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Natural Supplement Alert(NaturalHealth365) He’s done it again. After an embarrassing vote against his 2011 “Dietary Supplement Labeling Act” (S.1310), Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) has announced that he will be resubmitting his infamous “Supplement Bill” once again. His perseverance is impressive, but his bill is dastardly.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, “[S.1310] threatens the supplement industry by granting FDA more power to regulate supplements as if they were drugs, potentially putting supplement companies out of business.” Mercola, and other natural health advocates are uniting Green organizations and supporters to sign a similar petition that previously helped shut down Durbin’s attempt in 2011.

The natural health community unites!

According to Mercola, “Because the natural health community so quickly and effectively sprung into action, Durbin’s [2011] amendment failed.”

Mercola was referring to the petition started by the Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA). The ANH-USA is part of an international organization dedicated to promoting sustainable health and freedom of choice in healthcare through good science and good law. According to the ANH-USA,

It’s time to take the offense on the supplement issue in Congress. We have been in a defensive posture for too long. What’s needed now is a major campaign to educate our senators and congressional representatives that supplements are very different from drugs, and should not be treated the same way.

The truth about the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act

In essence, S.1310 puts tighter regulation on supplements than is in place for drugs. The bill outlines the following:

• Establish mandatory warning label requirements for dietary supplement ingredients that the Secretary determines to cause potentially serious adverse events, drug interactions, contraindications, or potential risks to subgroups.

• Identify proprietary blends of ingredients for which, because of potentially serious adverse events, drug interactions, contraindications, or potential risks to subgroups such as children and pregnant or breastfeeding women, the weight per serving of the ingredient in the proprietary blend shall be provided on the label.

• The Secretary shall seek to enter into a contract with the Institute of Medicine under which the Institute of Medicine shall evaluate dietary supplement ingredients and proprietary blends of ingredients.

Be on guard, GMO labeling supporters

The primary cosponsor of S.1310 is Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) who is one of the loudest voices in the GMO labeling campaign. Also co-sponsor of the Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act, Sen. Blumenthal has fought for bipartisan federal legislation that would require the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to clearly label genetically engineered foods so that consumers can make informed choices about what they eat.

This is a curious issue and may explain why Connecticut’s compromise Bill 6527 will only take into effect after ridiculous requirements are met.

FDA’s scope gives them enough control, why more?

Under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), the FDA has been given the power to oversee “both finished dietary supplement products and dietary ingredients.” Interestingly, the FDA regulates dietary supplements under a different set of regulations than those covering “conventional” foods and drug products. Under the DSHEA:

• The manufacturer of a dietary supplement or dietary ingredient is responsible for ensuring that the product is safe before it is marketed.

• FDA is responsible for taking action against any unsafe dietary supplement product after it reaches the market.

According to Durbin and S.1310 supporters, the problem that needs to be addressed is that under this legislation manufacturers do not need to register their products with FDA or get FDA approval before producing or selling dietary supplements. In effect, supplement manufacturers are on the “honor code” and “must make sure that product label information is truthful and not misleading.”

The solution is not more regulation

Current law supposedly ensures our safety and further supplement laws are simply not needed. As noble as it might appear, the solution in preventing adverse affects from controversial supplements like energy drinks and weight-loss pills is not more government control.

Consumers need to educate themselves and take ownership of their health. Just over a century ago, people were self-sustaining; growing their own food, taking care of their own basic medical needs and were living free of extraneous government control.

Today, however, most Americans have become virtually inept in caring for themselves and their families. Subsequently, the more ignorant people become in basic life-skills, the more power Americans give Big Gov, Big Ag and the medical community.

The solution is be connected with reputable sources like NaturalHealth365 and get educated, stay informed and take responsibility for your health and the health of your loved ones.

Sign the petition today and tell big government that we can take care of ourselves and that we don’t need more regulatory control.

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  • jay

    is this guy a fool or is he mean or is he both? I don’t see how he could be neither.

  • Diane

    Either he is stupid or someone is really greasing his palm

  • tired of dick

    he is mean. He showed no mercy on the handmade toy industry, with the CPSIA (consumer product safety improvement act) which has put many small, natural children’s products manufacturers out of business (or put them outside the law, because the myriad regulations are impossible to comply with). That law essentially was written based on the business model of large production runs in China, while ignoring the niche manufacturers and their business models. When we explained to him the implications of the law, he turned a deaf ear. His aid admitted they knew there would be collateral damage, but neither seemed to care. No, he is not stupid (per se), yes, he is mean. Yes, I have no doubt his palm is very greasy.

  • kenhowes

    Durbin’s just up to his usual tricks. As long as he was a congressman from a conservative district in southern Illinois, his voting record was moderate; as a senator, he’s been as liberal as anyone in the Senate, meaning that Nanny Government will try out all our food on the dog before giving it to us, the children in Nanny’s charge.

  • Lisa

    The FDA already has put in place ridiculous things like the RDA requirements for certain nutrients, the Food Pyramid and it’s many forms. They don’t know enough about nutrition (like most physicians) to make those guidelines. Theirs are not based in good science. Must not happen…

  • mojo191

    My e-mail to Sen. Dick Durbin regarding the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act (S.1310)

    Dear Dick,

    I totally agree with you that the Supreme Court’s ruling against the
    Voting Rights Act is terrible! – It amounts to a shameless abuse of its
    power in an act that disenfranchises millions of American citizens!

    Please keep in mind, though, that when you sponsor laws, such as the
    Dietary Supplement Labeling Act (S.1310), whose covert intention is
    that of removing a vast majority of nutritional supplements from the
    shelves, leaving only those that have minimal dosages capable of
    merely preventive action, but which would effectively put out of reach of
    the American people those supplements which have sufficient dosage
    to have therapeutic impact and effectiveness, you are, in effect,
    disenfranchising millions of Americans from being able to take care of
    their own health needs.

    In acting in this manner, you abandon the vast majority of the American
    people, in effect, in order to advocate for the interests of an inordinately
    greedy pharmaceutical industry which has proved by its reprehensibly
    avaricious and callously heartless behavior that it cares so little about
    the health of the American people that it has been willing to sacrifice
    the lives of more than 500,000 of our fellow American citizens, selling
    them a very dangerous FDA-approved drug, Vioxx, which ended up
    killing them, and and continuing to sell it, even though they had become
    aware of its lethal danger, because it was worth it to the drug company
    to take that risk — a cost-benefit analysis revealed to them that it
    would be worth their while, financially speaking, to keep such a drug on
    the market for the vast amount of monetary profit they’d make on it,
    even if they’d subsequently get sued for damages for the deaths its
    FDA-approved, though highly lethal, product was causing!

    No nutritional supplement on the market has ever been demonstrated to have
    anything comparable to the dismal safety record that some drugs
    previously approved by the FDA, such as Vioxx, Celebrex, Thalidomide
    and others, have been shown to have.

    Yet, despite this, you inexplicably choose to side with the financial
    interests of the corporate slavemasters of the 1% against the vital
    interests of the 99% of ordinary Americans by proposing this industry-friendly bill which disempower their ability to make their own healthcare
    choices — ones that don’t further compromise their health with the
    otherwise avoidable and sometimes lethal side effects provoked by the
    pharmaceutical drugs produced by Big Pharma, who evidently care
    only about the money they can make profiting from the ill health of
    Americans, not about the Father of Medicine’s first dictum: “Above All,
    Do No Harm!”

    Supporting an avaricious corporate industry such as Big Pharma by
    playing a part in suppressing the natural nutritional supplemements
    that compete with its pharmaceutical drugs, as you are doing, Dick, is
    something highly unconscionable — something that no Democrat
    should be at all proud of doing.

    It is an act that is no better than, and just as ignoble as, the shameful
    corporate shilling for the 1% perpetrated on the American people by
    those perversely misanthropic Republican Supreme Court Justices
    Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, John Roberts and
    Anthony Kennedy in their shamelessly infamous and destructive
    Citizens United decision, which has been wreaking havoc and inflicting
    extreme damages upon our nation and which, in effect, is going a long
    way towards turning it into a plutocratic, corporate-run oligarchy.

    Do you seriously want to contribute to the further ruination of our
    nation by consolidating oligarchic power and control over it and over its
    people by means of this bill, the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act
    (S.1310), that you are supporting?

    Do you actually desire your legacy, as Senator, to be that of having
    acted exactly the same way as a typical, shameless, corporation-loving
    and people-hating Republican would act, thereby betraying 99% of the
    American people while effectively besmirching the name of the
    Democratic Party by sullying its reputation as “the Party of the People”
    by your having acted exactly like the “profits before people”
    Republicans typically act, who have proved themselves over and over
    to be “the tireless advocates, supporters, protectors and defenders of
    the rights and privileges of the most wealthy and powerful”, instead of
    doing what your job as a Democrat should really be — that of
    “protecting the rights of ‘the least among us'”?

    If being a Democrat truly has any meaning to you, Dick, I implore you to
    seriously reconsider your here-to-fore unwavering support for the
    Dietary Supplement Labeling Act, (S.1310), which, under the guise of
    supplying helpful regulation, actually grants Big Pharma the very tools
    it needs in order to totally dismantle the availability, to us, of high
    quality, effective nutritional supplements that are economically
    affordable for most people, by imposing its restrictive choke hold on the
    American people through its faithful servant and ‘mafia “enforcer”‘, the
    regulatory agency known as the FDA, with which it has a “revolving
    door” relationship — in a clear and unambiguous conflict of interest
    with respect to what is best for the American people — a “revolving
    door” relationship that is clearly beneficial to the interests and bottom
    line of Big Pharma… but, as a consequence, it’s also a conflict-of-interest-ridden “revolving door” relationship which is extremely
    detrimental to the interests, as well as to the health concerns, of the
    vast majority of the American people!

    Please keep all of this in mind.


    Monty Renov

  • Dawn

    I am in support of regulations for dietary and herbal supplements. In my opinion labels should contain all the information regarding the ingredients, chemical analogues, herbal blends, etc. to not only allow the consumer to make informed decisions but to also be able to refer to physicians and/or pharmacists for guidance to make sure there are no side effects and/or contraindications with other “drugs” being taken. Supplements, are a drug in my opinion if they are taken for any purpose related to health–including maintenance and/or support. They are not “just” plants, herbs, etc. In my opinion, the chemical components and their actions put them in the drug category. Why should we just rely solely on the manufacturers “ensurance & trust” in their product? Would anyone jeapardize the health & well-being of themselves or that of their family on just a “honor code”? I hope not. The consumer cannot be definitively educated to take ownership of their health without full disclosure of product information and cooperation from these manufacturers. I don’t think that it should just be a national requirement, but a world-wide requirement. Voting against a bill just because it applies more restrictiions and/or regulations is not a good enough reason (in my opinion) to potentially put people’s health status at risk. I add that I am a nurse, but I am also commenting as a parent. I would not give anything to my children if the product information was not inclusive and I could not inquire about the ingredients with my doctor or pharmacist. Thank you. .

  • Jason Pyktel

    I think there should be regulation and research on natural industry. I want to know what I get works and science behind it backing it up. I want to know what helps mental illnesses I have and not just wasting my money. I want truth and honesty. no stricter requirements which would help me make better decisions for my health would be lame not having. sorry Dr mercola I disagree not doing anything. civil wise worked out ya right not hasn’t happened in years. would people wise civil wise not run a stop sign if it wasn’t there and if wasn’t a law how fast could drive a car on road would they go slow