Natural ways to rid pests from the home

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Safe Ways to Eliminate Home Insects(NaturalHealth365) No one wants an insect infestation in their home. Bugs can be scary, gross or a hassle, but they can also cause problems, such as flea bites, bed bugs, or damage to your house from termites.

When you are trying to rid these pests from your home, make sure you avoid commercially-produced chemical insecticides. Remember, store bought toxic insecticides can have serious consequences to your health, which include poisoning, neurological problems, allergies, asthma and cancer. Instead, try natural pesticides, which can rid your home of insects in a way that is safe and non-toxic to you, your family and your pets.

Try this household staple to ward off insects – naturally

Instead of bottles of poison, all you really need is soap to get rid of insects from your home. But, to be as natural as possible, use an all-natural soap like liquid castile soap.  Annie B. Bond, an expert on green living, explains that soap thwarts bugs by affecting their cell membranes and dehydrating them.

Bond recommends that you mix one to two tablespoons of the liquid castile soap with one quart of water and add the mixture to a spray bottle. Spray areas of the home with this mixture where you see bugs or think they might get in.

Get rid of insects by using plant products

Numerous plants can act as a natural insect repellent or insecticide. One way to use plants is with essential oils – which are extracts taken from the plant.

A study in the journal of Biopesticides International noted that numerous essential oils can ward off insects in a variety of ways. Essential oils can repel bugs, kill them and prevent them from laying eggs. The study explains that essential oils are safe for mammals, but that they are harmful to the nervous system of insects.

A study in the journal Bioresource Technology lists some specific essential oils researchers found effective against mosquitos. These include Pashtun juniper, anise, ginger, rosemary and cinnamon. Other sources list additional essential oils to fight bugs, so you can try different ones or look up studies based on the specific bug you are trying to rid your home of.

What is the best way to use essential oils?

To use essential oils as a homemade pesticide, put drops of the oils around your home, concentrating on areas where bugs can get in, such as around doors and windows. You can also add essential oils to a soap spray or add some drops to water in a spray bottle and spray it around the house.

Another option is to purchase natural insecticides that are made with plant components. A Pacific Northwest Extension Publication explains that you can ward off insects with insecticides made with neem or pyrethrum plants. So, as you can see, there are many ways to eliminate bugs from your home – without harming your health.

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  • Jan Wheeler

    Thanks for such a informative article. I read it at the right time, as I was thinking of having a pest control company start spraying the house. From past experience I know the odor of their chemical spray can linger for a few days.

    Every time I got a whiff of the noxious odor I would think the bugs are safer
    than the spray. Now, I have a plan of action and can eliminate the need for a
    pest control company and also avoid using store bought chemical pesticides.

  • Tammy

    Orange Oil, also known as D-limonene, is derived from oranges and is a key component of different gardening and household products. It works well against fire ants. Best of all it is safe to use. It is the natural pesticide that orange tree produces to protect its fruit from insects.

  • Rinogator

    Tea tree oil in spray form is what we use to ward off Mosquitos. Look for Australian tea tree oil, works like a charm!