The benefits of vitamin D and sunlight taught to us by chickens

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Benefits of the Sun(NaturalHealth365) The benefits of vitamin D are well-known, but what you’re about to read may surprise you. If you want to avoid weak bones and degenerative disease – you may want to explore the hidden dangers within your diet. In fact, after reading this article, you may never want to eat a conventionally-produced chicken egg again.

Thomas Braun, founder of N2E4U Health Education Institute , recently wrote a fascinating article on the health of egg-laying chickens in factory farms. He highlighted the history of modern egg production, in which chickens were removed from farmyard freedom, crammed into small metal cages, and stacked inside large metal barns, containing 10,000 to 30,000 birds – all in the name of increased efficiency. These “prisons” were artificially-lighted, and consequently the birds received no vitamin D-stimulating sunlight. The direct result for the chickens was weak bones and broken legs.

Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption and bone health. Braun continued by saying the broken-bones dilemma was solved simply by adding vitamin D to the chicken feed.

His article reminded me of Dr. Sato of Japan, who became concerned about high hip-fracture rates among his elderly patients, who were confined to a hospital and deprived of sunlight (think of the large metal barns). He hypothesized that the problem was due to a lack of vitamin D, and wanted to determine whether sunlight could ameliorate the high rates of osteoporosis and fractures.

Could this be a way to end hip fractures?

Sato randomized his patients into two groups of 129 patients each: a sun-exposed group, and a hospital group. The “sunlight” group sunbathed for a year. In that time, average bone-mass increased by 3.1 percent. The “hospital” group experienced the opposite, with a bone-mass loss of 3.3 percent. Vitamin D levels increased impressively among the sunbathers.

Of course, the quantifiable bone-mass differences are important, but the critical success measurement is the comparison of the fracture numbers between groups. The women from the “hospital” group experienced six times the number of fractures as the “sunbathing” group. It is incredible that this information never became widely known. After all, did it not establish a method for preventing and/or reversing bone loss and profoundly reducing fractures risk?

The evidence is incontrovertible; the judicious use of sunlight can save the bones of millions.

Some suggest that vitamin D supplements are as effective as sunlight, but while research shows a positive influence of supplements on bone strength, the results don’t even approach Dr. Sato’s profoundly important sunlight findings. HIs research demonstrated not only a mitigation of bone loss, but an increase in bone mass; in other words, some reversal of osteoporosis!

Why is this vital health information ignored?

Sato’s research was published in a major medical journal, Neurology, so it was, and still is, widely available. Why is it not reported widely, or even recognized by most physicians who treat osteoporosis? It doesn’t sell drugs!

Research and science backs what has worked for thousands of years (before pharmaceuticals); non-burning sun exposure saves bones, health, happiness and life!

About the author: Dr. Sorenson and his wife, Vicki, founded and directed one of the world’s most popular health resorts. During 15 years, their clients lost 110 tons of fat, two thirds of diabetic guests were free of medication in two weeks, and others recovered from high cholesterol, arthritis, migraines, hypertension, arthritis and allergies. The author of several health books, including Vitamin D3 and Solar Power – the Sorensons now direct the world-class destination health resort, National Institute of Health and Fitness (NIHF), in Midway, Utah. For more information – visit: or call 888-798-6443.

Sato, Y. Amelioration of osteoporosis and hypovitaminosis D by sunlight exposure in stroke patients. Neurology 2003;61:338-42.

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  • julie

    You might also mention those of us unfortunate enough to have been on drugs all our lives. Certain drugs deplete the body of calcium and vitamin D, hence our bones didn’t even get a chance to grow properly, as they were already under attack. If doctor’s give regular blood tests to such patients then this problem can be spotted and dealt with before it becomes a problem. I have had hip and femur fractures due to vitamin d shortage that I was not even aware of, because of the life long need to be on drugs. my consultant even told me that this was the case. It is scandalous that they are still not giving simple routine blood tests. You have to be your own doctor, and insist you get regular blood tests if you have been on drugs for many years. Don’t let what happened to me happen to you.

  • Todd

    Full article from Sato’s original research study:

  • sage

    Here in central Illinois, sunlight is hard to come by. On occasion, we’ll get some sunlight, but most days the chemtrails are so thick, the skies are in white-out status by mid morning.