The cause of the flu is linked to low vitamin D

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Flu Prevention(NaturalHealth365) Research reveals that low vitamin D is the main cause of the flu. Unfortunately, millions of people still (falsely) believe that the flu vaccine is a good “prevention” strategy. But, the truth is, there is no scientific evidence proving the effectiveness of a flu shot.

Ask yourself this simple question – is it really necessary for me to inject toxic chemicals like, mercury and formaldehyde into my body to avoid the flu? I suggest, before you get vaccinated, take some time to read this article and make an informed decision.

What really causes an outbreak of the flu?

According to a Norwegian study, vitamin D has an antibiotic effect on the immune system. The study claims that a vitamin D deficiency is likely to blame for the flu epidemic in Norway. The winter months are when there is a significantly lower level of vitamin D in the population – due to inadequate solar radiation.

According to the study, these flu epidemics trigger a steep rise in infection and mortality rates as exposure to sunlight diminishes. In the winter season, when vitamin D deficiency is at its highest, mortality rates are 600 times higher than during summer time – according to the Norwegian study.

Good science is suppressed by the mainstream media

According to Professor Johan Moan; “Vitamin D acts as an antibiotic and strengthens the immune system. UV radiation exposure stimulates the production of vitamin D in the skin. In the winter months, when the sun’s zenith is too low in the sky for vitamin D synthesis to take place, the body’s vitamin D level drops, as a result of which its protective effect is unable to fully develop.”

These scientists, at the University of Oslo, examined data on flu epidemics from Sweden, Norway, the United States, Singapore and Japan. They discovered a direct correlation between infection; mortality rates and low vitamin D levels. In other words, your risk for sickness and death rises as your vitamin D level drops!

Supercharge your immunity with extra vitamin D

The work of several pioneering experts reveal that, at sufficient levels, vitamin D is capable of boosting the immune system and virtually eliminate the risk of infections. These findings encourage people to ignore the conventional recommendation of 400-800 IU per day because it’s not enough. Simply put, most people would benefit from a dose of 5,000 to 10,000 IU per day.

Obviously, you need to get yourself tested for vitamin D and work with a physician that appreciates the value of good nutrition.

In 2005, Dr. John Cannell had an amazing experience – widely unreported. Working as a psychiatrist at the Atascadero State Hospital, he found himself in the mist of a severe outbreak of seasonal influenza. A substantial number of inpatients were infected and most prison wards were quarantined. However, not one of the 32 patients in Dr. Cannell’s care developed the flu.

Funny how conventional medicine refuses to take a closer look at this story

Dr. Cannell was so successful with his patients because his treatment regimen included high doses of vitamin D. He was aware that his patients couldn’t get enough sunlight, required for health, so he had them on supplemental doses.

This was a 100 percent rate of flu protection, which was just about repeated by Norris Glick, MD, a Director of Rehab services at Central Wisconsin Center, a long-term care facility for people with developmental disabilities. Dr. Glick discovered that all 275 of his patients were vitamin D deficient and used supplements to maintain adequate levels.

Dr. Glick reported that during the H1N1 (swine flu) outbreak of June 2009, only two of his patients developed flu like symptoms, while 103 (“unmonitored”) staff members got the flu. He pointed out that was direct proof of the protective effect of vitamin D.

Kill the flu virus with high doses of vitamin D

Dr. Ellie Campbell, an integrative family medicine practitioner in Georgia, where there have been widespread H1N1 outbreaks – had similar positive results. Dr. Campbell measured and replenished the vitamin D in her patients, while the physician who shared her office did NOT follow her protocol. The fellow physician was seeing up to 10 cases per week of influenza, while Campbell had just one over the whole period.

It is estimated that 87 percent of adults are vitamin D deficient by late winter when most flu epidemics occur. Vitamin D levels below 30-40ng/ml are considered insufficient and many think the aim should be from 50-80ng/ml for flu protection.

Get yourself tested and protect yourself

Finding out your vitamin D level will not only protect you from the flu, but from the need for vaccinations. It’s a simple, inexpensive blood test that will help you to make an informed decision about your own healthcare.

Have you got an effective flu prevention strategy? Help others by sharing your positive experience – in the comment section below. (thanks!)

About the author: Jonathan Landsman is the managing director of and host of the NaturalHealth365 Talk Hour – a free, weekly health show sponsored by Jonathan is helping millions of people worldwide create health and physical fitness through a variety of educational and entertaining articles, teleconference calls, live shows and special events.


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  • Don M

    I was using a high quality chewable vitamin D from synergy until health Canada said no more. Now I can’t get it in Canada anymore. This is just another example of their foolishness.

  • Erin

    Thank you Jonathan. Supplementing with D3 goes a long way in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle including fresh fruits and vegetables, exerise, plenty of rest and relaxation. This way we are in charge of our own health and we control what goes into our own body. Works for me…

  • Robin Muric

    I have a problem taking vitamin D. I get real bad joint pain. What can i do?

  • Willem

    Robin: a orthomolecular physicians check-up is the best thing you can do;
    You could discuss with him/her a possible shortage of magnesium.
    Search for Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND.

  • Noma Johns

    Robin, if you can’t take vitamin D3 orally, then get it from the sun. If you live where the sun is too far away in the winter, then go to a safe tanning parlor.

  • Brenda Curtis

    I read on Dr. Mercola’s site that there is a danger of calcification of the arteries if we take vit D3 without also taking vit. K (I believe it is). It has something to do with moving calcium where it needs to be. Now i’m concerned since my children & grandchildren are all taking vit D.

  • Tom O Donovan

    Thank you Jonathan for endeavoring to keep us naturally healthy.Jane Burgermeister has her own website now She warned us all about the dangers of vaccinations in 2009 and she was proved right.I dedicated a song to her thatI composed called ”Vaccination Madness”.People can hear it by clicking on songs in my website wishing all good natural health. Tom.

  • tom

    the best source of vitamin d is ladies and gentleman THE SUN
    if you can get any of it these days! also DR. mercola has a tanning bed that produces vitamin D.