of Christ’s teaching.

  • LongLiveTheCrownOfThorns


    Those who think their farts are made
    of roses,
    would not recognize the devil or the
    smell of sulfur along with him.
    Your Nose Knows.


  • marylove

    Thank you Peter for this informative article. It hit home.

  • jyotish

    after all isn’t it through our nasal cavities that the breathe of life comes into