How Vitamin C Eliminates Chronic Disease Symptoms

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As we enter into another cold season, it’s a great idea to start thinking about vitamin C. Let’s not forget, any substance designed to improve immunity is a great asset for long-term, good health.

So, how does vitamin C actually help us to avoid disease symptoms and infections? In this exclusive interview with Dr. Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD – a board certified cardiologist – we’ll discuss how vitamin C works and how to use it properly.

Key points to understand about vitamin C

First, we’ll reveal how vitamin C really works in the body – on a practical level. Most conventionally trained physicians know little about this essential vitamin.

As an antioxidant, maintaining the proper amount of vitamin C in the body can greatly reduce the threat of infections – bacterial or viral. As Dr. Levy would put it, vitamin C is the ‘muscle of the immune system.’

Most people would be shocked to here the truth about this essential vitamin

Next up – in this video, we talk about the different forms of vitamin c.  This is important – because some forms get affected by the digestive process more than others.

In addition, we’ll highlight the best sources and which foods are best to eat.  Many people think that the diet is the “best way” to get enough vitamin C into the body.  But, the sicker you are … the more you may need to supplement to speed up the recovery process.

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And, finally, we’ll talk about supplementation … how much should we take plus much more!

Dr. Levy ends the video with an important message.  He basically debunks the notion that “too much C can cause kidney stones.”  In fact, his response to that concept will shock most people!

We, at NaturalHealth365, believe that everyone should be well informed about the health benefits of good nutrition.  Unfortunately, this idea is not in the best interests of the pharmaceutical industry and is the driving force behind why so many people – to this day – remain uneducated about the truth.

Simply put, organic food – free of toxic chemicals – and getting the right amount of nutrients on board in your life can go a long way to keeping you healthy and strong, all the days of your life.  And, if you’re not feeling good … don’t ever underestimate the power of detoxification in your healing journey.

If you’re looking to learn more about the health benefits of good nutrition – be sure to read some of the many articles on  And, for more information about Dr. Levy – you can visit his web site:

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