One of the most controversial vitamins in America

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(NaturalHealth365) Did you know that Vitamin B15, also known as Pangamic Acid – is embroiled in controversy? Over 30 years ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took this supplement off the market and banned its inclusion in the B-complex group – claiming it’s “unsafe for food and drug use”. Yet, as you may have already guessed, there’s much more to this story than the government wants you to know. (keep reading)

Is the U.S. government hiding something?

It is currently illegal to distribute B15 in the United States, though it was used as a supplement for some time through the 1970’s. This is not the case in Russia and Europe where it is used to treat premature aging because of its antioxidant effects. In addition, it has been used for protection from pollutants, especially carbon monoxide.

In Russia, it is used in treating alcohol dependency by reducing cravings. B15 is also used to treat fatigue, asthma and rheumatism, high blood pressure and cholesterol, improve circulation and general oxygenation of cells and tissues. Did you get that? Vitamin B15 helps our cells to be oxygen rich. In other words, cancer cells hate Vitamin B15.

There is no debate – good science is being ignored

Vitamin B15 helps in the formation of specific amino acids such as methionine. It also plays a role in the oxidation of glucose in cellular respiration and like vitamin E – it acts as an antioxidant helping to strengthen the cell. This wonderful vitamin even helps the liver detoxify the body. If you want more scientific information – look up the work of Dr. Krebs.

In the USA, the FDA banned its use because it has little data to show its safety. The (sad) truth is that government-sponsored health agencies in America have no interest (or incentive) to study the health benefits of natural substances. Just follow the money (profit motive) and you quickly understand how drug companies and politicians conspire to keep people “dumbed down” and sick.

Conventional medicine needs to go back school

Even today, with all of its “intelligence” (and resources), the government can’t tell us how much vitamin B15 is healthy or not. But, the truth is available – they just don’t care. Although by strict definition, Vitamin B15 is NOT a vitamin – Dr. Ernest Krebs, Sr. and his son’s work remind us that alternative treatments for degenerative diseases with natural foods and supplements are worth sharing with the world.

Make no mistake about it – you can prevent, even reverse cancer plus many other health-related problems (naturally) without the use of prescription drugs. By the way, the best food sources for vitamin B15 are: whole grains, such as brown rice; brewer’s yeast; pumpkin seeds; sunflower seeds; and apricot kernels. Share your comments – below.

About the author: Blanche Levine has been a student of natural healing modalities for the last 25 years. She had the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds in Natural Healing including Naturopaths, Scientist, and Energy Healers. Having seen people miraculously heal from all kinds of dis-ease through non-invasive methods, her passion now is to help people become aware of what it takes to be healthy.


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  • pm

    I read the study put out by the “Vitamin B15 A Review and Update” by Sanford Bolton, Ph.D.1 Gary Null2, and there was at the time some confusion over the exact compositon of the form of B15 the Russian scientists used in their studies. There allegedly could be many types of B15, not all being equally effective and having different dosing requirements.

    Has this been resolved in Europe where it is commonly used? I don’t won’t to just blindly order any type on the internet without knowing which form of B15 is considered best in terms of safety and effectiveness.

  • Valerie Nixon

    I remember B15, from years ago.

    Too much evil blasts out from the, supposedly, controllers in this Country. They are only a small minority & should not have this power. We must all stand up to them, & regain our Freedoms.

    Truly Natural foods & food based supplements must certainly be taken seriously. (It’s too bad that most available food sources are often void of the nutrients & nutrient levels – they should contain.)

  • jf

    Are you trying to say that apricot kernels not only have this B15 but is also is known to have B17?

    Do they need to be raw?

  • Veronique

    As usual, a vitamin is not substitute for real food. I think we are better off getting it through organic whole grains since this is where it is present rather than wonder if a supplement can work. We still forget that nutrients are part of a synergy and that they work better in the food than as separate things.

  • Sufiman

    I need this like NOW!

  • Sufiman

    I am most pleased to have learned this and will B an avocate to spread the word!

  • Barbara

    best food sources for vitamin B15 are: whole grains, such as brown rice; brewer’s yeast; pumpkin seeds; sunflower seeds; and apricot kernels.
    Amazing the gov. hasn’t band those foods too!

    But no worries we have Monsanto to help in that area, and bought and paid for… our elected (so called) representatives.
    Currently Sen. Durbin is trying to add an amendment (which they do daily) to try and take control of supplements out of our hands & into the hands of Big Pharma.
    The “Never Ending Story” .

  • Blanche

    The FDA has not approved the use of vitamin B15 in the United States. However, there is another common form of pangamic acid called calcium pangamate, or dimethyl glycine(DMG)which is being sold.

    DMG can be sold in the United States, but there is a lot to be said for getting vitamin B15 from whole foods.

  • Barbara

    One other observation, which lends one to believe how strong brainwashing and greed can be.

    There are approx. 106,000 deaths a year (Gary Null’s “Death by Medicine”) by “correctly” prescribed, and taken drugs.
    Herbal medicines 2-3 deaths per year by incorrectly taken doses, but
    that doesn’t stop the FDA from banning said herbal remedies.
    Nobody gets the insanity of it?

    We have hospitals today filled with just CHILDREN, who are mostly terminally ill.
    And they won’t EVEN ALLOW the exploration of, OR to try ANY OTHER remedy except killing them with chemo. and radiation????
    Nobody gets the insanity of it?

    What does it take to wake people up to this insanity?
    The lying is so brazen, which shows how confident they are in their success.
    Also, do they think they are immune to the disastrous consequences of all this?

    To add the “icing on the cake”, we have our main stream media… who will never speak the truth of what is going on. Greed and brainwashing.

    Sorry, I know I’m preaching to the choir, as they say.

  • Jeff Evanoff


  • Sandy

    I have found something interesting while doing research on apricot kernels and where to buy the best ones.

    After doing some research, I wondered if peach pits would contain the same kernel as apricot pits do. I discovered, not only do they, but they taste like a real almond–bitter and sweet, and just like an apricot kernel.

    So, I visited my local farmer’s market on Saturday and asked them for any rotten peaches they wanted to get rid of. I explained that I just wanted the pits, and after giving me a very strange look, they even recovered some pits they had discarded.

    I was thrilled. I took the pits home, dried them for a few minutes in my oven on the lowest setting, and then cracked one open. There it was, GOLD–the kernel.

    This peach grower is going to save all the pits they can for me and the next time they are here, they are going to let me have all the bad peaches they can.

    It’s so exciting when I can bypass the government and actually get the best source of this vitamin–and B17.

  • ann

    what is the best worms midicine?

  • Fanele Jako

    It is said the best worm medicine is pumpkin seeds as they are natural and a food source.

  • Fanele Jako

    You grind them into a pulp mix the with milk into poridge and eat


    it is a known fact that apricot seeds are poisonous.

  • Sandy

    Apricot seeds are poisonous? No, they’re not!!! They kill cancer cells because they contain cyanide, which kills the cancer cells, but does not harm the person.

    Who told you this?????

  • George L

    To all those who have cancer, or know someone who does:

    I’m not going to try and tell you whether or not vitamin B15 or B17 may or may not kill cancer cells.

    But, DO THE RESEARCH! Google “Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy” (also on youtube) If you go on HPT (using distilled water) you will be amazed. The extra oxygen atom make your blood a super cancer fighter. but, not just cancer, but all diseases! It fights over 50 diseases from AIDS, MS, both types of diabetes, Parkinsons, All forms of cancer, and more.


    God Bless You.

    George L

  • Eric

    There are also sites on the internet that sell Apricot seeds.

  • Sandy

    A very safe, convenient and very fast acting cure for cancer are the apricot (or as I have said, peach) kernels within the pit.

    I have seen these things work within the first day and there is no risk of any side effects or harm to your body.

    Also, Robert Scott Bell (Natural News Radio) had a woman on there who cured both her cancer and her mother’s using diet. Her book is called the Earth Diet. I have not checked it out, but more and more I am finding that getting your vitamins and curing yourself of disease is best achieved through diet. I am sure this woman has loads of info. on there because of her experience with both herself and her mother.

    All I know from my experience is that peach and apricot kernels, and even apple seeds work immediately.

  • Sandy

    And thank you for that Eric. I just found one that actually just sells the pits. You have to crack them open to get the kernel, but that’s pretty easy to do.

    And they sell them in 3 or 10-lb quantities. I just ordered 10 pounds yesterday. Can’t wait to get them. In the meantime, I am using peach kernels and apple seeds.

    Thanks again.

  • Maria hadjinicolaou

    You are absolutely right the big profit conceals the truth so many people suffer from drugs and all the side effects I congratulate you

  • Sue – from Australia

    My grandmother was a country woman and grew their own fruit, when making jams and jellies she always added some of the ground up kernels to the mixture it was supposed to improve the taste and thicken up the jam a little. There was no cancer in that family, most of them died of old age while a couple were killed in WW11…make of it what you will. (smile).

  • Sandy

    I make of it, Sue that people “in the old days” did these things and maybe didn’t even know why, but did so from traditions carried down from their ancestors.

    Research has proven over and over that kernels, seeds, nuts are cancer killers, especially ones that contain that “bitter, almond flavored kernel, like peach and apricot.

    It’s just so sad that we are losing this valuable information every day, so much so that people could actually believe something that actually cures disease, is poisonous.

    That is the power of the corporate controlled mass media. Turn your tv’s off and stop listening to their drivel. It’s all lies. Ask older people, (if they still remember) what they and their parents and grandparents did. Every family seemed to have varied and different remedies and tips–all of them good and valuable.

  • Karmen Nava

    Seeds are a necessary component of fruits and vegetables that are usable for treating parasites also. This is why we need to patronize those companies and farmers who do not alter the fruit and produce seedless produce.

  • Patricia

    How much of the apricot or peach kernel is safe per day for a child? Thank you

  • Daryl

    Why the story if we cannot order B15

  • Alex Tessier

    Amygdalin (vitamin B17) is found in very different quantities from apricot kernel to apricot kernel. The choice of apricot kernel used by an individual is critical in the success one experiences. There are so many apricot kernels available on the market now, many of which are sweeter varieties that contain very little amygdalin. They may be mildly bitter, which classes them as a “bitter” apricot kernel, but the concentrations of amygdalin don’t begin to approach therapeutic values. One would have to consume very large quantities in order to experience benefit, which is simply not practical, nor healthy. Apricot kernels contain a high level of fat, which becomes detrimental in itself at high doses. Therefore, amygdalin concentrations in the chosen kernel must be exceptional and potent. These are the kernels referenced in the available literature of note. Sadly, most sellers of apricot kernels are taking advantage of the ignorance that prevails, or they’re simply not educated about the product themselves. Poor quality apricot kernels are being imported from poor countries, such as Pakistan and India for little more than $1.00 per kilo. These kernels are then being packaged and marketed with fanciful tales and sold at great profit to the benefit of the vendor – not to the user.

    My advice is that people purchase from, at least, two different sources. Try to buy from a reputable source where others have already confirmed that the kernels being offered are fresh, healthy and amygdalin-rich. Don’t be lured by “Hunza” apricot kernels, as these are nothing more than Indian and Pakistani kernels of greatly inferior quality. Most of the varieties of apricot grown in these regions are sweeter varieties. You’ll find this to be true if you do some research. Try to purchase local kernels if possible, or import personal quantities from a country offering very bitter kernels. Apricot kernels imported enmasse are treated, either chemically or with radiation, but personal quantities won’t receive such treatment.

    Read this blog post for further information –