Our food supply is being poisoned with vaccines

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(NaturalHealth365) Can you imagine eating vaccine ingredients with your fruits and vegetables? That’s right – major biotechnology companies have a (sick) vision of using the food supply to develop vaccines for AIDS, diabetes and a host of chronic diseases. Now, is the time, to wake up our society to the value of fresh, organic food or we will suffer grave consequences to our health.

This is how biotech farming threatens human existence

Biotech companies focus on engineered seeds as a delivery system for recombinant vaccines and antibodies. These soulless scientists believe that vaccines, like the flu shot, can be manufactured cheaper and faster than current methods without regard to human health. So, to speed up the process – pharmaceutical companies are looking toward the plant world (our food supply) as a solution to their problem.

The procedure is getting fine-tuned; first a flu-virus gene is inserted into a bacterium which our immune system will recognize, then the plant gets infected with the virus. I can’t think of a better reason to buy local (untainted) organic food.

The military thinks it’s a great idea to make our food a weapon

The Department of Defense is giving $40 million toward the bioengineering of our food supply – it’s called Project GreenVax. The generic name is molecular farming and it’s a new technology that uses plants to produce large quantities of pharmaceutical substances such as vaccines – quickly. By the way, this science is similar to the genetic manipulation of our food crops called GMO.

Just Google “Project GreenVax” yourself – it’s pretty scary stuff!

A number of vaccines and other therapeutic substances made in plants such as tobacco, maize, potato and carrot are already commercially available or in clinical trials. Producing pharmaceuticals in plants is faster and 80 precent lower in costs than using animal or microbial cell cultures.

In molecular farming – a DNA molecule carrying the genetic information is introduced into the plant genome. The transformed plant acts as a bioreactor producing large quantities of the pharmaceutical agent. So, you may be asking yourself, what’s the risk? Well, for one thing, it’s never been done before and we have no idea of the long term impact on our health or on our environment.

Our food supply is being poisoned without our permission

Producing vaccines in plants has many drawbacks, including contamination of our food supply. If a vaccine were consumed inadvertently, it could lead to desensitization, which means a vaccination would not work – making the whole method of production a waste of time and money.

There is a very real possibility that these plants can be either be eaten by animals in the vicinity or given to them in feed. Another very real danger is these active substances will enter our water supply. Either way – do the benefits really outweigh the dangers?

Big Pharma wants to make a killer profit on our lives

The rewards for the public may be very few, unless you consider frequent drug dosing an advantage. For the pharmaceutical industry cash crops take on a whole new meaning. The dollar signs in the farmer’s fields means the bio-tech industry will go forward toward commercialization of this new technology with or without our knowledge.

The National Food Processors Association (NFPA) stated in a position statement in November of 2002 that it “finds there is an unacceptable risk to the integrity of the food supply associated with the use of food and feed crops as “factories” for the production of pharmaceuticals or industrial chemicals.”

The Nebraska Farmers Union president John Hansen said, “There may be a television program here or an article there about what’s happening, but I don’t think most Americans have any idea of the extent to which things have been pushed forward without the kind of research and precautions that ordinary common sense would demand.”

Does this concern you? Let your voice be heard – tell us what you think by posting your comments below and share this article with your family and friends. We have a right to know!

About the author: Blanche Levine has been a student of natural healing modalities for the last 25 years. She had the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds in Natural Healing including Naturopaths, Scientist, and Energy Healers. Having seen people miraculously heal from all kinds of dis-ease through non-invasive methods, her passion now is to help people become aware of what it takes to be healthy.


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  • Ricky Walls

    I find it amazing that most considering themselves smart sideline the tainting of our food and water with the conspiracy theorist. The amount of money spent on marketing on the sheeple as they sit in front of the most effective subliminal tool in the world, the TV is staggering. They’ve done such a great job that death is even a considerable factor when consuming the death delivery systems they have produced.

  • stewart

    I believe a radio activated poison is the “big one”. The poison activated after the solar storm and during the big rain. The activation will occur accidentally or deliberately. I bet on deliberate.The solar storm will wipe out the food supply and require the killing off of the masses.

  • Twlight

    This is an outrage, can you provide more information.

  • John Hughes

    I’d like to see a Cap Wiz type form on your website where I can easily e-mail Congress etc. to voice my opinion of what I learn thru Natural Health 365 & Natural News.


  • Jim Radigan

    The globalists are continuing with their efforts to contaminate our food, water and air. This accomplishes two things. First, this gives the globalists huge profits. Secondly, they want to completely control the people of the world by controlling all of the food. They also plan to reduce the population of the world. Those of you who have stayed informed are fully aware of Agenda 21. Those of you who are new to this subject had better begin to educate yourselves, for your health and the health of your loved ones.

  • Laura Stout

    So it’s come to the point that we don’t need wars to kill everyone, we have the pharmaceutical companies to do that for all of us. And the government allows it because of all the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ they will make not looking at how few population they will have in the future. It’s sad to think that $$$$$$$$$$$$ has blinded them so badly as to not see what’s happening now and how it will affect all. I live in Cananda and what happens there in the USA will affect the country that I live in as well.

  • Marilyn

    I have been working on both the initiative and the campaign in Northern CA for the Vote YES Labeling of GMO’s. I believe that the biotech industries NOT winning Prop 37 (and I believe they will NOT win!) would still consider Vaccinated Food a Genetically Engineered food. There ‘may be’ a fine line for the Monstors to create it through as another method/system/protocol where they do not call it GE but use other words to get around the law (that WILL pass 🙂
    I’ll check with the main instigator ( Pam who started this food fight!) and see what the attorney has to say, but I believe this will most likely fall under the same GMO guidelines, making this all a mute point when we win! 🙂 Tell your friends who live in CA to vote yes and the Biotech bullies are lying every hour on the TV. I got a flyer in the mail. POOR Dr. Mercola. He ought to sue for libel. They made him look like total unethical quack! OMG! I’m keeping the mailer as a joke. When I’m 120 years old, I’ll find it and look back and laugh! 🙂

  • Michele

    This is why I buy organic because you never know what they’re going to do to our food. It’s a pretty sad situation out there. Today in my hometown there’s a seminar i’m going to and it’s all on natural and holistic healing i think congress, etc should all be going to !!!!

  • Carol

    Look out for the NEW WORLD ORDER, coming to YOUR neighborhood SOON! Even if they made a Movie about it, the ‘sheeple’ wouldn’t believe it! For so MANY YEARS now, they’ve been “Dumbing Down” the public, that an IQ of 80 is now considered HIGH! Children are now required to have over 80 Vaccinations BEFORE they’re allowed to go to school! I’m beginning to think the Mayans were RIGHT!

  • Rocco

    This is really sad and horrifying news. Big Food, Big Pharma and the Biotech companies are trying to destroy what nature created in a wonderfully harmonious way: all Americans need to wake up to reality and be informed!!! What is happening could mean the quick destruction of human life. Would a petition on change.org help as a starting point? Would letters to our representatives help? An issue like this cannot wait, we need to take action!

  • Marsha

    I read the newsletter horror stories, day after day, on Natural health and Natural news, but I fail to recongize a way to do anything about them. As a senior citizen who enjoys good health without drugs, I find it hard to believe it may be too late for my grandchildren, who have physical and mental health issues at a tender young age. Michelle Obama has made it so the school lunch choices include Kale and black eyed beans,organic probably, but of course not appealing to the young set nor to the parents wallet. What is it coming too??? Scary!!

  • Danielle Poirier

    Yes, I agree with John Hughes.Are there any petition forms that we can sign. Any letters to write to Government stating that the people do not want this? Where to address the letters?

  • Todd

    Signing petitions will only get you so far. Many of those petitions just as good as clicking ‘like’ on facebook. Did everyone forget president Obama appointed a Monsanto executive at the head of the FDA back in December/January? It will be hard to stop the bill gates foundation from dumping millions into these projects. They have us right were they want us here on the internet. You will need to do more then just complain to the government…think about this. Time is running out fast.

  • Carole Lee

    What am I thinking….? I am thinking holy motherfucking shit! Chemtrails, GMO’s, Agenda 21, vaccines, population control, the Bilderberg Group, the UN, the economy, the Federal Reserve, derivatives, Wall Street, big Banks and Corporations, and possibly WORLD WAR III in the Middle East – STOP THE WORLD I WANT TO GET OFF – you couldn’t write a more evil, diabolical world, corrupted, sick place to live – is there any hope??????

  • Laura Fidler

    Please let us know who to write letters to! Once again, money is more important to these companies than human health! Who are they going to sell their products to when there is nobody left healthy enough to buy their GM food? (If you can actually call it that!) Would they feed this stuff to their own families? The people do NOT want this! I cannot believe this!

  • Karen

    Well all that I can tell you is to pray over your food, water, and air…This is the last days…Jesus is coming soon… there is no way that we can keep up with the thousands and thousands of evil and wicked things that these people are doing…PRAY AND BELIEVE THE LORD

  • Sandy

    The only way to stop this is to STOP buying this stuff. Europe will not allow it, so the American people can stop it if they want, but they are simply too lazy and too apathetic.

    And petitions do absolutely nothing except get your name on a list. Supporting a movie star? Are you serious? Someone who sold their soul a long time ago, you think is really doing anything to help US? Think again.

    If you want to contact your representatives in congress, go to Congress.org. You can type in your information and find out who your reps. They also provide links in order to e-mail them.

    The only answer is NOT buying their stuff and refuse vaccines and spread the word to your friends and family. And talk about it every day to someone, even strangers. Everyone can do that. That is the most important thing I do every single day–talk to someone about the lies the media is spreading and countering them with real information. The word is beginning to get around. I have seen it. People who used to turn a deaf ear are now listening.

  • MisterD

    Letters, emails and phone calls won’t have any effect on these evil, diabolical bastards. All that will do is make them laugh, giggle and spur them on intensifying their psychopathic plans todepopulate the Earth. We have to get off our seats and get on our feet and take pphysical action. We must use our bodies in mass to make any type of impact to turn this demonic course around. The excuses, but what about my job? At this rate you won’t have one. Well, what about my children? At this rate you won’t be around to see them make puberty! There’s only a hand full of these evildoers. God’s children are many. The “synagogue of satan” doesn’t care about not having people enough, to buy their products. Because the purpose is to depopulate, depopulate, depopulate! We can continue to be divided and murdered separatly, or unite and fight together!


    Revelation 13:17

    King James Version (KJV)

    17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

  • Granny Earth

    ‘Bio-tech Farming’-
    Thank you for keeping us posted on the latest, about our ‘food’.
    Ugly, but true……unfortunately!
    Granny Earth, N.D.

  • Brian

    They have millions, nay, billions to pursue their aims. We
    have hundred, maybe thousands of dollars only to stand up to them. It is a David and Goliath match. Will history repeat

  • Laure

    This is the latest in some very frightening things that have happened to our food supply in the last several decades. I find it odd that the more modernization of our farming industry the more chance there is to kill all of us. At what point do people finally start educating themselves regarding the foods they consume. People believe if something is in a pretty package and sold in the store it is good for them and safe. WRONG!!!

  • Karlah

    wow, you’re all insane and paranoid. We genetically modify things to make you better and healthier. I am a biotechnologist and I am not evil or diabolical, I am trying to make the world a better place.

    All I see here is fear and ignorance. Maybe try reading something that has been peer reviewed and isn’t propaganda.

  • sandlynx

    They don’t feed this trash to their families. In the Monsanto cafeteria, they don’t serve anything GMO. They know what it does to people and animals and they won’t touch the stuff.