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Benefits of CoQ10: Saves severe heart failure patients from premature death

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(NaturalHealth365) Complaints of fatigue, swelling of hands and feet, and difficulties breathing are too-common laments from older adults. Unfortunately, these are signs of congestive heart failure. But, scientific studies are revealing that the mitochondrial energizer coenzyme Q10 – or CoQ10 for short – can relieve many of the symptoms and physical challenges attributed to congestive heart failure. Does your doctor ... Read More »

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The truth about yerba mate: The cancer risk and health benefits exposed


(NaturalHealth365) In modern times the health benefits of green tea are well documented. Because of this, yerba mate is sometimes called the “green tea of the South America.” This label, of course, has led to some confusion about the origins of the drink. Especially for those who are on a healing journey with breast cancer (or any kind of cancer), ... Read More »

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Lemon grass tea shown to have 9 great health benefits


(NaturalHealth365) Lemon grass is a tropical herb used in Asian cooking that is also known for its medicinal properties. While it has no association with lemons, it does have a citrus smell and taste. Its long, thin blades of grass are aromatic and contain a multitude of health-supporting properties. Lemon grass is packed with essential vitamins and minerals like A, ... Read More »

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CoQ10 found to help stop the spread of melanoma


(NaturalHealth365) The enzyme CoQ10 has been found to have tremendous health benefits in fighting illnesses like breast cancer and heart disease. Despite minimal interest from the cancer establishment and mainstream media, this valuable antioxidant is saving lives.  For example, studies have proven that CoQ10 benefits include prevention and recovery from a deadly form of cancer called melanoma. A recent melanoma ... Read More »

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Bee propolis has 9 surprising health benefits


(NaturalHealth365) If you love natural cures, you should know about bee propolis. Propolis benefits are numerous including, its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.  But, this incredible gift from nature can help us in so many other ways. Bee propolis begins as a resin secreted by trees. Bees metabolize it, and the resulting substance is about 30 percent beeswax, 55 percent resins ... Read More »

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CoQ10 can significantly reduce dementia risk


(NaturalHealth365) There is exciting news about the coenzyme CoQ10 related to preventing dementia. A study published in the journal Atherosclerosis reveals that higher levels of CoQ10 in the blood correlates with a lowered risk of dementia in the later years of life. The study looked at adults between the ages of 40 and 69 and measured their serum CoQ10 levels. ... Read More »

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6 amazing health benefits of camel milk


(NaturalHealth365) Believe it or not, camel milk has been used for over 5,000 years to help fight off germs, fight diabetes, support gut health, and provide the body with important enzymes. This milk was readily available in Middle Eastern countries even when water was lacking, and is still being used for its therapeutic benefits today. Camel milk has been deemed ... Read More »

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Uncovering the 7 health benefits of apples, including heart health and cancer prevention


(NaturalHealth365) We’ve all heard the famous saying, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away,’ and many of us are familiar with the nutritional boost that apples bring. But, what exactly are the specific health benefits of apples? Apples assist in an abundance of health areas. From cancer prevention to improving gut bacteria, they are truly a superfood.  Of course, ... Read More »

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The overlooked benefits of dates


(NaturalHealth365) Ever wonder about the health benefits of dates?  Since antiquity, dates have been revered as a healing food, with references to their beneficial effects appearing in both the Bible and the Koran. Now scientific research validates this traditional wisdom – it turns out that this tasty fruit is truly a medicinal food, offering solutions to some very common health ... Read More »

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9 powerful health benefits of pineapples


(NaturalHealth365) If pineapple is one of your favorite tropical fruits, you’re in luck because pineapples carry properties that are strong enough to possibly prevent cancer! Yes, you heard that right, this sweet tropical delight carries health benefits so strong it can help the body fight off chronic disease including cancer, inflammatory conditions, and support the digestive system at the same ... Read More »

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Chickpeas offer 4 surprising health benefits


(NaturalHealth365) Nutritionists and natural healers have long held chickpeas in high regard due to their undeniable merit as a superfood. These versatile little legumes not only boast a delicate, nutty flavor and a pleasing consistency, but they are also packed with high-quality plant protein, soluble and insoluble fiber, and beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids. However, recent studies have revealed that there ... Read More »

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Health benefits of cinnamon include improved memory and learning capacity


(NaturalHealth365) Cinnamon has long been prized for its ability to enhance foods with its sweet yet piquant flavor. This fragrant spice has also been revered as an herbal medicine for thousands of years, with references to its merits occurring in both the Bible and the ancient texts of Chinese Traditional Medicine. Now, we can add another claim to cinnamon’s likely ... Read More »

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