High sugar intake leads to increased tumor growth and metastasis

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cancer-cells(NaturalHealth365) The typical Western diet is loaded with sugar, and this is causing serious health consequences – including cancer tumor growth.  Now, a study published by the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is confirming that too much sugar can lead to breast cancer and metastasis to the lungs.

These negative health effects of sugar were attributed to increased expression of both the fatty acid 12-HETE as well as 12-LOX. Previous studies had found that a high-sugar diet triggers breast cancer due to an increased state of inflammation in the body that is often linked with cancer.

Tumor warning: High fructose corn syrup poses grave dangers to health

In the study, mice were given amounts of sucrose that were comparable for their size to levels consumed by many in Western cultures. A control group of mice was given a starch diet without sugar. The mice receiving the sugar diet showed increased blood sugar levels that resulted in accelerated tumor growth as well as metastasis.

The researchers determined that fructose, specifically, in both high fructose corn syrup and table sugar that was the biggest culprit of metastasis in the lungs. Fructose was also linked with the 12-HETE production that caused breast cancer tumors to grow. Dietary sugar seems to induce 12-LOX, raising the risk of both conditions.

Sugar consumption in the United States causing a health crisis

It is already known that sugar, and particularly glucose, impacts energy-based metabolic pathways in ways that contribute to the development of cancer. However, this current study has shown the role of sugar in creating the inflammation that drives carcinogenesis.

Identifying cancer risk factors is crucial to public health, and the current Western diet is clearly filled with problems. Reducing sugar intake to a small or moderate amount is critical to reducing cancer risk as well as incidents of numerous other health problems, including heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

With sugar consumption in the U.S. now at more than 100 pounds per capita per year, this problem is reaching crisis levels. Sugar-sweetened beverages are one of the most significant contributors to the overconsumption of sugar and resultant health problems.

Control your sweet tooth for better health and longevity

Americans are consuming more sugar and carbohydrates than ever before, and this is having grave effects on the health of our nation. Heart disease, diabetes, obesity and weight-related complications are reducing health, longevity and quality of life. This recent study shows that sugar also contributes to breast cancer risk, lung cancer metastasis and tumor growth.

Cutting back on foods that contain sugar, corn syrup and carbohydrates is the first step to regaining health. Sweetened processed foods and sugar-infused sodas and juices are among the worst choices. Healthy alternatives to sugar include foods and beverages sweetened with stevia or honey in moderate amounts.





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  • signalfire1

    We’ve known for 100 years now that cancer cells can’t metabolize ketones, the alternative energy source to blood glucose; yet try to find an oncologist who will even mention it! (My idiot oncologist even had a bowl full of candy for all the ‘poor cancer patients who needed a treat;’ it was as if I had gone to the dentist for 40 cavities, and then been given a huge all day sucker on my way out…) If you want to combat or prevent cancer, use a ketogenic diet! It was NORMAL for our ancestors to go in and out of ketosis regularly, since both hunting and food preparation took time; time that we spent hungry and living on our own fat stores… the tail end of every winter season would have been ‘dried meat time’ as stored vegetable supplies dwindled. High carbohydrate intake would have been limited to the harvest season. I’m convinced that as much as ‘chemo’ works, it works by causing the infamous ‘nausea and vomiting’ – another way of saying that if the patient can’t keep food down, they go into ketosis…. what if the poison isn’t necessary, only the change in diet that a ketogenic diet requires? What if the ‘cure’ for cancer isn’t thousands of dollars worth of toxic chemicals and radiation, but instead a few bucks’ worth of Vitamin C and a diet free of carbohydrates?