Is your therapy making you sick or healthy?

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(NaturalHealth365) Wouldn’t you LOVE to know if your treatment of choice is making you sicker or healthier? Well, thanks to a great homeopath you can. Read on to discover the three key things to look out for on your road to recovery.

Optimal healing starts with an open mind

So far, we have looked at what Homeopathy is and reviewed what makes it so contentious. In fact, from the very beginning this amazing medical modality has been met with a certain degree of skepticism. What is exciting to note is that those skeptics who approach Homeopathy with an open mind and test it (empirically) often go on to sing its praises louder than anyone else.

One such pioneering skeptic was Dr. Constantine Hering. In the early 1800’s, he was planning to write an anti-homeopathy book, but all his experiments pointed to the fact that Homeopathy actually worked. In 1824, he was cured of gangrene, and his hand was saved from amputation, with a homeopathic remedy called Arsenicum.

Skeptic of Homeopathy makes history

After his remarkable healing experience, not surprisingly, Dr. Hering became a complete convert and went on to found a famous homeopathic college in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He is now frequently referred to as the “Father of American Homeopathy.” He is also famous for formulating an amazing concept known as “Direction of Cure.”

Homeopathy and all truly holistic approaches to medicine are based on the concept of “vitalism”. Put bluntly, there is something intangible that a living being has that a corpse does not. In Ayurveda it is known as “Prana,” in Traditional Chinese Medicine it is called “Qi” and in the homeopathic tradition we name it the “Vital Force” – yet they are all one and the same thing.

The key to vibrant living is in our energy

The “Vital Force” is always striving to protect you and keep your health at the best level it can, in any given set of circumstances. When the Vital Force is not in a state of harmony, but a state of dis-ease, then it will produce a warning signal in the form of a symptom. Initially, these symptoms are often mild, but if they are ignored or over-ridden then the signals tend to get louder and louder!

It is really important to see symptoms and their progression as useful information. If the treatment you have chosen is moving you towards a state of restored health and harmony symptoms move:

1. From within to without

This protects your mental and emotional well being and the functioning of your vital organs by throwing stuff out to the surface in the form of rashes, eruptions, sweat, discharges, vomit, diarrhea. Not pretty, I know, but it is better out than in!

2. From above to below

More superficial symptoms (such as eruptions or muscle and joint pain) move from the head and face to the trunk, from the trunk down the arms and legs to the fingers and toes.

3. In reverse order of its original appearance

The most recent symptom will clear first and earlier symptoms (that may have disappeared when suppressed) will reappear at the end of this process and will often be the very last thing to clear.

So now is a good time to ask yourself: “Which way are your symptoms moving?” If you have any questions or concerns after reading this article – feel free to send me an email – my address is:

Next week, I’ll be writing about when you can use Homeopathy at home and how to get really great results. If you have something you’d like me to write about in a future article – simply post your comments below. (yes, we read every post!)

About the author: For over 17 years, Mary Aspinwall has been a full time Registered Homeopath and is the founder of Mary offers a best selling range of homeopathy kits and you can read her blog at: In addition, Mary has created a free e-book, “Basic Guide to Homeopathy”. Click Here for a consultation with Mary Aspinwall.


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  • Roland Machlowski

    I’ve been a raw vegan 80-90% for 4 years and can see my mind is renewed, think more clearly, and my ADD is gone. I feel my mind is sharp. So I work with kids in the behavioral health and most of these kids are on 3-6 meds for things like bipolar, ADHD, mood disorder, etc. At age 6 they start! From my 4 years of research on health I see their diets are horrible! How can homeopathy help. And I know they can be taken off meds, improve diet, add supplements like niacin therapy for schitsophrenia and vit C. What’s the best way to get these kids off these meds? Is there a mathematical formula to titrate? I know it’s dangerous to go cold turkey. I’m convicted 90% or more of these kids with mental problems can better off on better diets than toxic meds. Thank you.

  • wayne eligur

    Does homeopathy correct neuropathy from various causes I mean?
    Also, spine issues and compressed discs can benefit?
    I tried some single remedies at the store and to my delight they worked to do the job… albeit temporarily.. can we get a real CURE though?
    I was very surprised at the effect…

  • Mary Artemis

    Would really love a basic working definition “that works”. I have heard people talk ad nauseum about homeopathy v. allopathy, and I still don’t know what it is! And I’m intelligent!

  • Norman

    I have been assisting a friend with prostate cancer, and the psa count has reduced from over 200 to 7, however, the last blood test revealed a count of 47, so there has been a massive reduction overall, but a small increase on the latest test. Needless to say my friend is concerned. He was prescribed hormones, and there is now a suggestion of chemotherapy which I am strongly against. Can you suggest a reason for the return of the swelling in his neck ? I have advised raw, plant based diet, elimination of sugars, no processed foods etc and exercise. He is also taking Oxylife, which is a liquid negatively charged, molecules of oxygen. I hope you can help with this problem. Kind regards,


  • Korrine

    My husband has rhumatiod arthritis. What can he do homeopathicly to improve or cure his arthritis?

  • Giacomina

    Is there a good protocol for the gallbladder, I am post menopausal. Having issues with the digestion and gallbladder.

  • Mary

    The most important thing I got out of this article is that everybody needs to slow down and listen to his/her own body…it will tell you what it needs if you are patient and pay attention. No natural cure will ever work as fast as one of ‘their’ pills, but it will work.

  • Christin

    I am very interested in the ‘ear candelling’ technique. I haven’t tried it as of yet because I’ve received conflicting information about it’s safety. I would appreciate any information you have on it. Thank you.

  • Kay

    Wonderful article. I too am interested in any information you might have regarding a cure for arthritis.
    Thank you!

  • Mary Aspinwall

    Wow – great to see so many comments and questions – keep them coming! In answer to Roland Machlowski. Your idea of diluting drugs to help kids recover form the effects of them is a branch of homeopathy called isopathy. The remedies are made in homeopathic pharmacies. Even more effective is to find the constitutional remedy for each child. This book is excellent:
    Ritalin-Free Kids: Safe and Effective Homeopathic Medicine for ADD and Other Behavioral and Learning Problems [Paperback]
    Robert Ullman N.D. (Author), Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman N.D. (Author) and it’s on Amazon. Re nutrition being a key factor you are absolutely correct. Thanks for the work you do.

    In answer to Wayne Eligur I am glad you got relief and that you are now a convert to homeopathy! You could get much deeper and more long-lasting benefits with constitutional treatment. Just google my name with those words to find out more about what it entails. Best wishes for a full recovery.

    Mary – for a definition of “homeopathy” versus “allopathy” homeo – pathy means “similar suffering” and allo – pathy means “other suffering” (in fact more acurately it is usually anti- pathy which is “opposite suffering”). If you were sleepless a homeopath would maybe use a micro dose of coffee to help you sleep, whereas an allopath would give you a sedative to give you the opposite problem. Why not get my free e-book or do the free online training course, too?

    Norman – good for you for helping your friend and improving his diet. I am sure you will appreciate I can’t advise someone who has a serious condition without fully understanding the situation. Please ask him to contact me if he would like to work with me. Korrine and Giacomina the same answer applies to your questions. Homeopathic remedy selectio is always based on individual case information with the exception of first aid situations and minor illnesses.

    Christin – I love ear candling – it’s gentle and it draws stuff out to the surface. If it helps but the problem persists then consider constitutional treatment.

    Mary – on the speed of homeopathic remedies I have see them work in seconds! I agree with you though. We do all need to slow down and listen to what our body is telling us.

    Kay – thanks for your kind words.

    Keep those comments and questions coming.
    Wishing you all well

  • Violet Ang

    Hi, my daughter-in-law was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus 2 months ago. According to her Rheumatologist doctor, it has no cure. She was prescribed an anti-malaria
    drug which she has to take for life. Is there a cure for it in Homeopathy? Can u recommend a doctor she can consult near
    South Pasadena? Thank you so much for any information you can give.

  • Mary Aspinwall

    Hi Violet
    Sorry to hear about your daughter-in-law.
    Homeopathy works by strengthening each individuals own ability to heal themselves. So we don’t say if you have diagnosis A take remedy B. The remedy is chosen specifically for each individual taking into account many factor about them, how they became ill and what their symptoms are. I can advise you further if you e mail me:
    Best wishes