Surgeon General and Elmo team up to deceive the public about vaccines

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surgeon general and elmo(NaturalHealth365) Children adore the Sesame Street character Elmo, whose childlike innocence and sunny attitude have made him a favorite of young and old alike. And it’s that widespread fondness for the fuzzy little red muppet that Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) are betting on as they hijack the trusted childhood friend and turn him into a mouthpiece for the HHS and its pro-vaccination agenda.

Murthy recently blogged about his new video made in cooperation with the Sesame Workshop, a 30-second public service announcement heralding the importance of vaccinations.  In addition to the short PSA, the HHS had several versions of the video produced – including a nearly three-minute video distributed on YouTube, through the combined efforts of HHS, Sesame Street and the Daily Dot.

Warning: The contents of this video are truly deceiving and disturbing!  Watch the entire video – below:

How does this video make you feel? I’ll be blunt, you are NOT being told the entire truth about vaccines. To learn more about vaccine safety and how to eliminate the threat of infectious diseases – without a corporate agenda – visit: VaccineWorldSummit and get immediate access today!

How could anyone tolerate these dirty little tactics to manipulate our minds?

Using a brand that typically provides young children and their parents with sound advice about safety and well-being – such as the importance of bicycle helmets and good oral hygiene – the HHS video featuring Murthy and Elmo includes misleading advice and falsehoods presented as facts. It also perpetuates misconceptions about the effectiveness and safety of vaccinations, while simultaneously ignoring vaccine dangers.

For example, in the video, Murthy tells Elmo that vaccinations are shots that help him to stay healthy and encourages Elmo to tell all of his Sesame Street pals to get vaccinated as well. He likens getting vaccinations to using an umbrella in the rain or a helmet while riding a bike.

The major problem with those analogies is that in the most recent quarterly report from the Department of Justice made to the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines – detailing vaccine injuries and deaths – stated there were 117 cases for vaccine injuries and deaths compensated between November 16, 2014, and February 15, 2015, alone. (does that sound ‘safe’ to you?)

How could the federal government ignore vaccine-induced deaths?

It’s also worth noting that the settlements represented by vaccine injuries and deaths included in the DOJ quarterly reports likely represent only a small fraction of the actual vaccine injuries and deaths occurring in the nation today because few Americans realize the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program exists nor even that it is not possible to sue a pharmaceutical company in the U.S. – due to injury or death caused by vaccination.

A November 2014 report by the Government Accounting Office criticized the government for not making the public more aware of the program. Those who are aware of the program often wait years for compensation and those filing claims of autism due to vaccines are not heard.

Murthy also tells Elmo that vaccines protect him from germs and that vaccinations are necessary to help his body ward off germs that would otherwise make him sick.  However, many vaccinations put dangerous organisms into the body – which  actually cause sickness.

In fact, cancer patients and others with weakened immunity are routinely warned to steer clear of recently vaccinated people to avoid increased exposure to germs.

The government wants you to ‘sing’ – while being injected with poison

Near the end of the video, Elmo receives a shot after being told by Murthy that vaccinations only hurt a little bit. In the video, Elmo distracts himself by singing a song and does not realize he has received a shot.

In reality, children have a broad range of reactions to receiving vaccinations, from mild pain at the injection site to fever to debilitating injury and even death. But, of course, this video neglects to fully inform the public about vaccine dangers.

Taxpayer funds are being used to promote vaccine toxins as ‘safe.’

The video closes with Elmo asking Murthy why everyone does not get a vaccination. The doctor tells Elmo that is a good question, while striking a pose as though contemplating the answer.

But the answer does not require deep thought when the true facts are revealed:

  • Vaccines are manufactured with known toxins, carcinogens and other questionable ingredients, including formaldehyde, mercury ,aluminum, phenol, methanol, MSG, animal virus, human virus and aborted fetal tissue, among others.
  • As shown by the quarterly DOG reports, people are injured and killed by vaccines. The numbers in these reports likely represent only a tiny fraction of the actual number of cases, many of which go unreported.
  • Money matters more than facts. So many people were killed or injured by vaccinations, in the 1980s, that big pharma blackmailed Congress to either give legal immunity to pharmaceutical companies in court or they would get out of the vaccine business. Meanwhile, the U.S. Government holds patents on some vaccines – including the dangerous Gardasil vaccine – earning royalties on them.
  • Whistleblowers among former CDC employees have come forward with evidence that vaccinations promoted as safe and effective have been shown in research to cause autism, yet this research was swept under the rug for years.
  • While the vast majority of the medical community remains silent about the dangers of vaccinations, likely due to a fear that they could lose their license or their own financial connections to the pharmaceutical community, there are physicians who are willing to put their careers on the line.  Producer of “The Greater Good” movie Leslie Manookian names over 150 scientists and physicians who have questioned vaccines publicly. This flies in the face of most media accounts that characterize vaccination opponents as a fringe group of uneducated, ill-informed parents.
  • Among the points made by the doctors in Manookian’s movie are that vaccines all labeled “effective” simply because they are effective at causing the human body to produce antibodies. However, production of vaccine-generated antibodies is no guarantee that a vaccinated person will not still come down with a disease. There have been a growing number of cases in the U.S. where vaccinated populations have been affected by disease outbreaks for the very condition vaccinated against.

To get the full story about vaccine safety and how to eliminate the threat of infectious diseases – visit: VaccineWorldSummit today!

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Reaching hundreds of thousands of people, worldwide, as a personal health consultant, writer and radio talk show host – Jonathan has been educating the public on the health benefits of an organic (non-GMO) diet along with high-quality supplementation and healthy lifestyle habits including exercise and meditation.


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  • pam r

    Notice at the beginning of the video elmo is holding up a magazine that says RELAX
    so everyone can clearly see it. Trying to put people in a mental state where their message will better be accepted. Well if a puppet tells you it’s safe it must be. NO Thank -You

  • sunnie733

    Boy! That nurse popped up out of nowhere, now that would scare me~!


  • chemfreemom

    Such corruption. I hope all of you who know that vaccines are a dangerous sham are teaching your kids about it. Otherwise, the next generation will be totally brainwashed, and won’t be able to reference to a time when these diseases were considered harmless, like we still can.

    • sabelmouse

      important point. the younger generations already think that we all died of the measles or something like that.

  • Bob

    The social planners know the easiest way to manipulate the next generation of people is through friendly fuzzy characters and through school. Colleges for example are implementing free speech zones and even then you need an approved permit. This conditions the young adults about to enter the work force to be quiet and do what you are told. Perfect for the social planners. My hat off to one of the students that has decided to take their school to court. Students need to challenge the status quo or they will enter a world that is very dark. The actions of these few beings attempting to exert control on others must be challenged or you have given implied consent and things will get worse.
    Vaccinations contain heavy metals like mercury and aluminium which then interact with radio frequency radiation like Wi-Fi, cell phones and smart meters. This causes even more issues than the radiation or vaccination by themselves. Imagine a vaccinated person saturated with heavy metals walking next to a smart meter or cell tower. The radiation resonates with the heavy metals intensifying the signals causing other health issues (see EHS and microwave sickness).

  • Alan Schmukler

    Yes, it’s disgusting. There are Pharma execs in back rooms plotting how to sell more of a product that THEY KNOW will injure and kill children. First lesson: There are people in this world not like you and I. They are motivated solely by greed and have zero empathy. That is the definition of a sociopath.

  • dhartley231 .

    mama dont let your babies be vaccinated