How the sweet potato helps us avoid cancer cell growth

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sweet-potato(NaturalHealth365) It’s all too rare when deliciously-sweet foods are genuinely good for you; however, this is the case with the amazing sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamins, fiber and appealing flavor. They also bring a range of important health benefits, including the ability to help prevent cancer. (To avoid unwanted chemicals on your food – buy organic)

The sweet potato comes in a range of nutritious and appealing colors, from light orange to red and even purple. The darker the color, the higher their nutrient content. In addition, sweet potatoes contain high amounts of potassium, calcium, vitamin C and are rich in many other cancer-fighting compounds – listed below.

Boost your intake of carotenoids to avoid cancer cell growth

Sweet potatoes are loaded with phytochemicals, which have potent disease-preventing and protective effects in the body. This is due in part to their high content of carotenoids – a particularly powerful phytochemical with antioxidant properties.

Carotenoids help to block the process of harmful oxidative damage in the cells. This in turn assists in preventing cancer due to the inhibition of the growth of cancer cells. Keep in mind, immune system health and functioning is also supported by carotenoids.

Sweet potatoes contain an astonishing 600+ carotenoid compounds to help fight and prevent cancer. One of the most potent among them is beta-carotene, also known as vitamin A. This powerful antioxidant helps to protect against DNA damage in the cells that could otherwise set the stage for cancer.

Discover sporamin – the powerful, plant-based protein

Sweet potatoes are also loaded with a plant-based protein, and one of the most powerful and beneficial is sporamin. Sporamin is well-known for its anticancer effects, and it comprises around 80 percent of the proteins found in sweet potatoes.

Sporamin resists digestion and initiates a positive immune system response against cancer cells. Sporamin also seems to slow the growth of cancer cells as well as reduce their migration to other areas of the body. This in turn lowers the rate of cancer metastasis and proliferation.

By the way, studies have shown sporamin and carotenoids to be effective against cancers such as leukemia, colon cancer, breast cancer and cancer of the tongue.

The added benefits of eating a sweet potato

This delicious food is also effective in regulating blood sugar and diabetes symptoms, supporting healthy vision, improving digestion, reducing inflammation, and even promoting fertility.

So if you thought sweet foods couldn’t be good for you, think again. Sweet potatoes are loaded with nutrients that help to support health and potentially prevent cancer. Unfortunately, all too many people reserve their consumption of sweet potatoes to holiday meals just once or twice a year.

With so many health benefits of sweet potatoes, you should be eating this superfood more often. try it baked or mashed with a little cinnamon, nutmeg and grass-fed butter for an amazing food experience.


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  • Sandy Major

    Can you get the message out any clearer then you have. A whole food diet with lots of fruits and vegetables protect you from a host of chronic conditions.

  • Kimberly W

    My gosh everyone serves white potatoes and it is found on every menu. What a shame that there aren’t any dishes except on Thanksgiving that offer sweet potatoes.

    When we visit on this holiday there is always the unusual mashed potatoes piled high and a small sweet potato dish with marshmallows. Everyone grabs the mashed potatoes and hardly touch the sweet potato pie.

  • Sue Krones

    I make a sweet potato fries and they are so much better than the regular fries. I think of the white potato as a lump of sugar. It falls into the group of foods that aren’t particularly good for people. Yes, it also has vitamins. However, it can’t compare with the nutrition that the sweet potato offers.

  • I knew about the amazing benefits of sweet potato I think the main reason why this product is not that well know because I rarely see it being promoted and the fact that the name starts with sweet people might think that it is not healthy as you suggested it tastes good therefore its bad for you haha.

  • Terry Schiller

    I think in this article, yams which are often reddish, are confused with sweet potatoes which are usually off-white.

  • senior3citizen

    I wish it was true in my case. I eat sweet potatoes sliced, basted with extra virgin coconut oil and baked/broiled at least 5 times a week, along with eating other anti-cancer vegetables, antioxidant/anti-cancer fruits, maintain a strict organic, gluten free, no soy or red meat diet, avoid sugar and fluoride and still ended up with cancer.

  • The OGS

    “cure cancer”
    The efforts must be focussed more on PREVENTING it.
    (Since once it is aggressively taking you over, the battle is already in jeopardy…)

  • The OGS

    Guys, stepping back from all the individual, specific foods for just a moment…
    The only thing preventing cancer from taking over all our bodies is our immune systems!
    Therefore fasting, the health of the blood and the health of the liver are important considerations.
    There can be no healthy immune system with a big fat liver and Type2 Diabetes, for example. Sick blood…
    Unhealthy immune system.