Fatty Liver Disease (A Personal True Story)

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In this exclusive interview, I speak with Isabel – who shares a personal story about her difficult experience with fatty liver disease in her family.

She talks about how her father was deemed “fairly healthy” most of his life. At some point he went through test after test to figure out why he was suffering with certain symptoms. Eventually, he was diagnosed with a fatty liver.

Why you can’t rely on Western medicine to help you with fatty liver disease

Here’s the problem: The doctors never really explained – to Isabel’s dad – what it was or what to do about it. So, the health issue was pushed aside and nothing much was done to address the issue.  As you watch this video, you’ll quickly realize why a fatty liver is so dangerous to your overall health.

His issues really began to escalate after a knee surgery and the consumption of painkillers to help manage the pain.  Keep in mind, the negative effects of this type of medication can be devastating – especially if you have an underlying health issue like, a fatty liver.

In truth, fatty liver disease is more common than you might think. I’ve heard many stories from people suffering with “mystery illnesses” that end up being a direct consequence of a fatty liver.

Another shocking truth is: up to 90% of your liver can be damaged – without a single warning sign. This is why being exposed to toxic medications or environmental pollutants can really add to the problem.

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The cleaner your liver is, the lower your chances of having health issues following a surgery or other condition that requires medication.

When Isabel’s dad was diagnosed with a fatty liver … nothing was really done to address the issue by Western medicine.  Then, when he got hit with pain – due to a knee problem … he just did what the doctor suggested and took the pain medication.

Most people are never told about the “hidden” dangers of taking pharmaceutical drugs with a fatty liver. What happened next? Isabel reveals what her Dad said toward the end of his life.

Health WARNING: A fatty liver is often undiagnosed

It’s important to get educated on how to keep your liver healthy. Your liver is responsible for over 500 biological functions and constantly stepping in to save your life from exposure to toxins.  Over time, when the liver gets overburdened, the health of your entire body will start to fail.

Find out how fatty liver disease is directly connected to autoimmune disorders, cancer, dementia, diabetes, heart disease plus many other serious health problems. And, more importantly, what you can do (today!) to avoid unwanted pain and medical expenses.

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