Turmeric beats pharmaceutical drugs in preventing cancer

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(NaturalHealth365) According to a wealth of research, curcumin, a compound found in turmeric protects the body and prevents disease more effectively than drug based treatments.

Turmeric, according to a review of 700 studies, has been shown to outperform pharmaceuticals in its effects against several chronic and deblitating conditions, without adverse side effects. James A. Duke Ph.D., a highly respected ethnobotanist, published this comprehensive summary. This is a field of botany, which is discovering the healing properties of plants.

If you want to feel good – try adding turmeric to your life

Turmeric not only enhances your well-being but may be the solution for most inflammatory conditions. It serves to make you feel better, look better and eliminates inflammation. Turmeric contains more that two dozen anti-inflammation compounds including six different COX-2-inhibitors (COX-2-enzyme promotes pain, swelling, and inflammation).

Turmeric is a high antioxidant spice, which is known to relieve symptoms and offers protection for a whole host of conditions ranging from arthritis, Alzheimer’s, polyps in the colon, Parkinson’s, cancer, high triglycerides and obesity.

In addition, this wonderful plant food works as a antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal plus helps to tame allergies.

Help yourself to effectively lose weight – naturally

Turmeric assists with weight loss by stalling the spread of fat-tissue by inhibiting new blood vessel growth, called angiogenesis, which is necessary to build fat tissue. At the same time, glucose levels, triglycerides, fatty acid, cholesterol and liver fat levels are also lowered.

In India, only about 1 percent of the elderly population develop Alzheimer’s disease – which is nearly one-quarter the rate of the population in North America. The difference, in large part, is due to the regular consumption of curry in India.

Dr. Duke found more than 50 studies on turmeric’s effects on Alzheimer’s disease. The indication is that extracts of turmeric contain a number of agents that block the formation of beta-amyloid, a substance responsible for the plaques that slowly obstruct the cerebral function in Alzheimer’s disease.

Cancer cells HATE turmeric

Turmeric supports healthy cell growth and builds a stronger body starting at the cellular lever. In other words, it has an ability to promote healthy cellular division, and the potential to assist in blocking free radicals – which promote abnormal cell growth.

Duke found over 200 citations for turmeric and cancer and more than 700 for curcumin and cancer. Curcumin and/or turmeric were effective in animal models in prevention and/or the treatment of colon cancer, mammary cancer, prostate cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer and oral cancer. Duke went on to say that the effectiveness of the herb against these cancers compared favorably with what was reported for pharmaceuticals.

There is so much scientific proof to support the idea that curcumin has the ability to stop abnormal cell growth – by blocking certain cancer causing chemicals; stopping the growth of blood vessels that promote cancer cell growth and blocking the growth of the cancer cells by causing them to self-destruct. Why wouldn’t we be interested in this powerful, natural substance.

How to add turmeric into your daily routine

You can simply add turmeric to your favorite dish or a soothing cup of tea – may be the way to go.
To make tea – bring three to four cups of water to a boil, add one teaspoon of ground turmeric and reduce to a simmer for 10 minutes, strain pour, add some honey or lemon and enjoy. What is your favorite way to use turmeric? Post comments – below.

About the author: Blanche Levine has been a student of natural healing modalities for the last 25 years. She had the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds in Natural Healing including Naturopaths, Scientist, and Energy Healers. Having seen people miraculously heal from all kinds of dis-ease through non-invasive methods, her passion now is to help people become aware of what it takes to be healthy.


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  • elfi

    Your ad about signing up for ‘free shows’ also indicated a free 7-day cleanse. Am i not eligible for that because i already receive your newsletter?

    anyways thanks for the information and for providing references so i can pass it along with confidence.


  • Abdul

    Drink Boil milk and add turmeric according to your taste at sleeping time.

  • Mana

    Hi I was wondering the curcumon supplements can have the same benefit I take super curcumon by life extension

  • Sally Wright

    I take my turmeric in capsule form every AM, along w/fish oil & probiotics. EASY

  • William-Crosby Jones

    Being a regular reader and an avid researcher for CURES of Cancer, I came upon one Col. Bill Henderson’s(USAF, retired) website: Beating-cancer-gently.com where you come at cancer from a seven point attack. Costing $5.15 per day (or appx. $155.00 per month)for certain foods and supplements, which his book lists, is a lot less per month than radiation and the dreaded chemotherapy (at $10,000.00 per month or higher), of which many thousands who are said to have died of cancer, REALLY died from the poisoning effects of Chemotherapy! Need I say more!!!

  • Lars K

    Real hardcore turmeric proponents don´t strain pour the brew to get rid of the powder. They drink the powder too.

  • Ali Khan

    Tumeric is a wonderful spice, if only there was a way to get it absorbed effectively. I believe tumeric is very difficult to absorb. Any comments?

  • Curcumincare

    For the person who is drinking a glass of milk before sleep, a spoon of turmeric in the same milk is going to help him a lot to prevent many diseases.


  • Viv

    I’ve read that you are to avoid tumeric if you have gallbladder problems. It worked well for me, but since I have big stones in gb I discontinued right away. My health food store looked into this for me, and also agreed.

  • Lars K

    William-Crosby Jones

    Yes William, there are more than a few cures for cancer.

    I harvest stinging nettles, mainly in early spring – enough of them to last me all year. I dry them, grind them into a coarse powder, brew them with hot water, and drink as a tea. including the grounds. Provides me with all kinds of minerals and other nutrients.
    I also harvest Chaga mushrooms from birch trees in my area and make a black tea of them. Chaga is a second-to-none immuno-booster and disease killer. It cures most anything, from acne to cancer. I highly recommend it.

  • Lars K


    It is not advisable to mix any remedy with milk. The milk makes it hard for our system to absorb active substances in remedies.

  • Buz Reid

    I make a blended “Super Drink” for breakfast every morning of: 4oz. of homemade grass-fed raw milk kefir … two raw non-GMO fed pastured chicken eggs … 1 tbsp organic tumeric … 1 tbsp organic cinnamon … and one teaspoon of the Inca superfood and adaptogen, gelatinized Maca. Delicious !!! Haven’t had a cold or flu in 15 years and take no meds for anything !!!

  • Lars K


    As long as you keep the recommended dosage, you should get the same benefits as you would using the recipe in the article. However, active ingrediences are more easily absorbed when they are dissolved in water. So mixing the pills with water in your mouth before swallowing is a good idea.

  • Susan J

    Dr. Russell Blalock, retired neurosurgeon and author, says that turmeric needs oil for the body to absorb it. He suggests taking 1 teaspoon olive oil and mixing in the turmeric or curcumin and swallowing all. The curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric. If you cook with turmeric it is advised to warm it in some oil first.

  • Jamilah

    I was just wondering, regarding the first post ‘how to add turmeric to your daily life’ which says you boil 3-4 cups of water with turmeric for 10 minutes, is there any reason behind the boiling? wouldn’t it work the same way if we just try and dissolve turmeric in warm water? I am not really informed on how these herbs work. I tried mixing a teaspoon of turmeric with molasses instead of honey as this is the usual way I swallow herbs by mixing with honey i.e grounded fenugreek or caraway see, so i tried thay method with turmeric, any advise?




    Blanche…. what is the name of the tea that is so great against cancer & can you review the history for me…. thank you so much!!

  • NaturalHealth365

    @Joannie here is the link to the article on essiac tea


  • Sharon Hart

    Are you looking for Essiac Tea? It also comes in capsules now, as well.

  • Sandy

    The easiest way I have found to add turmeric to my diet is to buy the organic spice in bulk. I have a capsule machine and then make up my own capsules.

    This spice really is a miracle.

  • Marilyn

    I make a tincture of tumeric, add a dropper or two to my other herbs, cover with boiling water, and drink when cool.

  • Bob Holtz

    Hello to all who are faithful and true. Tell us what you are thinking? I,m thinking about how can i attend, The Total Health Institute in Wheaton ILL. Please all who are struggling with there health take the time to view the web site of the Total Health Institute. I need help to raise the funds to attend The Total Health Institute. I’m dealing with several major health issues and it is there i will fine total health restoration. Body, Mind, Spirit= Wholeness. I wish there wasn’t so much emphasis place on money but afraid there is. So if there is anyone with a giving heart and a opportunity to give forward to a very worthy cause for a man who want’s to live, please let our heavenly father lead you to help me. Male: 65 Grandfather of three. My the Lord bless you and keep you in good health.

  • jay

    I’ve been looking for the traces of the double blind experiments that they theoretically must have done with radiation and chemotherapy. Can’t find them. Really wanted to know how they kept the doctors and the patients from noticing that the control group didn’t throw up constantly and lose their hair. Must have had a real clever design, these experiments. If anybody can find them, please let me know where. Thanks

  • Sandy

    I am able to buy fresh raw roots and juice it along with carrots, beets, cabbage and whatever else I have on hand. From what I understand, turmeric looses potency the longer it has been ground.
    Will be growing my own soon!

  • CC

    I thought I read somewhere that tumeric needs a type of pepper to be bioavailable to the body?

  • Diana

    Can turmeric be used if one doesn’t have a gall bladder?

  • Zal

    turmeric is better absorbed with black pepper, or with oil.
    For example, I eat one avocado a day, it has already oil, but still, I sprinkle a little black pepper on 100% rye bread with a lot of avocado, plus raw tahini and turmeric of course.
    I also eat cooked (like rice) quinoa, add a lot of olive oil / coconut oil, turmeric, red onion and himalaya salt or celtic salt

  • Hummingbird

    Turmeric is why the people in India has very little cancer, people need to eat organic foods and 100% herbs to rid of so much sickness in America. Too many prescribed and illegal drugs are killing people.. Pharmacy means hallucianations, thats what we have come too today.