Dr. Suzanne Humphries questions vaccine safety

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baby vaccinated(NaturalHealth365) Dr. Suzanne Humphries is a kidney specialist and medical doctor who started to notice a disturbing trend in her patients. Sadly, the vast majority of conventionally-trained doctors barely even notice a danger to the public.

A large number of her patients were experiencing illnesses from vaccines, in particular kidney damage and outright kidney failure. While her views are never showcased in the mainstream news, an interview that was conducted while she was speaking in Sweden has made it to YouTube and is starting to receive some much-needed attention.

Medical doctor speaks out about the dangers of vaccines and what you need to know

In this video interview, Dr. Humphries puts forward multiple arguments against the efficacy of vaccines. To start, the injection process exposes the body to viruses in a much different manner than how most natural infections occur.

For example, measles is usually contracted via inhaling it, resulting in a fundamentally different immune response than by injection. Vaccines also contain far more than just the virus; harmful chemicals such as aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and polysorbate 80 are also introduced into the bloodstream.

The scientific evidence – against vaccines – continues to grow

Dr. Humphries says she became motivated to research vaccines when she saw people close to her injured by them. She feels her medical training has misled and misinformed her, and that many other doctors are misled and misinformed as well.

Based on her research, Dr. Humphries does not believe vaccines increase a population’s health or general human health. She says there is a lack of historical evidence that a vaccine has ever actually eradicated a disease, despite statements to the contrary. In fact, in some cases the data shows that the disease rates have gone down once vaccinations of a population were ceased.

While “pro-vaccine” groups point to studies, Dr. Humphries says no study she has seen proves definitively that vaccines are safe. She says she has more scientific reason to believe that vaccine components can compromise the immune system and lead to issues like neurological problems and cancer.

A warning about vaccine policy and Western medical practice

Those who are for vaccination tend to be very aggressive and closed off to opposing views and evidence, which is always a red flag. They use fear tactics, spread disinformation, withhold information or share only biased, one-sided data on vaccine safety.

Even the prestigious Mayo Clinic advocates a “persuade rather than inform” approach and dissuades health professionals from leaving printed materials such as brochures with clients or following up with them via email.

Dr. Humphries now advocates finding natural ways to take care of the body and strengthen the immune system as an alternative to vaccines. Ultimately, every person should have a choice in the matter based upon a forthright presentation of the facts about vaccine safety.

As for Dr. Suzanne Humphries, she states, “I don’t believe in vaccines. I don’t even believe a little bit in vaccines. I believe they can do more harm to me than I may ever be able to make up for.” The mainstream media all but censors alternative viewpoints expressed in this report. Ultimately, we must educated ourselves and, as always, make an informed decision.


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  • Ivan T

    We need more medical professionals questioning vaccines safety. This most likely will not happen, so it’s up to the public to educate themselves.