Breaking News: Woman gets brain damage and $7.4 million for vaccine injury

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vaccine injuires censored(NaturalHealth365) A Missouri man was recently awarded $7.4 million on behalf of his wife, who is brain damaged and disabled due to a vaccination round she received prior to an overseas trip. Mind you, despite horrific injuries like this, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and mainstream media outlets continue to say that vaccines are ‘safe and effective’.

On June 22, 2011, Carolyn Schutte received a round of injections in preparation for a trip to Africa. The shots included tetanus, typhoid, and hepatitis A and B vaccinations. Just two days later, Schutte was completely debilitated, and is now a victim of permanent brain damage from encephalopathy.

Too many lives have been ruined by vaccines

Carolyn Schutte was once the mayor of the Missouri town of Excelsior Springs; now, she is paralyzed on one side and cannot walk. She requires specially prepared food and a hydration tube. In fact, to this date, she can only speak two words: “yes” and “no” – despite seeming to comprehend everything around her.

Her husband Jim, once her traveling partner, is now her caretaker. Carolyn Schutte requires round-the-clock care and likely will for the rest of her life. Does this sound like a ‘safe’ medical treatment?

Jim Schutte reports that Carolyn laughs when he brings up their private jokes; she calls for him in the evening at around 7:30, and they hold hands until she is ready to go to sleep.

Millions of people are being brainwashed by the pharmaceutical industry – every day

Despite the fact that the courts ruled in favor of the Schuttes and they received a staggering $7.4 million judgment, Jim Schutte remains inexplicably passionate about vaccination as a practice. With all due respect, his comments about his situation do seem puzzling.

He says he is worried about the public taking “anecdotal situations like Carolyn’s” and making them into “something they are not.” To call brain damage from a vaccine “anecdotal” seems bizarre to say the least. If my husband or child were injured by a vaccine – I’m sure I would sound very different about the situation.

Schutte has also stated he fears his wife’s situation will fuel the “anti-vaccination movement” – something to which he is inexplicably opposed. He’s even expressed frustration about the recent resurgence of measles, blaming it on people who refuse to vaccinate their children.

Honestly, his reactions are a bit strange and out of alignment with the gravity of the situation that one wonders if Jim Schutte has been brainwashed or told what to say by the pharmaceutical industry in order to receive his financial settlement.

Can the pharmaceutical industry get away with this?

Schutte is also quoted as saying: “What happened to Carolyn is a rarity… a freak of nature.” He goes on to say that he believes such incidents happen “very occasionally,” but that the chances of it happening are “minimal” against risks of contracting the diseases for which people are being vaccinated.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued Schutte’s settlement from the NCVIP (National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program), which is funded by taxes on vaccine manufacturers. However, there was no judgment of fault issued in the case. Because numerous vaccines were issued at one time, no one is sure which vaccine caused Carolyn Schutte’s brain damage.

Whether or not Jim Schutte was “persuaded” to be an advocate of vaccines, the fact remains that vaccine injuries are far from “rare.” With the current autism rate at 1 in 50 and the high amount of aluminum within vaccines representing a strong culprit, it’s clear that the potential for vaccine injury has reached crisis levels.

I wonder, if given the chance, would Mr. Schutte allow his wife to get vaccinated again?


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  • pam r

    What did the husband agree to say all of this to get the money?
    If your family member got injured like this – would you advocate vaccines?
    The brainwashing runs deep- We have vaccine injured people advocating vaccines.

    Very Strange

  • shotofhealth

    I agree with you Pam R, this sounds very strange. Normally when a loved one is injured in this way (or say for example in a shooting incident) the affected partner is often quoted as saying “we must do everything in our power to stop this from happening again”. Anti-firearm people are quick to leap on tragedies to pursue their anti-firearm agenda.

    It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that this poor woman’s husband has signed a deal to keep his mouth shut on his real feelings for the $7.5m. Anything is possible.

  • Phil

    He did what he had to do to get money to take care of the woman he loves…..He made is sound SO outrageous so that we would all know the truth! Vaccines are UNSAFE.

  • Lee

    To author Dena Schmidt, thank you for this article. I am wondering if perhaps you tried to contact Mr. Schutte before you wrote this piece? Out of curiosity, I did a quick search for this man, and soon had his mailing address and email address. If I had wanted to spend some time on it, I perhaps could have found a phone number for him, also. It seems like trying to contact him would have permitted more information for the basis for his statements, and hence, would have made a more complete report.

    On a separate note, in your final sentence, you say, ” I wonder, if given the chance, would Mr. Schutte allow his wife to get vaccinated again?” I’d like to call attention to your use of “allow.” To me, it’s an example of unconscious gender bias. As I’m guessing you’d agree, marriage doesn’t grant a husband the right to “allow” (or not allow) an activity by his spouse.

    “Allow” implies custodianship, such as parents have with their children. While Mr. Schutte does care for Mrs. Schutte, you nevertheless reported that she is fully aware of what’s happening (albeit she has limited communication capacities). There is no indication that she’s mentally incapacitated to the point where her husband decides things for her (or “allows” her to do or not do things). I’m guessing you meant to say that you wonder if Mr. Schutte would support his wife in receiving another vaccination.

    This is a holistic health website, which means all aspects of health are covered. The attitudes (including unwitting biases) conveyed in our word choices do influence our health, as well as the health of those with whom we communicate. Thank you for considering my feedback.

  • Name

    Wonder if part of the negotiations were a bigger settlement as long as he didn’t say anything anti-vaccine.

  • John

    It is clear that the medical industry does not want to hear the truth or embrace technology that clearly and distinctly shows how EVERY SINGLE VACCINE given to a child causes damage to that child. Their stance on how they don’t know what causes SIDS is not only ridiculous, but shows their total ignorance of medicine on a truthful level. The mechanism has been found, the proof and evidence of how it happens cannot be denied because it uses the methodology every neurologist in America knows what to look for! The problem is that the proof is hidden in the way the brain works and when doctors are told how this happens, they are stunned!

    Every neurological disorder or disease, however you want to classify it, have the same cause, but to different degrees of severity that give different symptoms, so it’s called something different. There is no doubt that this truth will come out and in time we will look back at this tragedy happening with vaccines and understand that drug companies were EVIL, CORRUPT, and hopefully will be held accountable for this incredible damage to our children!