Valentine’s day special treat for couples

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Valentines Day Treat(NaturalHealth365) Are you looking for a Valentine’s day special treat for someone you love? Interestingly enough, after reading this article, you may find a much more exciting (and satisfying) way to express your love.

Did you know that the greater the attraction, the more “in heat” you and your partner become. According to reproductive scientists, pheromonal olfactory scents define human attraction more than any other single sensory organ.

The truth is your pheromonal scent is magnified based on your overall diet and health; your level of exercise (yoga is ideal); the amount and quality of sperm you produce (for men); your neuroendocrine secretions (e.g. hormone levels); and your polarity.

What really makes people more attractive?

In addition to your scent, your visual presence (your appearance, clothing, gait, and body language) also causes a biochemical response in your partner. Research suggests that the more testosterone a male has, the more attracted he is to feminine women. Likewise, when a woman is in the presence of a strong male, she begins producing more progesterone and estrogen.

When the brain integrates these olfactory, visual, and sensory cues, the limbic pleasure centers of the brain produce natural amphetamines, opioids, prolactin, prostaglandins, and oxytocin. These biochemicals are produced at different levels in response to deep experiences of physical attraction; bonding and love.

Free your mind and increase your primal sensuality

Urbanized human beings have become too civilized. We have suppressed our primal instinctual sensuality. We need to re-cognize our primal sensual instincts Our primal sensuality is controlled by the back part of our brain – the limbic area (the pleasure centers). This area of the brain has no learned taboos.

The secret to sensual bliss

Primal sensuality helps you to free up your brain’s attention, by releasing tension and evoking the production of blissful biochemicals. Many women report that their brains relax and that their nervous systems “let go” during primal ‘activity’, because it opens up a part of their brain that they have lost touch with. When a woman has an orgasm, her brain manufactures oxytocin, which helps her to bond to her partner and helps her to experience love and bliss.

In the East, they assert that when a woman has a deeper level orgasm, she transmits the energy to the man. In addition, she secretes unique peptides and hormones through her secretions that she only produces during these higher level orgasms. It is thought in the East (and somewhat in the West) that these secretions help to regenerate the man’s prostate gland.

According to Tibetan medicine, Chinese medicine, Tantric Yoga, and Sri Lankan medicine, women have five major and six minor “moon centers”.

Here’s how to activate them in a woman.

A woman’s five major moon centers are located on her brain stem (the nape of her neck and the hair at the nape of her neck), forehead, cheeks, lips, and hands. These areas are flooded with blood, nerves, and acupuncture meridians.

Start by stroking and gently pulling on the hair at the nape of her neck. This activates a number of critical meridians and relaxes the brain’s limbic center, the primal area of the brain that governs sensual pleasure and orgasmic responsiveness. When the base of her neck is stimulated, it activates her autonomic, primal nervous system. It has a sedating, surrendering effect on her.

Then, kiss and stroke her forehead. This often calms her mind. From there, kiss her on the cheeks, the lips, and then caress the nape of her neck, while holding her hand.

More ways to make your woman happy

In addition to the five major moon centers, women have an additional six “moon centers” – areas of the body that are sensitive to touch and stimulation and that create a more robust sensual experience. The additional six moon centers include: the earlobes, uterus, inside thighs, clitoris, g-spot (female prostate), and breasts.

When a man lightly and sensually touches and kisses these additional moon centers on a woman’s body, her mental stress begins to melt away and she begins to release pent up tensions held throughout her body.

About the author: Dr. Roy Dittmann is author of Brighton Baby: A Revolutionary Organic Approach to Having an Extraordinary Child, a ground-breaking, three-book trilogy. To order a copy of Dr. Dittmann’s book – visit:

With over 30 years of experience in perinatal and longevity sciences, Dr. Dittmann’s life-long commitment to transforming the way in which we conceive, birth, and raise children inspires couples to take action now to protect their future children’s destiny. You can follow him on Facebook, at “Brighton Baby”; and through his weekly blog on

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