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Gut bacteria triggers physical illness and psychological disorders


(NaturalHealth365) Your gastrointestinal or GI tract is the engine for your entire body. To survive, your cells extract nutrients from the food you eat for energy, as well as other essential matter such as oxygen, within your GI tract. It’s an extraordinary and complex 30-foot system that starts with your mouth and ends with the anus. Bloating, gas, and other ... Read More »

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NIH funds wireless technology to control human behavior


(NaturalHealth365) It sounds like something out of a bad science fiction movie. Unfortunately, the spending of federal funds on wireless technology to control the brain is all too real. Taking advantage of public funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), as well as the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Defense Department, scientists have developed a remote-controlled tissue ... Read More »

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Green chemistry: A non-toxic way to eliminate gray hair


(NaturalHealth365) As cancer rates rise, more and more focus is being put on the dangers of environmental toxins and the biological risk they pose to the human body. Many of the chemicals Americans expose themselves to are within cosmetic products – namely chemical hair color. In fact, even the American Cancer Society acknowledges that some of the ingredients in hair ... Read More »

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The truth about a root canal procedure exposed


(NaturalHealth365) “The discovery of truth is prevented more effectively, not by the false appearance things present and which mislead into error, not directly by weakness of the reasoning powers, but by preconceived opinion, by prejudice.” – Arthur Schopenhauer How do we decide what is correct and what is false in medicine and dentistry? In other words, how do we decide ... Read More »

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Medical errors: 12 million patients misdiagnosed each year


(NaturalHealth365) In America, the average person relies on his or her physician to diagnose and treat medical conditions and health problems when symptoms arise. This conventional approach sends millions of people to emergency rooms, doctor offices and clinics across the country – every year. Sadly, at the same time, it’s understood that conventionally-trained physicians can give a wrong diagnosis about ... Read More »

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Half of all medical literature may be false, says medical journal editor

fraud science

(NaturalHealth365) Can we trust scientific literature? A recent report by The Lancet says we can’t, with the report stating “a lot” of scientific studies that are published are incorrect. This is just confirming what can already be seen happening in scientific circles. More and more scientists are coming forward to reveal their research or that of their colleagues has been ... Read More »

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The FDA is caught hiding 22 fraudulent clinical trials

fda building

(NaturalHealth365) Professor Charles Seife of the Arthur L. Carter Institute of Journalism at New York University recently uncovered some disturbing evidence about the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This information came to light when he made a Freedom of Information request earlier this year. When Seife received his information, he learned that 22 clinical trials submitted to the ... Read More »

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New study: Cancer center claims most cancer cases are due to ‘bad luck’

what do you think

(NaturalHealth365) A recent report has made the shocking (ridiculous) claim that the majority of cancer patients are just victims of ‘bad luck’. This has to be an all-time low, even for what we’ve come to expect from Western medicine and “junk” (big pharma created) science. Instead of educating the public about how to prevent cancer and how to avoid what ... Read More »

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Smart meters invade privacy and destroy human health

digital smart meter

(NaturalHealth365) Millions of Smart Meters are being deployed throughout the United States and worldwide. Naturally, the utilities companies would like you to believe that this electromagnetic pulse radiation (surveillance) device is designed to help consumers ‘manage their energy’ usage more effectively. But, be warned, these devices have serious health consequences. Smart meters emit dangerous levels of radiation and violate your ... Read More »

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Low dose radiation has lethal side effects

danger radiation sign

(NaturalHealth365) Even if you live far away from Fukushima – there’s something you should know. Government ‘health’ agencies refuse to acknowledge the dangers of low dose radiation – over the long term. The Endocrine Society, with 14,000 researchers in more than 100 countries, concluded that even very low levels of exposure cause endocrine or reproductive abnormalities. Many epidemiological studies point ... Read More »

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Genetically engineered humans for profit

female doctor with needle

(NaturalHealth365) Are we ready for genetically engineered humans designed to increase corporate profits? As we speak, there are lots of scientists that believe we can, eventually, eliminate disease and ‘unwanted’ traits. There’s only one catch – the corporations funding this research may own our lives – if they are successful. The concept is fairly simple – genetically ‘improve’ faulty genes ... Read More »

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Millions wrongly diagnosed with cancer


(NaturalHealth365) Radiotherapy radiation wavelengths were recently found, by UCLA Johnson Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers, to transform breast cancer cells into highly malignant cancer stem cells. Clearly, it’s been shown, that the overuse of medical radiation (testing) can create cancer cells. In addition, we’ve been told that cancer rates are ‘soaring’ – but could western medicine be fabricating (falsely labeling) patients ... Read More »

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