Toxic chemicals linked to autism

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Autism News(NaturalHealth365) There are many toxic substances linked to autism. During pregnancy and the first two years of life, the brain is extremely vulnerable and should be protected as much as possible. Medications during and after pregnancy, especially vaccines, are very toxic to the young brain.

Is your doctor telling you the whole truth?

Did you know that prescription (and over the counter) medications represent a foreign chemical exposure to the human body that are fundamentally extremely toxic. The truth is legally prescribed medication has become more and more the cause of many health problems. This is not only true for vaccines but for many other conventional medical treatments and health related issues – that may surprise you.

Antidepressants such as Zoloft and fever during pregnancy have been linked to autism while cigarette smoking during pregnancy has been linked to high functioning autism. In addition, gestational diabetes and lead levels have been linked with both ADHD and autism. Essentially, what happens to your child in the womb can have as much of an impact on their development as what happens once they are born.

Be careful with the following medications:

Valporic Acid – primarily used in the treatment of epilepsy and bipolar disorder. It is also sometimes used to treat depression, migraines and schizophrenia.

Terbutaline – used to stop premature labor. Researchers believe it can affect cellular responses and developmental programs in the fetal brain, leading to autism.

Pitocin – Given to speed up or to induce labor. The World Health Organization notes an association between the use of Pitocin and autistic disorders and psychiatrists note that a majority of their autism clientele were exposed to pitocin.

SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) – Their brand names are better known as Prozac, Effexor, Paxil, and Celexa. Researchers found taking these substances during pregnancy doubled the odds of having a child with autism. If taken during the first trimester, the odds were nearly four times as great.

Other medications such as a simple nasal spray or Rhogam shots could also have an impact on the fetus. You may not find a study on every medication and whether or not it is linked to autism, however as part of the CEASE intake and questionnaire, these will be discussed to determine if detoxification from a particular medication could be beneficial to your child.

Could chemicals in the air be causing autism?

A 2007 study conducted in California found that the risk of autism spectrum disorder increased with the poundage of organochlorine applied to those closest to the fields in which the pesticide was used and decreased with distance from field sites.

Dr. Alice Mao, an associate professor of psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston affirms that some studies have found that pesticides may interfere with genes involved in the central nervous system. Dr. Mao states that chemicals in pesticides may adversely affect those who are genetically predisposed to autism, leading them to develop the full-blown disorder.

Your ocean food could be poisoning you

Once pregnancy is confirmed, doctors caution expectant mothers to restrict their fish intake. According to the CDC, eating too much fish that contains mercury while pregnant or nursing can cause health problems for the developing baby. The CDC goes on to say that exposure to mercury before birth and the first few years of life may affect a child’s development in the areas of language, attention, memory, vision and coordination.

Naturally, the use of detoxification program to escort toxins from the body for both expecting mothers and fathers is highly recommended. Preparing and cleansing our bodies prior to welcoming a new child will give everyone the highest chance at health. Post your comments or questions about natural childcare – below.

About the author: Sima Ash of Healing 4 Soul is a clinical and classical homeopath and certified clinical nutritionist who utilizes a unique approach pioneered by Tinus Smits, M.D. called CEASE therapy. The aim of CEASE treatment is systematic detoxification of the causes of illness, leading to step by step improvement and restoration of health in the individual. For additional information, please visit –

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    Given the number of mercury fillings in my mouth, I’d better NOT have a baby …

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